Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

143. Johann George (John G. ) (5)

b. 7 or 8-15-bp 8-17-1788 Sprs: Johann Bader and wife Engel Loscher (Dut Ref Ch S A Palatine Dist't) d 8-27-1876 m Gertrude Zimmerman (b 3-17-1790 d 7-14-1869) sister of Dorothy Zimmerman who m 107 Joseph G. (4) and of Fred Zimmerman who m a Mary Klock (S O K).


345. I. Mary m John Ingersoll

346. II. Lucinda m Wm. Clause (S O K's line) b 1813 d 1854 Tombstone, Town of Fillmore, Allegheny Co. N.Y.

347. III. Permela m Bingham Warner

348. IV. Mary Ann m Henry H. Willy, and bur Ingham's Mills.

349. V. Eliza Ann m John D. Robinson

350. VI. Areli **

351. VII. Nehemiah **

352. VIII. Gertrude m 1. J. Burkdorf m 2. Dennis Handy


352 A. Klock D.

353. IX. Fidelia m 1. Charles Connor m 2. Robert Richardson

145. George G. I. (5)*

b 3-25-1793 d 5-29-1875 m Harriet Goodale (b 3-11-1790 d 11-10-1875) (from the record of Morgan Klock, Pittsford, NY.)


354. I. Stephen **

355. II. Harvey **

356. III. Sally b 1817

357. IV. Polly (called Mary) m 350 Areli and ch under his name.

*Note: George G I. (farmer) and wife Harriet Goodale are named on the 1855 Census list of June, Town of St. Johnsville, NY

146.Christopher (recorded also as Christofel) (5)

b 12-12-1794 in S.A. Sprs: Nelchoir Bader and Marie Eisenlord (not m) (S.A. record) d 3-8-1868 m 6-7-1817 or 18 Elizabeth Dysselin (61C.)

Christopher was pvt. in Capt. Fred Getman's 2nd Reg't War of 1812. Was tavern keeper in St. Johnsville, NY. Bur in St. Johnsville.


358. I. Barbara b 2-25-1819

359. II. John Henry **

360. III. Mary b 10-23-bp 12-21-1823

361. IV. Magdalena b 3-20-bp 5-21-1826

362. V. Elizabeth b 3-4-bp 6-15-1828

363. VI. Ann Catharine b 3-4-bp 6-15-1828) twins

364. VII. Horatio b 7-11-bp 6-15-1832

365. VIII. Irving**

148. Henry G. (5)

b. 1797 (Mr. Prindle's record) (S O K has b 2-28-1796) d 2-5-1796 d 2-5-1871 Sprs: John and Catherine Eisenlord. m an Elizabeth Klock ( b 1798 d 4-10-1869. (Record of Morgan Klock).


366. I. Jeremiah**

367. II. Barbara m Calvin Herrick Becker (father of 900 Morgan Klock's mother).

151 Daniel Clock (5)

b 8-26-or 29-1789 Recorded in Dut Ref Ch of St. Johnsville, NY m Polly 7-18-1813.


368. I. Dyadamia b 9-25-1815. She may be the Mrs. D.C. Reed spoken of in letter to Milo, son or Argalus, to D.H. Clock, sent to H L C W by 610 Flora Clock of Bryan, Ohio.

369. II. Argalus **

152. David Clock (5)

This is the David who in speaking to 610 Flora insisted that he was b inOak Hill, NY so the record in the St. Johnsville Dut Ref Ch is probably one of bp --12-29-1792 Sprs: Jacob Klock and Catharine H. Klock, Margaret Gantz of Licking Co., Ohio and then moved to Huron Co., Ohio, and with the exception of five years spent in Seneca Co., lived forty-six years on his farm on the Milan Rd. straight out Main St. fromMonroeville, Ohio where he d 4-17-1877. "Cottage Hill" was the name of his home.

From David's obiturary in the local newspaper: "On April 15 1837, David Clock and wife Margaret and two daughters, Julia Ann and Mary Ann, were received by the Baptist Church (Monroeville) and on the next day were baptized in the Huron River. Davids' work and record as a Christian stands connected with the hitory of the Baptist Church of this place, of which so many years he has been a loved and active member. In his death, the family lose a kind and much loved father and grandfather, the Church and efficient member, and the community antoher of those who, as pioneers, have done so much to make the section what it is, and who has occupied for so many years a prominent place as a citizen."

Both bur Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville, Ohio


370. I. Julia Ann b 8-26-1819 d 1866 m Hon. W. C. Edsel in 1840. Both he and Julia Ann attended Oberlin College. He helped to found Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan and for five years was Sec'y and Treas of the college. The Hon. edsel was one of the founders of the Republican Party, under the Oaks at Jackson, Mich when that party was organized. He accumulated a large amount of property, and was 86 years old when he died in 1866.


370 A. Alice; 370 B. Henry; 370 C. Sarah; 370 D. Charles W. m


370 D a David E; 370 D b Charles W.

371. II. Mary Ann b 2-23-1821 d 1-15-1854 m R. K. Jordan (not sure of initials).


371 A. Edwin

371. B. Charles m his cousin 380 A. Marian Hamilton


371 B a Margaret b 8-1-1885 m Otto C. Wolfe (b 4-18-1878) Spanish War Veteran. Live in Rondeau Park, Ontario, Canada.


371 B a (I) Charles Jordan b 3-19-1910. Cap't WW II in South Pacific; m Margaret Darnell



371 B a (I) I Nancy Elizabeth b 11-30-1942

371 B a (I) II Susan Margaret b 3-29-1947

371 Ba (II) Cliffe Hamilton b 2-23-1913. T/Sgt. WW II, England, German Prison Camp; d 11-17-1944 in Battle of the Bulge.

371 B b Charles William b 2-2-1887 d 1888

372. III. Margaret b 1-26-1823 d 1880 m Ward Bartlett



372 A. Julia; 372 B. Lizzie; 372 C. Frank

373. IV. Matilda b 8-15-1825 m Douglas Squire



373 A. Maud m Clarence Brown of Norwalk, Ohio

374. V. Wm. B. **

372. VI Charles D. **

376. VIII. Susan b 1832 m ----Phelps



376 A. Della m ---- Hatchett, Spokan, Wash.

376. B. Teena Mae

376 C. Frank

377. VIII. George J. b 4-15-1835 d 5-15-1835

153. Timothy Clock (5)

b 3-24-bp 4-13-1794 Sprs: Johannes Oehl and Maria Klock (Minden NY record). d 3-14-1855 m Phoebe Carr (b 9-19-1793 d 3-21-1872) in Manlius, NY in 1818.


