Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

The Navy

( No lists of officers and men are in existence, the following names are taken from various sources, P. C. meaning Journal of the Provincial Congress, C. A. Minutes of the Council of Appointment, C. Minutes of Pension Board, A. P. Assembly Papers.)

Smith, James, Captain of an armed vessel on Lake Champlain, in Continental service, app'd July 15, 1775, with Pay of Major. P. C.

Miller, Christopher, Captain of the frigate built in N. Y., "Continental Congress." P. C. June 6, 1776.

Hodges, John, Captain of the armed Sloop " Montgomery," 24 guns. P. C. VI, 684. A. P. 16-246.

Smith, James, Captain armed Schooner "Schuyler." P. C. March 9, '76.

Concklin, Titus, Captain of the armed vessel " Refugee." Comm'd C. A. Apr 2, '78.

Griffin, Daniel, Captain of the armed vessel " Revenge." Comm'd C. A. Apr 2, '78.

Ingraham, John, Captain of the armed vessel " Retaliation." Comm'd C. A. Apr 2 '78

Scudder, Wm. Smith,* Captain of the armed vessel " Banger." C. A. Oct 30, '78.

Hewlett, James, Captain of the armed vessel " Independence." C. A. Mar 6, '79.

Rodgers, Joshua, Captain of the armed vessel " Greyhound." C. A. Mar 6, '79.

Ryder, Valentine, Captain of the armed vessel " Resolution." C. A. Mar 6, '81.

Donaldson, Fred'k, Captain of the armed vessel " Shark." C. A. Mar 6, '81.

Vincent, James,* Captain of the armed vessel " C. A. Mar 6, '81.

Hunt, Samuel, + Captain of the armed vessel Fox." C. A. Mar 6, '81.

Norton, Nath'l, Captain of the armed vessel " Suffolk." C. A. Apr 28, '81.

Wynkoop, Jacobns, Commodore on Lake Champlain, vice Major Douglas, who declined. P. C. V and IX.

Castle, Robert, Captain armed Sloop " Camden." P. C. VII, VIII.

Cregier, Thomas, Captain armed Sloop " Putnam." P. C. V, VI.

Benson, Henry, Captain Sloop of "War. P. O. IX.

Dwight, Joseph, Captain Brigantine " Enterprise." Letter of Marque. P. C. V.

Bicker, Victor, Lieutenant of Marines. P. C. VI, IX.

Shaw, Daniel, first Lieut, Frigate "Congress." P. C. IX.

Armed Sloops " Bishop," and " Harlequin." P. C.

Privateer Whalehoat " Flying Fish." P. C.

Harris, Robert, Lieut., Cont'l Sloop of War, " Reprisal," Cantain Lambert Weeks. Lost left arm in an engagement with the " Swallow," Packet, New York City. C, 109.

* These commissions were recalled by the Council June 29, 1781, because the Captains had landed on Long Island, and allowed their men to plunder the inhabitants. C. A.

+ This officer was suspended April 28, 1781. C. A.

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