Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887


TRYON County (Tryon County Comprised the present Counties of Fulton, Montgomery, Ontario, Herkimer, Otsego, Tioga and Hamilton.)

Brigadier General, Nicholas Herkeimer, Sept. 5, 1776.
Brigade Major, John Frey.
Marinus Willet, Colonel Commandant of Tryon County Militia, April 10, 1783

1st BATTALION (Canajoharie).

Colonel: Nicholas Herkimer.
Lieut. Col.: Ebenezer Cox.
Majors: Robert Wells and William Sebeer.
Adjutant: Sam'1 Clyde.
Qr. Master: John Prichard.

1st Company.
Capt., Sam'1 Clyde
1st Lt., John Campbell, Jr.
2d Lt., James Cannon

2d Company.
Capt., Michel Grass
1st Lt., Robert Campbell
2d Lt., Peter Bowman

3d Company.
Capt., Peter S. Tygert
1st Lt., Henry Zimmerman
2d Lt. Benj. Mackey

4th Company.
Capt., Jacob W. Seeber
1st Lt., Francis Ute
2d Lt., Adam Libe

5th Company.
Capt., Henry Diefendorf
1st Lt., Jacob Diefendorf
2d Lt., Henry Mayor

6th Company.
Capt. Abr'm Copeman
1st Lt., Yoost House
2d Lt., Jacobus Kesner

7th Company.
Capt., Reinier Van Everen
lst Lt., Martin C. Van Alstyne
2d Lt., James Guinall

8th Company.
Capt., Jacob Miller
1st Lt., Peter Summer
2d Lt., Mathias Brown

9th Company.
Capt., Nicholas Weser
lst Lt., Henry Bratt

Changes in the Regiment.
June 25, 1778.

Samuel Campbell, Colonel, vice Eben'r Cox, deceased.

Samuel Clyde, Lieut. Colonel.

Peter S. Dygert, Captain.

Jost Dygert, 2d Lieut.

John Windecker, Ensign.

John Bowman, 1st Lieut., ) Capt. Mich'l Grass' Comp.

Dederick Hanning, Ensign, ) Capt. Mich'l Grass' Comp.

Francis Ult., lst Lieut.,) Capt. R. Crous' (Deceased) Comp.

Jacob Mathias, Ensign, ) Capt. R. Crous' (Deceased) Comp.

Abr'm Ropeman (Copeman), Captain.

George Reaner, 1st Lieut.

Jacob Snyder, 2d Lieut.

Abr'm Arndt, Ensign.

Jacob Diefendorph, 2d Lieut., ) Comp. of Henry Diefendorph, deceased.

George Countryman, Ensign, ) Comp. of Henry Diefendorph, deceased.

Ryneir Van Yeveren, Captain.

John Van Yeveren, 2d Lieut.

Henry Schrembling, Ensign.

Mathias Brown, 2d Lieut., ) Jacob Mlller's Comp.

Jacob Haines, Ensign,) Jacob Mlller's Comp

Thomas Whiteaker, Captain.

John Campbell, 1st Lieut.

Samuel Campbell, 2d Lieut.

Samuel Whorfield, Ensign.

Nicholas Weser, Captain.

Henry Bradt, 1st Lieut.

Adolph Waldradt, 2d Lieut.

James Cannon, Adjutant.

John Peckherd, Qr. Mr.

October 19, 1779.

Abr'm Copeman, Major.

Jacob Sieber, Adj't, vice Cannon, removed.

March 4, 1780.

Peter S. Deygart, Major.

Jost Deygert, Captain, vice Peter S. Deygart.

John Windecker, 1st Lieut.

Nich's Deygart, 2d Lieut.

Henry Moyer, Ensign.

John Bauman (Bowman), Captain, vice Jacob Cress

(Mich'l Grass?), deserted to the enemy.

Dederick Horning (Hanning), 1st Lieut., vice Bauman, prom'd.

