Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

NINTH REGIMENT-(2d Claverack Battalion).

Colonel: Peter Van Ness.
Lt. Colonel: Stephen Hogeboom,
lat Major: Jacob Ford.
2d Major: David [Pratt?]
Adjutant; Bartholomew Heath.
Qr. Master: Jonathan Dean.

lst Company.
Capt., Philipp Bartel
1st Lt., Corn's Hogeboom
2d Lt., Elias Db Long
En'sn, Mathew Reh

2d Company.
Capt., Ishamar Spencer
1st Lt., Abner Hawley .
2d Lt, David Pratt
Ens'n, Amaziah Philipp

3d Company.
Captain, Jonah Graves
1st Lieut., Cha's McArthur
2d Lieut., Wm. Tigner
Ensign, Elijah Bement

4th Company.
Capt., Jacob Ford
1st Lt., Thomas Brown
2d Lt., Barth'w Barrat
Ens'n, Ephraim Leech.

5th Company.
Capt., Martin Krum
1st Lieut., Isaac Vossburgh
2d Lieut., Abr'm Vossburgh
Ens'n, Job's Shirtz

6th Company.
Capt., John Hallenbeck
1st Lieut., Bartholomew Heth
2d Lieut., Nath'l House
Ensign, Johannis J. Van Valkenburg

Changes In the Regiment.
May 28, 1778.

Peter Van Ess, Colonel to succeed himself.
Jacob Ford, Lieut., Colonel.
David Pratt, 1st. Major,
John McKinstry, 2d Major
Bartholomew Heath, Adjutant.
Zachariah Gerwyck, Qr. Master
Philipp Bartel, Captain of the Company of the beat where he resides.
Cornelius Hogeboom, 1st Lieut.
Benj'n Allen, 2d Lieut.
Francis De Long, Ensign.
Abner Hawley, Captain.
Jon'n Pitcher, 1st Lieut
Eleazar Spencer, 2d Lieut
Amaziah Philips, Ensign.
Jonah Graves, Captain.
Cha's McArthur, 1st Lieut
Stephen Graves, 2d Lieut
John Crippen, Ensign.
Bartholomew Barret, Captain.
Abner Kellogg, 1st Lieut.
Daniel Barnes, 2d. Lieut.
John Mattoon, Ensign.
Jon'n Bixby, Captain.
Joseph Heath, 1st Lieut.
Abel Wheland, sd Lieut.
Abr'm Bless, Ensign.
John McKinstry, Captain.
Joshua Whitney, lst Lieut.
David McKinstry, 2d Lieut.
Edward Vaughan, Ensign.

Nov. 4, 1778, and February 6, 1779.

David Pratt, Lieut. Colonel, vice Jacob Void, resigned.
John McKinstry, Major, vice Pratt, promoted.

February 6, 1779.

Cornelius Hogeboom; Captain, vice Ph. Bartel, resigned.
Benj'n Allen, 1st Lieut.
Francis DeLong, 2d Lieut.
Wm. Jackson, Ensign.
Jon'n Raynolds, Jun'r, 2d Lieut. in Barret's Comp., vice D. Barnes, cashiered.
Joseph Heath, Captain, vice Jon'n Bixby, resigned.
Abel Wheland, 1st Lieut.
Caleb Clark, 2d Lieut.
James De Long, Ensign.
Joshua Whitney, Captain, vice McKinstry, promoted.
David McKinstry, 1st Lieut.
Charles McKinstry, 2d Lieut.

October 19,1779.

Silas Titus, 1st Lieut. in Barret's Company, vice Abner Kellogh, removed.
Samuel Wise, Ensign, same Company, vice John Mattoon, removed.

August 15, 1780.

Colonel Van Ness begs leave to resign, because he considers himself unjustly treated in point of rank by the promotion of Colonel Robert van Rensselaer. Consideration of his request was deferred to Sept'r 4th, but no minutes of that meeting of the Council are entered.

March 29, 1781.

Aaron Hale, late an officer in Continental service, Captain, vice Jonah Graves, resigned.
Joseph Tanner, late Continental officer, 1st Lieut., vice Cha's McArthur, resigned.
Thomas Hatch, 2d Lieut., vice Stephen Graves, resigned.
Ebenezer Tyler, Ensign, vice Crippen, resigned.
James Jackson, Adjutant, vice Heath, resigned.
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