378. I. James Anson b 5-28-1821. He was called "Ad, the fiddler". He was engaged to be married to Betsy Robbins, Monroeville O. (Betsey made all our dresses) (H L C W). Ad d 1874.

379. II. Lutyheria b 1-21-1823 d 9-23-1846 m J. J. Hollister



379 A. Robert (Is named Wm. Rober on his tombstone in Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville, O.)

380. III. Berthula b 9-10-1824 d 12-25-1912 m James Hamilton



380 A. Marian b 8-22-1855 d 10-5-1919 M 371 B. Chares Jordan, her cousin, ch under his name.

380 B. Clay D. b 1853 d 1881

381. IV. Lovina Viola b 8-6-1826 m 1. ----Taylor



381 A. Frank; 381 B. Tom; 381C Dick; 381 D. Harry

m 2. Dr. Robinson, who performed the first amputation operation in the Civil War. Lived in Wooster, Ohio.

382. V. Milissa **

383. VI. David Henry **

384. VII. Mary b 7-24-1837 d 7-18-1838

155. Archibald Clock (5)*

b 12-19-1798 d 8-19-1879 m Mary Fitzwilliams (b 12-11-1804 d 7-30-1878)

ch:385. I. George b 7-27-1833 d 11-3-1898

386. II. Mary b 6-20-1836 d in Chicago, Ill. 7-19-1900 bur in Shiloh, Ohio, m George Douglas (d 1872)



386 A. Frank lived in Chicago, Ill., m and d there

386 B. Fred m and divorced

386 C. Nancy un m

386 C. Nettie m Clem Hunter



386 D a Richard living in Florida

386 E. Kirk m ---- Coltman no ch

387. III. Eliza or Elizabeth Jane m ----Hopkins, lived in Huron Co., Ohio and probably bur in Edwards Grove Cemetery, Greenwich, Ohio.

*Records of d m & ch from C.H.M. Quate, Clerk of Cass Township, Richland Co., Town of Shiloh, Ohio, with information contributed by B. R. Guthrie, Hattie Ziegler (aged 92 in 1951) and Jerome Hollenbaugh.

156. Samuel Clock (5)

b 5-14-1801 d 6-9-1881 bur in Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville, O. m Marie (b 4-11-1793 in Johnstown, NY) dau of Martin Vrooman of Revolutionary fame, and Nancy (VanVechten) Vrooman, dau of Anthony and Margaret (Fonda) Van Vechten. They were m in 1830. Maria d 3-18-1887,

Samuel owned two farms on the outskirts of Monroeville, Ohio. One was along the B & O R.R. and the other along the Milan Road east and on the corner of Church occupied a large lot and was probably the most pretentious house in the town. A front porch has since changed the appearance of the house as it was originally.


388. I. Samuel b 1837 d 7-1-1865 in Macon G., just after the close of the Civil War. He was lst Lieut. Co., G. 24th O V I. He was engaged to marry Laura Crippen, for whom H L C W was named. (Letter in papers from Sam to Laura, while he was in the service). She was a Roman Catholic, and he was trying to accomplish a compromise fo rthem on the Episcopal church. He died before being able to return home after the war.

389. II. Andrew**

390. III. Nancy Helen b 1832 d 5-29-1906 m James Wallace Paramore, col, in the Civil War (d 6-18-1887). Both died in St. Louis, Mo., where they lived nearly all their married lives having first lived on Erie St., now E. 9th Cleveland O. Death dates from Lot No. 3142 St. Louis Cemetery, Section 293-30-4947 Florensen, Main Willowgate Entrance.



390 A. Frederic Wallace d 3-11-1916 m l. Nellie Hazeltine, know as the "Belle of St. Louis" who d 11-13-1889. A play written around her life, with miniie Maddern Fiske as Nellie, called "Nellie of N'Orleans" in Opera House, Cleveland about 1904. m 2 Harriet Atwater, of Philadelphia, Pa., was a Christian Science Practitioner and lived in Calif. 1 dau lives in Calif.

390 B. Edward Everett m Mary Clary, b 1865, Monroeville school teacher. H L C W went to school with her, and H L C W's mother introduced Edward and Mary. Edward d in St. Louis. Mary d 1943 in Monte Cito, Calif.



390 B a James War Correspondent in Russia in WWI

390 B b E. E. Jr. writer-lives in Calif. H L C W has copy of a parody written by E. E. Jr. published in the Yale Review on Robert Service' poem "The Yukon". Also saw his name as scenario writer in movie "The Chetnicks" about 1944.

390 C. James Wallace d 8-24-1889 by accident of falling tree, while on a pleasure trip in Washington State. H L C W remembers a summer Jim spent with her family in Monroeville, O. Fine Lad. The Paramores were all Yale graduates.

164. Adam, Jr. (5)

b 11-22-1781 d 3-14-1862 m 1. Catharine Snyder (b 2-27-1780 or 81, burned to death 6-19-1855 bur Ingham's Mills family plot of 398 Daniel, (their son). m 2. Lydia Hoover. 393 Peter and Lydia bur in Gouverneur, NY.

ch: (all by first wife)

391. I. Adam A. **

392. II. Jacob A.

393. III. Peter A. **

394. IV. Delilah m Nicholas Woolever (bro of Catharine who m Peter A)



394 A. Jesse; 394 B. John Adam; 394; C Mrs. Peter Duncle

395. V. Jemima

396. VII. Jonas *

397. VII. Lucinda

398. VIII. Daniel **

399. IX. Amos **

400. X. Serepta (added from the records of Mrs. Ross Ingerick).

*Jonas, Daniel and Amos, all of Manheim, NY.