John Dunlap, 2d Lieut.

Adam Flint, Ensign, vice Horning, prom'd.

Jost Hause, Captain, vice Copeman, prom'd.

Jacob Snyder, 1st Lieut.

Abr'm Arndt, 2d do

Hendrick Walradt, Ensign.

Jacob Diefendorf, Captain, vice Henry Diefendorf, deceased.

George Gunterman (Countryman), 1st Lieut. Nich's Bard, 2d Lieut.

Rich'd Elwood, Ensign.

John Van Yeveren, 1st Lieut., vice Marte Van Alstyne, declined.

Jacob Haines, 1st Lient., vice Peter Summer, deserted to the enemy.

Coenradt Brown, 3d Lieut., vice Math. Brown, prom'd.

Jeremiah Young, Ensign, vice Haines, prom'd.

John Picherd, Ensign, Weser's Comp.

Henry Schremling, 2d Lieut.

Cornelius Van Yeveren, Ensign.

Mathias Brown, Captain, vice Miller, deserted to the enemy.

2d BATTALION (Palatine).

Colonel: Jacob Clock, (re-appointed June
Lt. Colonel: Peter Waggoner. ( 25, 1778.
Majors: Hermanns Van Slyck and Hy. Merchell, Jr.
Adjutant: Anthony Van Vechten.( re-appoin'd June
Qr. Mr : Jacob Ekert. ( 25, 1778.

1st Company.
Capt., Wm. Fox, Jr.
1st Lt., John Hess
3d Lt., Peter Waggoner, Jr.
Ens'n, Mathew Wormwood

2d Company.
Capt., Christ'r P. Fox
1st Lt., John J's Clock
2d Lt., Jacob J. Clock

3d Company. (Re-app'd June 25, 1778.)
Capt., Christ'r W. Fox
1st Lt., Peter Laucks
3d Lt., Henry Miller
Ens'n, Sam'1 Van Elten

4th Company.
Capt., John Kayser, Jr.
1st Lt., Andreas Dillenbagh
Severinus Klock, 1st Lieut.
Rich'd Coppernoll

5th Company.
Capt., John Breadbake
1st Lt., John Siely (Zieler)(re-app'd June 25, 1778.
3d do Jacob Ekert (Eaker)(re-app'd June 25, 1778.

6th Company.
Capt., Nich's Richter
1st Lt., John Williams
3d Lt., Geo. Smith
Ens'n, John Sholl

7th Company.
Capt., Christian House) re-app'd June 25, 1778
1st Lieut., John Zimmerman ) re-app'd June 25, 1778
2d Lieut., John Bellinger, Jr

Changes in the Regiment.
June 25, 1778.

Serverinus Klock, lst Lieut. (late Andrew Dillenback's Comp.)

Rich's Coppernol, 2d Lieut. (late Andrew Dillenback's Comp.)

Samuel Gray, Enign. (late Andrew Dillenback's Comp.)

Nich's Van Slyck, Ensign, Breadbake's Comp.

John Scholl, 1st Lieut. (Richter's Comp.

Jost Scholl, 2d Lieut. (Richter's Comp.

George Fay, Ensign. (Richter's Comp.

Henry Zimmerman, Ensign, House's Comp.

John Keyser, Captain.

Adam Billinger, 1st, Lieut.

John Van Slyck, Ensign.

John Hesse, Captain.

Peter Wagner, Jun'r, 1st Lieut.

Math'w Warmoedt, 2d Lieut.

Peter Sits, Ensign.

March 4, 1780.

Henry Miller, 1st Lieut., Fox's Comp., vice Peter Laucks, disabled by sickness.

Sam'1 Van Etten, 2d Lieut., vice Miller, prom'd.

Isaac Paris, Ensign, vice Van Etten, prom'd.

Severinus Klock, Captain, vice Dillenback, deceased.