165. Magdalena (called Laney and Lamay) (5)

n 5-21-1775 d 3-21-1864 (E & N 11-20-'47) Bur in Manheim, NY on the Robert and Peter Davis farm. m John Adle (b 1758 in Hesse Kassle, Germany). (Fought in the Battle of Oriskany).


401. I. John b 1793 d 1860 m ----Marly (b 1783 d 1860)

402. II. Jacob m ---- McCoy

403. III. Catharine b 1797 d 1880 m John Strough (b 1791 d 1874)

14 ch of whom the 11th child Irene m 635 James Nelson, father of 833 John Peter of Bath, NY

404. IV. Nancy b 1803 d 7-7-1857 bur in Merilsville, Madison Co., NY m George Hart



404 A. Irene m Rufus Petrie, son of Banjamin Petrie of Manheim, Herkimer Co., NY

405. V. Mary *b 6-27-1809 d 1905 (833 John Peter's record) m Robert Davis (b 1805 d 1899).

406. VI. Anna * 6-27-1809 m Joseph Davis


406 A. Joseph m his second cousin Ester Strough

406 B. Mary m her second cousin Hiram Klock of Wellsboro,

407. VII. Betsy Ann b 1813 d 7-24-1879 m Jacob Buyea

408. VIII. George killed by falling log in woods as a young man.

409. IX. Lydia m Mathias Strough

*Mary and Anna, twins.

166. Levi (5)

m Peggy Ann Zellar Line from 652 Gladys E. (Mrs. George M. Priest) Theresa, NY


410. I. Caroline **

411. II. Martin **

412. III. Jorden **

413. IV. Willard **

167. Katie (5) *

b 1824 d 1863 m Solomon House. Lived in Plessis, NY. (List of names of Katie's ch may not be either complete or in correct order.)



167 A. Cassie (or Catherine) m ---- Fults

167 B. Ellen m Henry Wisewell

167 C. Emma Gene m Frank Liberty Phillips



167 C. a Ivan Leslie; 167 C. b Mildred Abbie

167 D. Jerome m Caroline Hardy


ch: 167 D a Charles G. b 8-8-1864 d 9-3-1917

m 1. Mary Schultz (b 12-14-1863 d 1-18-1911)


ch: 167 D a (I) Claude J. b 9-17-1885

m 1. Bertha May Parker 9-21-1910

ch: 167 D a (I) I Wayne Charles b 7-14-1911


m Ruth Newberry 11-21-1938

ch: 167 D a (I) I A Bethany Elva b 8-25-1943

167 D a (I) II Verna Marie m Francis Leeson

167 D a (I) III Jean Marion b 7-3-1923 m Harold Arthur Parkes 5-6-1945



167 D a (I) III A Judy Ann b 4-12-1946

167 D a (I) III B Neil Frances b 7-25-1947

m 2 Beatrice Andress McNish 3-2-1946 no ch

167 D a (II)Carrie b 6-24-1887 m Herbert Cosselman (b 1-16-1890)



167 D a (II) I Koral Mary b 10-20-1913 m Paul Edward Rich (b 8-27-1914) 10-19-1930



167 D a (II) I A Dennis Paul b 10-23-1944

167 D a (II) I B Dale Edward b 2-12-1948

167 D a (II) II Carol Lois b 6-19-1918 m 8-29-1937


Leon Earle Marvin (b 10-8-1916)


167 D a (II) II A Karen Sue b 8-24-1940

167 D a (II) II B James Leon b 10-3-1942

167 D a (II) III Kent Herbert b 8-31-1922 US Marine Corps WWII m Dorothy edgar Goldthrite (b 5-2-1922)


ch: 167 D a (II)III A Robert Kent b 8-25-1947

167 D a (II) III B James Bruce b 1-14-1950

167 D a (III) Koral Maude b 10-12-1892 m Harry H. George (b 8-2-1880)



167 D a (III) I Harold Leeb 5-23-1910

167 D a (IV) Edson John b 3-6-1897

167 D a (V) Earle Fred b 11-17-1903

m 2. Bertha Elizabeth (Eager) Ackerman (b 10-31-1886) no ch.

167 D b Henry m Eugenia Hunizker


ch: 167 D b (I) Gladys m Clarence Ritter, Theresa, NY

167 D b (II) Hazel m ---- Hagen, Plessis, NY

167 D b (III) Clifford, Gouverneur, NY

167 D c Estella d at 18 yrs.

167 E. William

167 F. Julia m. Wm. Slocum

167 G. Maryette b 4-26-1862 d 10-8-1928 Bur Orleans Four Corners, NY Cemetery. m John Hawn.



167 G a Etta n ----June

167 H. Electa m ----Fults

*Line from 167 D a (II) Carrie House (Mrs. Herbert) Cosselman.

169. Adam * (5)

m Martha Clock of Theresa, NY


414. I. Henry D. **

415. II. Jacob W. **

*Record from County Gazeteer and Directory of Town of Orleans, in W R Hist Soc Lib., Cleveland, O.

186. Benjamin (5)

b 8-19-1809 d 8-19-1832 Sally Densler (b 8-10-1810 d 1-13-1904) (E & N 8-9-'33)


435. I. Lucy Ann b 5-6-1834 d 1931

436. II. Augustus **

437. III. Sarah b 11-13-1838 d 9----1939 (?)

438. IV. Jonathan b 2-27-1841 d Jan 1928

439. V. Mary Ester b 2-7-1844 d Jan 1921

440. VI. Webster b 5-17-1846 d 1891

441. VII. Frances Emmeline b 5-10-1850 d 8-24-1931

442. VIII. Franklin b 10-2-1854 d 5-11-1905

190. Daniel (5)

m Nancy Ellis moved to Hammond, St. Lawrence Co., NY about 1820 Miss Lillian J. Klock of Sherman Oaks, Calif. proved this record.


443. I. Nellis **

193. Isaac (5)

b 1812 d 6-9-1876 m Lany Ann Nellis (b 1819 d 8-15-1900) dau of John Peter and Nancy Nellis. From Record WR 055 Civil War. Office of the Adjutant General, Albany, NY: ISAAC KLOCK - Enlisted 8 August 1862 at Le Ray; Age 34 years, mustered in a private Company C, 2nd Battalion, Black River Artillery (leter Company C, 10th New York Volunteer Heavy Artillery) 11 September 1862 to serve three years; mustered out 19 May 1865 at General Hospital, York Pa.

Went to Wisconsin in 1854.


444. I. John I. b about 1836 m 1. Frances Krake m 2. Sarah---- no ch.

445. II. Ira

446. III. Delos m 1. Hannah Tripp m 2. Elizabeth ----. No. ch. Lived in Fond du Lac, Wisc.

447. IV. Nancy m Chandler Raymond of Appleton, Oowa



447 A. Edward; 447 B. Allie; 447 C. Ernest lived in LaCrescent, Minn. All deceased.

448. V. Robert

449. VI. Christian m Delia Soper, no ch.

450. VII. August

451. VIII. George **

452. IX. Joseph **

453. X. Lucinda Ordania **

454. XI. Zilpha Ann m George Talbot Hamilton (d 4-9-1877) son of John and Mary (Meekin) Hamilton



454 A. George Isaac b 2-1-1876

454 B. Henry John b 2-18-1877

455. XII. Amy m C. Edward Baldwin



455 A. Lany m ----Jewell; 455 B. Dorothy m ----Hazelton; 455 C. Arvilla m ---- Mills; 455 D. Louis S. ; 455 E. Purley; 455 F. Edward; 455 G. Joseph

456. XIII. Arvilla

457. XIV. Purley Putnam b 1856 d 3-15-1935 m 1. Allie 5-13-1897 dau of Wm. E. and Elizabeth Davis m 2 Jennie Hawkins (d 5-22-1949)

458. XV. Isaac, Jr. **

(and three who di in infancy)

197. Luther (5)

b 3-6-1819 d 4-17-1903 m Zelpha Ann Tupper 12-13-1838 dau of Orville Tupper (b 10-27-1820 d 1-13-1893)

Luther was a Civil War Veteran. From Record WR 055 Civil War. Office of The Adjutant General, Albany, NY: LUTHER KLOCK Enlisted at Sacket's Harbor to serve one year and mustered in as private Company D. 186th New York Volunteer Infantry 24 September 1864; Age 43 years; mustered out with company 2 June 1865 near Alexandria, Va.

Resided at Fuller Iron Works, NY. Both bur the "Cedars", Black Lake, NY.


459. I. Agnes

460. II Jacob A.

461. III. Serepta

462. IV. Magdalena

463. V. James Orville **

464. VI Bates

465. VII. Aaron R. bur Valley View Inn property (farm of 24 Henrich Johannes)

466. VIII. Nelson

467. IX. Luther

468. X. Charles

201. Simeon (5)

b 9-30-1806 d 4-23-1890 m 1. ----8-20-1829 m 2. Eunice Easterborrks (b 9-5-1813 d 3-27-1876). Removed from Oppenheim, Montgomery County, NY to the Town of Vernon, Madison Co. 1841 and lived also in Oneida Castle, NY.


469. I. Andrew**

470. II Henry S. **

471. III. Margaret Easterbrooks

472. IV. Robert

204. Amos (5)

b 11-20-1834 d 11-2-1913 Owner and occupant of the Johannes house, where he was born. He was one of the founders of the Grace Christian Church in St. Johnsville, NY and for many years was one of its trustees. He was Honorary President of the Klock Family Association which held its reunions just west of his house in August for many years. He was buried in the Old Klock cemetery.

m1. Nancy Lips 10-9-1860 (d 4-20-1869).


473. I. Catharine, called Katie b 9-26-1861 d 6-1-1947 m William Don (b 7-20-1862 d 1-4-1894)



473 A. Molly b 11-30-1885 d 5-12-1900

473 B. Frank W. b 3-24-1887 Supervisor of Town of St. Johnsville, NY m Nellie May Peck, dau of Charles and Rose Ellen (Smith) Peck (b 5-31-1890) 6-26-1917.


ch: 473 B a Wm. C. b 6-23-1919 m Louise Glenar (b 1-31-1920) 9-5-1942


ch: 473 B a (I) Lawrence C. b 7-25-1946;

473 B a (II) Marilyn Sue b 6-17-1950.

(This part was added recently. Children of Marilyn Sue Don. 1) Ryan Patrick Licari 9-27-1973; 2) Emily Lois Black 8-4-1984 3) Katie Rose Black 12-12-1986)

473 C. Alex b 2-26-1889 m Mable Cretser, dau of Chester and Cora (Helligas) Cretser 9-5-1926. No ch.

474. II. Lipe **

m2. Mary Williamson b Tribes Hill, Montgomery Co., NY

206. James (5)

d about 1851 m Katharine Kring. Removed to Jacksonville, Jackson Co., Oregon 1846. Letter written by James to his "Dier Parents" and by his dau Sarah (Sally) Ann and son Henry to their grandfather 204 Amos, were preserved in the Johannes house and later turned over to the Mohawk Valley Historical Society in April 1936. They were printed in E & N in weekly installments from Sept 30, 1936 to Aug 11, 1937 and again appear in articles captioned "Covered Wagon Days" by Paul W. Prindle of New York, and published in E & N October 12, 1950 through one issue Jan 1951. These letters give a vivid and interesting account of the trip which James and his wife Katharine and their children made in 1846. Their journey, from the Missouri River opposite St. Joseph, occupied the time from May 1st of 4 months and 20 days. They usually traveled ten or twelve miles a day. That was all the oxen could take in one day. They had adventures with Indians but avoided serious trouble by a show of a lack of fear and a great deal of threats. They found Oregon to their liking. They marvelled at the great trees which grew to a height of 300 feet although only 4 feet through. They admired the mountains whose tops were in the clouds. They told of the wonderful climate and the fertility of the soil which produced "turnips so large that they can't be put into a half bushel". They settled about twenty miles from the mouth of the Columbia River, on a high bank from which they could see ships on the ocean.