Rich'd Coppernol, 1st Lieut., vice Klock.

Samuel Gray, 2d Lieut.

Peter Krems, Ensign.

Henry Zimmerman, 2d Lient. (House's Comp.

Coenradt Zimmerman, Ensign.(House's Comp.

John Van Slyck, 2d Lieut., (Keyser's Comp.

John Smith, Ensign. (Keyser's Comp.

Peter Sits, 2d Lieut. (Hesse's Comp.

George Waggoner, Ensign. (Hesse's Comp.

September 29, 1780.

Christopher W. Fox, Major.

Henry Miller, Captain, vice Fox, promoted.

Samuel Van Etten, 1st. Lieut.

Isaac Paris, 2d Lieut.

Nicholas Coppernol, Ensign.

Adam I. Klock, Adjutant, vice Erwin, moved out of Regiment.

3D BATTALION (Mohawk).

Colonel: Frederick Fisher.
Lt. Colonel: Adam Fonda.
Majors: John Bliven and John Newkirk.
Adjutant: Robert Yates.
Qr. Mr.: Abr'm Van Horn.1st Company.

1st Company
Capt., Jacob Gardiner ( re-apn'd June 25, 1778.
1st Lt., Ab'm D. Quackenbush ( re-app'd June 25, 1778.
3d Lt., Wm. Hall ( re-apn'd June 25, 1778.
Ens'n, Gideon Marlatt ( re-apn'd June 25, 1778.

2d Company.
Capt., John Davis
1st Lt., Abr'm Vedder (Veeder)
2d Lt., Jacob Simon
Ens'n, --- ---

3d Company.
Capt., Robert Abr'm Yates, re-app'd June 25, 1778.
1st Lt., Cobus Crommel re-app'd June 25, 1778.
2d Lt., Peter Ab'm Yates re-app'd June 25, 1778.
Ens'n, Hendrick Lewis re-app'd June 25, 1778.

4th Company.
Capt., John Fisher, re-app'd June 25, 1778.
1st Lt., John Wemple, re-app'd June 25, 1778.
2d Lt., Myndert W. Quackenbush, re-app'd June 25, 1778.
Ens'n, Garret G. Van Blockler (Brackelen), re-app'd June 25, 1778.

5th Company.
Capt., Sam'1 Pettengill
Ist Lt., Thos. Caine
2d Lt., ---- ----
Ens'n, Sam'1 Barnhardt, Jun.

6th Company.
Capt., Abner French
1st Lt., David McMaster
2d Lt., --- ---
Ens'n, Peter Vander Lenden

7th Company.
Capt., Lewis Croat
1st Lt., Jeremiah Swarts
2d Lt., Christian Earnest
Ens'n, Emanuel De Graff.

8th Company.
Capt., Abr'm Hodges
1st Lt., Joseoh Yeamans
2d Lt., Abel Hunt
Ens'n, Amos Bennet

Changes in the Regiment
May 28, 1778.

Charges of cowardice in General Herkimer's action preferred against Colonel Fisher and Lieut. Colonel Volkert Veeder.

June 20, 1778.

Consideration of the charges postponed [and never taken up again].

Jane 25, 1778.

Frederick Fisher, Colonel, to succeed himself.

Volkert Veeder, Lieut. Colonel

John Newkirk, Major.

Nicholas Dochsteder, 2d Lieut., late John Davis Comp.

Garret S. Van Brackelen, Ens'n. (deceased) late John Davis Comp.

Joseph Prentup, 1st Lieut., Yates Comp.

Wm. Snoeck, 2d Lieut., late Samuel Pattingale's Comp.

Thomas Van Horne, Ensign., late Samuel Pattingale's Comp.

David McMaster, Captain of the Company in the beat where he resides.

Lawrence Shulter, 1st Lieut.

James McMaster, 2d Lieut.

Daniel Beverly, Ensign.

Emanuel De Graef, Captain.