475. I. Sarah (Sally) Ann m J. R. Thorp

476. II. John Adam

477. III. Catharine d 1865

478. IV. Casper

479. V. Henry b 1849

220. Simeon (5)

b 8-28-1823 d 1-14-1901 Pulaski, NY m Elizabeth Ann Jones (b 7-29-1827 d 12-6-1916).


480. I. Ella Mary b 11-5-1854 d 7-23-1931 m Louis James Clark (b 8-18-1852 d 11-15-1940)



480 A. Mable Anna b 7-10-1875 d 2-25-1911 m C. Edward Jones (b 2-23-1867 d 1-15-1941)



480 A a Helen Elizabeth b 3-31-1900 m Wm. W Gibson 10-13-1917



480 A a (I) Wm. W. Jr. b 1-19-1919

480 A a (II) Charles b 8-20-1920

480 A a (III) Edward Jones b 2-24-1923

480 A b Ruth E. b 9-11-1902

480 A c Louis Clark b 6-28-1908 m Hazel----


ch: 480 A c (I) Peter b 7-4-1934

480 A c (II) Carol b 5-23-1939

480 A c (III) David b 3- - 1942

480 B. Frederick A. b 2-20-1877 d 4-24-1945 m Jessie Holmes (b 4-4-1878 d 6-6-1948) 12-27-1899



480 B a (I) Donald Holmes b 8-11-1902 m Susan Church



480 B a (I) Donald, Jr. b 5-1-1933

480 B a (II) Peter Joyce b 1-18-1937

480 B a (III) James Frederick b 4-27-1939

480 C. Arthur E. b 4-19-1880 m Harriet Davis (b 8-8-1879) 1-14-1904



480 C a Sheldon Davis b 7-30-1908 m Mercedes ---- 7-19-1940



480 C a (I) Nancy Ann6-10-1942

480 C a (II) James Edward b 7-21-1944

480 D. Emily L. b 8-8-1886

481. II Arthur **

482. III. Adaline b 6-17-1865

485. IV. Elizabeth b 7-26-1867 m Wm. G. Scott (b 11-25-1866 d 3-6-1927) 1893



483 A. Harold b 8-8-1895



483 A a Elizabeth Ann

483 B. John Albert b 11-18-1896



483 B a John Albert

483 B b William

224. Peter P. (5)

b 7-5-bp 7-22-1804 Sprs: Johannes and Catharine Stahring (not m.). d 1869 m 3-17-1830 Margaret Rosencrantz (b 1816 d 1870) (W B C), dau of Judge George and Anna (Snell) Rosencrantz.


484. I. Gertrude b 2-16-1839 in Little Falls Sprs: Parents

485. II. Catharine b 7-17-1844 in Little Falls (E & N 9-30-'36).

227. Silas (5)

b 12-15-1810 bp 1-20-1811 Sprs: Peter Stahring and Fanny Klock d 1882 m Cornelia Abbot (b 1816 d 1893) (W B C). Res Little Falls, NY (E & N 9-30-'36)


486. I. Peter A. b 1847 d 1891

230. Elias (5)

b 2-14-1818 d 1-1-1895 (W B C ) m Eliza Alice (or Agnes) Sharp (b 9-4-1819 d 10-20-1874) Lived on Klock farm, Little Falls, NY

ch: (W B C)

487. I. Nancy Maria **

488. II. Catharine b 7-26-1843 d 1920 m. Asa Keller (b 5-4-1840 d 1910)



488 A. Elias; 488 B. Adam; 488 C. Mae; 488 D. Orval (all d un m).

489. III. Charles Henry **

490. IV. Mary Alice b 1853 d 1925 m James Levee (b 1853 d 189-)



490 A. Frank b 1876 d 1938 m Frances ----

490 B James Leonard b 1880 d 1947 m. Gertrude Mowers

490 C. Clarence b 1882 d 1885

490 D. Bessie M. b 1884 d 1922 m Wm. Fake



490 D a Earl; 490 D b Mary; 490 D c Edna

490 E. Albert Ellsworth b 1889 m Myrtle Strobel

490 F. Loretta May b 1891 d 1948 m 1. Elmer Boyden; m 2. Garner Wilcox

490 G. Earl b 1894

490 H. Emory Dygert b 1896 m. Irene Harrod

491. V. Frank Elias **

235. Robert (5)

b 7-25-1812 (?) Spr: Margaret Klock (Aunt)

d 1899 m Catharine Snell (b 1814 d 1884)

ch: 492. I. Amanda b St. Johnsville, NY m John P. Swartout

247 David (5)

b 8-27-1794 in the Mohawk kValley, d in Ellery, NY 1-7-1865 age 68 yrs. 4 mox, 10 das. Served in the War of 1812. m 273 Catharine, his cousin, (b 2-14-1797) in the Mohawk Valley, d 10-12-1887. At David's death, Catharine went to Corry, Pa., to live with her dau 498 Martha (Mrs. Alphonzo Arnold).

Catharine's obituary was published in the Jamestown Jornal in Corry, Pa.

David and Catharine bur in Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellery, NY, beside 98 Magdalena, mother of David.