Josiah Swart. 1st Lieut.

Peter Van Olinda, 2d Lieut.

Dirck Van Veghten, Ensign.

Abel Hunt, 1st Lieut.(Hodge's Comp.

Nathan Kees, 2d Lieut.( Hodge's Comp.

Eph'm Pierce, Ensign.(Hodge's Comp.

Samuel Rees, Captain.

John Halenbeck, 1st Lieut.

Joseph Still, 2d Lieut.

Win. Marinus, Ensign.

Andrew Wemple. Captain.

Henry Vroman, 1st Lieut.

Wm. Lare, 2d Lieut.

Adam Dochsteder, Ensign.

Harmanus Mabie, Captain.

Francis Pruyn, 1st Lieut.

Vincent Quackenboss, 2d Lieut.

Francis Putnam, Ensign.

Peter Conyne, Adjutant.

March 8, 1781.

John Wemple, Captain, vice John Fisher, deceased.

Myndert Quackenboss, 1st Lieut., vice Wemple, prom'd.

Gerrit G. Van Brakelen, 2d Lieut., vice Quackenboss, prom'd.

Nicholas Hanson, Ensign.

Abr'm Veeder, Captain, vice John Davis, deceased.

Nich's Dochsteder, 1st Lieut.

Gerrit S. Van Brakelen, 2d Lieut.

Dirck Potman, Ensign.

James McMaster, 1st Lieut., D. McMaster's Comp., vice Lawrence Shooler (Shulter), declined.

David Beverly, 2d Lieut., vice McMaster, prom'd.

Eph'm Pearce, Ensign, vice Beverly, prom'd.

Wm, Snuke (Snoeck), Captain, vice Pattingale, deceased, or taken prisoner in Herkeimer's battle.

Thomas Van Horne, 1st Lieut., vice Snuke, prom'd.

Peter Young, 2d Lieut., vice Van Home, prom'd.

Conradt Stine, Ensign.

Joseph Yeomaus, Captain, vice Hodges, removed out of County.

Christian Ernest, 1st Lieut., vice Nathan Keys (Kees), moved out of beat.

Amos Bennet, 2d Lieut., vice Hunt moved out of County.

George Stine, Ensign.

John Little, Captain, vice Andrew Wemple, deserted to the enemy.

Solomon Woodvvorth, 1st Lieut., vice Wm. Lard (Lare), taken prisoner or deserted to the enemy.

Henry H. Vrooman, 2d Lieut., vice Henry B. Vrooman, disabled.

Peter Vrooman, Ensign.

Simon Veeder, Quarter Master.

March 16, 1781.

Myndert W. Quackenboss, 2d Lieut., Wemple's Comp. (Suspended, having been found guilty of disaffected practices.)

Peter Conyne, Adjutant. (Suspended, having been found guilty of disaffected practices.)

4TH BATTALION (German Platts and Kingsland).

Colonel: Hanyoost Herkheimer.
Lt. Colonel: Peter Bellinger.
Major: Hanyoost Shoemaker.
2d Major: John Eisenlor.
Adjutant: John Demooth.
Qr. Mr.: Rud. D. Staley.

1st Company,
Capt., John Eisenlord
1st Lt., John Keyser
2d Lt., Adam Bellinger
Ens'n, John Smith

2d Company.
Capt., John Petry
1st Lt., Hanyoost M. Petry
2d Lt., Hanyoost H. Petry
Ens'n, Wm. Empie

3d Company.
Capt., Daniel Petry
lst Lt., Peter Volts
2d Lt., Max Raspach
Ens'n, Geo. Helmer

4th Company.
Capt., Fred'k Bellinger
1st Lt., Henry Harter
2d Lt., John Demooth
Ens'n, Peter Jas. Weaver

5th Company.
Capt., Peter Bellinger
1st Lt., Jacob Baschauer
2d Lt., Nich's Staring
Ens'n, John P. Bellinger