David settled on Range 12 Township 2 Lot 13 of Ellery Township Chatauqua Co., NY. Original purchase from Holland Land Co., Setp 1818. Until H L C W and Mr. Willaism wnet to Jamestown to interview Mr. Shelburne B. Sampson, Historian of Ellery, New York in May 1952 this record contained only the names of David's children. Mr. Sampson's records gave the descendants of David's children. Having been received after the names in the book had been numbered, they are placed after David's children's numbers. 1850 Census of Ellery, NY gave on pg 43 the names of David's household as: David ae 55; Catharine as 54; Joseph ae 16; Lany ae 77. The same census shows David's property value $2100., farm implements value $125., and lists the value and numbers of stock and produce of the years.

493. I. Hiram b in the Mohawk Valley 6-6-1816 d 2-29-1866, lived in Stockton, north of Ellery, NY m Margaret Quinn of Simmons Hill in Stockton, NY 3-12-1845.


493 A. Maila Roselpha b 9-1401847 in Ellery, NY m. Dwight Perrin of stockton and Jamestown, NY No ch

493 B. Endora E. b 11-28-1855 in stockton, NY m Myron W. Pardee of Stockton and Jeamestown, NY

493 C. Gilbert W. Attorney in Buffalo, NY

494. II. Daniel

495. III. Jane b 6-19-1822 m. Alfred H. Wood of Ellery, NY. Res Sinclairville, NY d Oct 1888 bur Evergreen Cemetery, Sinclairville, NY

496. IV. Rosina d 8-22-1866 ae 41 yrs. 9 mos, 22 das. Bur Fluvanna (Jamestown Jornal).



496 A. Frank b 1854 d 1944 m Mary Phoebe Manley (b 1854 d 1912) of Ellery, NY.


ch:496 A a Bertha Elizabeth b 11-21-1879 m Ernest Russell 2 ch.

496 A b Sumner Manley b 5-21-1885 m


ch:496 A b (I) Sumner Manely, Jr. m Jessie M. Allen

496 B. Elizabeth m Rell Bardon of Mayville, NY

496 C. Keeler Z. d in Celeron, NY 10-11-1917 ae 72 yrs., 4 mos., 15 das m Iva R. Link


ch: 496 C a Rosina (Rose) M. m Clayton Francisco no ch.

496 C b Fanny M. m Frank Simmons of Ellery, NY




496 C b (I) Winfield m 1 ch

496 C b (II) Hattie m Lawrence Anderson no ch

497. Magdalena (called Lana) b 1828 d 4-2-1887 ae 59 yrs m Hiram P. Warren of Ellery, NYf Bur Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellery, NY.



497 A. Juliette m Sherman O. Carpenter of Ellery, NY

497 B. Enos

498. VI. Joseph Franklin b 11-22-1833 d 8-21-1866 ae 32 yrs, 4 mox, 20 das m Lorando Simmons (Called Lorand)* (b 11-19-1838) dau of Walter and Roxalana (Lyon) Simmons of Fluvanna, NY (Later Ellery, NY)



498 A. Kate Luella b in Ellery 3-14-1862 d in Ellery 5-18-1934 m Hiram L. Smith of Ellery (b 5-25-1861 d 11-21-1927 bur Fluvanna Cemetery) 2-23-1881



498 A a Mabel M. 6-25-1886 m Walter A Simmons of Ellery, NY. * 5-31-1909



498 A a (I) Dorothy Arlene b Ellery 7-20-1911 m James L. Akin of Ellery 8-3-1938



498 A a (I) I James Lincoln Akin III b 3-3-1940

498 A a (I) II Richard Lynn Akin b 9-7-1941

498 A a (I) III Janice Lou Akin b 12-13-1943, d 1-28-1945

498 A a (II) Dorris Arloene b Ellery 3-9-1915 m Ray Malm of Jamestown 8-28-1938 no ch

498 A a (III) Delores Annis b Ellery 10-30-1916 m John Reardon (?) no ch

498 A b Mary Loranda b Ellery 8-23-1891 m Wm Rayburn Bender of Jamestown, NY 7-19-1909. In Burma, India with the Burma Oil Co., 8 yrs. Mary d and was cremated there. No ch. Wm. Rayburn Bender bur. Bentura, Calif.

498 A c Elizabeth Florence (called "Libby" b Ellery 1-13-1895. m 1. Walter Raymond Peterson, of Jamestown (b 4-25-1889 d 8-3-1921). m 2. William Schumacher, Ventura, Calif.



498 A c (I) Wm. Jr.

498 B. Minnie b in Ellery 1865 d in Stockton Township 10-23-1930 m Allen H. Seymour (d 1930)



498 B a Lulu b Stockton m Cleveland Palmer of Stockton. no ch

*Loranda Simmons Klock m 2. Charles Hapgood of Ellery, NY


Clifford, deceased. Lived in Brocton, NY

Frank, deceased. Loved in Jamestown, NY

499. VII. Martha m Alphonzo A. Arnold of Ellery, NY 11-25-1849 res Corry, Pa.

* b 4-10-1887 and neighbor of Mr. Sampson

253. Aaron (5)

b 11-1-1815 d 3-4-1864 m 7-20-1833 Nancy Rappole (b 2-19-1815 d 5-16-1896 in Sheffield , Ill.) dau of Adam Rappole of Pancake Hill, Ellery, NY.


500. I. Sara b 11-13-1834 m Henry Sanders (b 1832 d 1901



500 A. Sophia b 10-10-1873 m Charles Baltey



500 A a William

500 B. George m Eva Bisdorf lived in Milwaukee

501. II. Melissa * b 11-6-1837 d in Ellery, NY 8-2-1913 bur Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellery, NY m 1. J. Wallace Smiley 12-7-1856 (Killed in Civil War). m 2. Nelson Felton



501 A. Dora Elizabeth m W. W. Hubbard and lived in Bemus Point, NY

502. III. George **

503. IV. Margaret b 2-22-1845 d 6-6-1863 un m

504. V. Martin **

505. VI. Elliott**

506. VII. Elna b 12-23-1853 m Albert Richards



506 A. Frank; 506 B. Lila; 506 C. Ada; 506 D. Ethel; 506 E. Unnamed

507. VIII. Emma b 12-16-1855 m Frank Mudge

*Melissa was a very good friend of Mr. Clayburne B. Sampson, Historian of Ellery, NY.