6th Company.
Capt., Hanyooat Herkheimer
1st Lt., Fred'k Ahrendorf
2d Lt., Tinus Clapsaddle
Ens'n, --- ---

7th Company.
Capt., Rudolph Shoemaker
1st Lt., Dedrick Stale
2d Lt., Fred'k Shoemaker
Ens'n, ---- ----

8th Company.
Capt., Geo. Herkheimer
1st Lt., Fred. Fox
2d Lt., Archibald Armstrong
Ens'n: Hanyoost Tygart

9th Company.
Capt., Win. Tygert
1st Lt., Jacob Volts
2d Lt., George Wents.
Ens'n; Fred Frank

Changes in the Regiment.
June 23, 1778.

Peter Bellinger, Colonel, to succeed himself.

Frederick Bellinger, Lieut. Colonel.

Jacob Baselcorn (Baschauer?) 1st Lieut.) Michael Ettig's Comp.

Fred'k Prank, 2d Lieut. ) Michael Ettig's Comp.

Patrick Campbell, Ensign. ) Michael Ettig's Comp.

Henry Harter (Haster), Captain.

John Demoth, 1st Lieut.

Peter Jas. Weaver, 2d Lieut.

John T. Bellinger, Ensign.

Jacob Small, Captain.

George F. Hellmer, 2d Lieut.

Jacob D. Petice, Ensign.

Henry Staring, Captain.

Theobald Baker, 1st Lieut.

George Weaver, 2d Lieut.

Henry Huber, 1st Lieut., Severinus Casaelman's Company.

Jacob C. Klock, 2d Lieut.

Fred'k Gettman, Captain.

Jacob Meyer, 2d Lieut.

John Meyer, Ensign.

Henry Eckler, Captain.

Coenradt Ozendorff, 1st Lieut.

Timothy Frank, 2d Lieut.

Adam A. Staring, Ensign.

George Demoth, Adjutant.

Rudolph Steal, Qr. Mr.


The records do not show when this Regiment was first organized. The Council of Safety, on the 17th of July, 1777, ordered two Companies of Rangers to be raised in the Counties of Tryon, Ulster and Albany for the protection of the frontier inhabitants. One of these Companies was to be commanded by John Harper, with Alexander Harper as First Lieutenant. This may have been the nucleus of the Fifth Tryon County Regiment, which does not appear in the Minutes of the Council of Appointment until March 3, 1780, when the following appointments were made :

John Harper, Colonel of the Regiment heretofore commanded by him.
Wm. Wills, Lieut. Colonel.
Joseph Harper, 1st Major.
Thomas Henry, 2d Major.
St. Leger Cowley, Adjutant.
Alex'r Harper, Captain of the Beat wherein he resides.
Wm. McFarland, 1st Lieut.
Thomas Henry, 2d Lieut.
John Brown, Ensign.
Daniel McGillevrey, Captain, vice Alex'r Liel, deserted to the enemy.
Daniel Watson, 1st Lieut., vice McGillevrey, prom'd.
John Van Der Worker, Captain.
Isaac Quackenboss, 1st Lieut.
Daniel Ogdon, 2d Lieut.
Thomas Cully, Ensign.
Lodwick Breakman, Captain.
Joseph Bartholomew, 1st Lieut.
John McMicken, Captain.
James Mason, 1st Lieut.
John Henry, 2d Lieut.
Wm. Cornel, Ensign.


2d Major: Jacob Ja. Clock.
Adjutant: Samuel Gray.
Qr. Master: John French.
Colonel: George Herkheimer.
Lt. Colonel: Sam'1 Campbell.
Major: John Fonda.
No list of Company Officers have been found.


Captain, -- Kitman.
Sergeant, James Grinnell.
Captain, John Winn, appointed August 1, 1777.
Lieut., -- Gross.
Jacob Weaver and Wm. Roorey were Members of this Company.

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