255. Oliver (5)

b 3-14-1819 d Jamestown, NY 9-5-1889 m Lucena Purdy (b 1823) Note: Records of Myra Etta, Omer Oliver and Ellen A. received by compiler after numbering of children, so must be placed under father's number.



I. 2555 A. Myra Etta m Allen Pickard, lawyer in Jamestown, NY



255 A a Jay H. b 11-6-1863 d 6-25-1932 m Pearl Woodford 2-14-1884

II. 255 B. Omer Oliver d 7-11-1861 bur Red Bird Cemetery, Ellery, NY

508. III. William Melvin **


IV. 255 D. Ellen A. b 1854

509. V. Anderson E. **

510. VI. Arthur L. **

258. Gleason Fillmore (5)

d 6-29-1900 m 1. Amanda M. Stom Note: Records of Marvin Adelbert, Milton E., Linda, Leonard and John recieved after numbering of children, so must be placed under father's number.



I. 258 A. Marvin Adelbert b in Ellery 4-14-1848 d 3-31-1933 m Catharine Pickard


ch: 258 A a Mae B.; 258 A b Bert both deceased

m 2. Laura A. Wicks of Ellery, NY 2-11-1849

511. II. Russell**


III. 258 C. Milton E. b 8-3-1862 d 2-21-1949 bur Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellery, NY m Mary Griffith of Jamestown, NY 6-19-1895 (d 9-22-1951)


ch: 258 C a Marian b 2-10-1897 m B. L. Anderson no ch

512. IV. Frank L. **

513. V. Millard F. **


VI. 258 F. Linda A. d at 9 yrs.

VII 258. G. Leonard d at 2 mos.

VIII. 258 H. John d at 5 wks.

260. John Chandler (5)


514. I. Earl Herbert Klock Hot Spring, S. Dak.

270. Morris (5)

b 12-18-1818 (Mr. Nellis' record) d 1883 (Twitchell) m Emmeline Sillenbeck (b Cooperstown, NY 10-30-1821- Twitchell). Letter to H L C W from Mr. Nellis 8-27-1950 says that he "remembers Morris slightly from his childhood".


515. I. Charles Morris

516. George Sillenbeck

Twitchell in "Leading Facts of New Mexican History", (Lib of Congress pg 137) gives in biographical sketch his name as George Sheldon and that he was admitted to the bar in 1880, practiced in Rome, NY until 1896, went to Utica, and in 1901 to Albuequerque, then to Phoenix and back to Albuequerque, m. Mary Minerva Jarrett, dau of Edward Weldon and Sara (Dobie) Jarrett, March 1902. Served as vestryman in the Episcopal church though not an Episcopalian; was a Mason, K of P., S A R., Dis't Att'y for the 6th Judicial Dis't, Territory of New Mexico.

*Note: Frm Mr. Nellis' article in E & N 7-12-1951 "In West St. Johnsville Cemetery family burial plot of the family of Dr. C. Morris Klock and his brother George S., who, until forced to go to New Mexico for a throat ailment, was the law partner of James S. Sherman, of Utica, NY later Vice Pres., of the U.S.

272. Daniel (5)

b 12-14-1794 m. Annie, called Nancy, Devendorf


517. I. William

518. II. Lovinia

283. Solomon (5)

b 1803 (Mr. Nellis' record in St. Johnsville, NY. He moved to Madison Co., and his descendants lived in Wampsville, NY. Mr. Bert Klock's record gives 1st wife Elizabeth Flanders b 1809 d 1-26-1833 and bur on the Bert Klock farm. Mr. Prindle's record gives Elizabeth bellinger as wife of Solomon, so, no doubt, she was the 2nd wife as birth dates of all but one child show.


519. I. Erwin**

520. II. Myron b 1835 Lived in Canastota, NY

521. III. Iantha b 1836 May have m Gideon Stephens of S. Bay Oneida Lake, NY

522. IV. Theron b 1837

523. V. Diana b 1843

285. Simon Clock (5) *

b 7-10-1808 m Elizabeth Ellwood

ch: 524. I. Dewitt, lawyer in New York, NY m and had one son


524 A. Emery * d in New York at the age of 21 years

525. II. Libbie un m

526. III. Elvira un m

527. IV. Ellwood un m

*Simon changed his name from Klock to Clock

289. Reuben (5)*

b 8-11-1818 d 1897 m Barbara Bellinger (b 1826 d 1899) 1-4-1850. Lived in Danube, NY. Bur in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Ford's Bush (Minden), NY.



528. I. Byron ** (This family record sent by Mrs. Reuben M. (Lida Owens) Klock. The following list of other children of 289 Reuben are from the records of Mrs. Claude A. (Marjorie Zoller) Smith of Ft. Plain, NY and Mrs. March R. (Alice Hopkinson) Klock of Ft. Plain, NY and having been received too late for numbering are placed under their father's (Reuben's) number.


II. 289. Irving m no ch

III. 289. Iantha b 5-8-1856 d 6-26-1917 m Charles M. Zoller (b 1-28-1849 d 10-1-1904) 1-16-1884



289 III. A. Eliza Mabel b 3-1-1885 un m

289 III B. Howard b 1887 d 1888

289 III C. Marjorie Ruth b 9-15-1889 m Claude A Smith (b 2-16-1882 d 4-14-1941) 12-2-1918



289 III C a John Claude b 12-1-1919 un m

289 III C b Marjorie Iantha b 1-18-1925


m 1. Paul Wainwright (b 7-8-1921 d 10-19-1950) 5-1-1948 m 2. Karl Swartz (b 10-18-1928) 7-11-1951

IV. 289. Maggie un m

V. 289. Elmer b 1-31-1862 d 9-24-1920 Bur Ft. Plain Cemetery

m 1. Gertrude Moyer (b 8-24-1866 d 2-29-1902) Oct 1892



289 V A. Marcy R. b 8-18-1893d 8-2-1950 Bur Ft. Plain Cemetery m Alice M. Hopkinson (b 10-31-1886) 6-30-1915


ch: 289 V A a Gertrude D. b 2-20-1917. (Office of Holstein Fresian Asso., Brattleboro, Vt.)

289 V A b Donald b 8-7-1922 m Betty V. Downes (b 12-1-1927) 6-5-1948


ch:289 V A b (I) John D. b 3-11-1949

289 V A b (II) Shirley D. 5-14-1950

289 V. B. Ethel b 12-21-1897 d 1-2-1898

289 V C. M.Beatrice b 8-16-1900 d 10-24-1927 un m

m 2. Agnes M. Cook (b 3-7-1868 d 4-16-1908) 1904 no ch

VI. 289. Mary b 12-24-1862 d 4-9-1940 m George Spoor 9-13-1882



289 VI A. Seward b 7-11-1886 m. 1. Louise Ely Brown about 1912 who died the next year. m 2. Ethel Frost.


ch: 289 VI A a Doris b 2-4-1919 m Jan'y 1945 Cap't Donald Eugene Mather



289 VI A a (I) Dirk Eugene b Dec 1946.

289 VI A a (II) Dari Adair b 1-14-1948

289 VI A a (III) Diane Alcott b 1-25-1949

(All b in Germany during the time of the Army of Occupation)

289 VI A b Caryl b 11-24-1922 m Rob't Garmezy




289 VI A b (I) Caryl Dawn b 5-13-1947

289 VI A b (II) Robert Eric b 4-18-1951

289 VI B. Florence b 9-22-1889 m 9-9-1919 Ray E. Smith (b 9-8-1889)




289 VI B a Gordon Stanley b 4-22-1922

VII. 289. Walter un m

VIII. 289. Emmet b 12-16-1865 d 2-21-1907 m Mary Tinkler (b 5025-1865 d 4-28-1927) Jan'y 1902



289 VIII A. Irving b 11-2-1902 m Irene Case 3-9-1921


ch: 289 VIII A a Roger Irving b 11-29-1923, d 1-16-1933

289 VIII A b Ruth Louise b 5-28-1927 m Richard Welch




289 VIII A b (I) Wm. Richard b 2-24-1949

289 VIII A c Charlotte Irene b 8-13-1934

289 VIII A d Raymond Harvey b 4-14-1936

289 VIII B. Russell b 8-7-1904 m Mildred Harrington


ch: 289 VIII B a Marilyn Mildred b 10-20-1932

289 VIII B b Betty Ann b 2-25-1934

289 VIII B c Eleanor Jean b 5-5-1936

289 VIII B d Barbara Lou b 7-28-1937

289 VIII B e Gail Mary b 8-4-1939

289 VIII B f Sally Lee b 2-4-1941

289 VIII B g Judy Ellen b 3-31-1943

289 VIII C. Emmet b 3-21-1907 m Evelyn Fredericks


ch: 289 VIII C a Nadine b 5-31-1935

289 VIII C b Norma Jean b 1-12-1939

IX 289. Alice b 11-10-1868 d 11-8-1948 m Frazier Showerman.



289 IX A. Eva m Arthur LaGrance, Johnstown, NY

289 IX B Nancy m ----White, Syracuse, NY

289 IX C. Glenn m. Leila Sands, Fort Plain, NY

289 IX D. Ralph b 1906 m Irene Smith (b 1914) 5-19-1932


ch: 289 IX D a Ralph Frazier b 4-7-1935

289 IX D b Leo Stanley b 5-10-1938

289 IX D c Alice Jane b 2-10-1942

289 IX d d Jerry Richard 1-2-1944

290. Hiram (5)

b 8-28-1820 d Dec 1907 m Almire Fox (d 5-27-1916) Both bur in West St. Johnsville Cemetery.


529. I. Frank p. bu 3-3-1857 m Lottie Markell Oct 1877. Both bur in West St. Johnsville Cemetery

530. II. Elmer bu 12-25-1861 d 4-6-1863

531. III. Silbert ***


294. Martin (5)

b 6-22-1802 m 5-22-1826 Eliza Cox, dau of Nancy (Keller) and Ebenezer Cox, Jr. (b 8-31-1812 d 8-20-1894)


532. I. Nancy d in infancy

533. II. mary A. b 9-13-1829 d 2-26-1889 m David Moyer b 5-13-1827 d 10-6-1893 Resided in Hoboken, NY Bur St. Johnsville, NY

534. III. Mary Catharine b 5-13-1832 d 1-17-1905 m 8-28-1850 Rufus Lipe b 3-19-1825 d 6-18-1876 Resided in Bonair, Va.

535. IV. Jacob C. or G. b. 6-6-1835 un m Killed Oct 12 1864 in Battle of Winchester. He was a Major.

536. V. Jane b 11-2-1835 d 1854

313. Charles Duane Clock (5)

b 1855 d 1010-1925 m Grace T. Cady (b 1860 d 1911) (Clockville Cemetery Record). Charles Duane inherited the Conrad farm in Clockville.


537. I. Claud * d in infancy

538. II. Henry * d in infancy

539. III. Fred Adam m Edna Bull d 1938

540. IV. Kathleen m ---- Bailey

541. V. Martha b 1893. Engaged in raising Chinchillas. Martha has the original parchment issued when the land in Clockville was acquired from the state soon after it was purchased form the Indians. The farm of Conrad stayed in the family until the death of 539 Fred Adam (above). Then sold to a Mr. Hutchinson a gentleman farmer from New Jersey, who sold to his overseer Lomond Isaac Berry whose wife is 542 B. Mary Lois (Watkins) Berry.


316. Oscar (5)

m Mary Junilette Hazard, dau of Mary Frances and Robert Hazard.


543. I. Mary **

327. Moses (5)

b 1-9-1814 d 4-15-1886 m Mary Barner (b 10-5-1816 d 11-15-1906) dau of John and Anna (Cornell) Barner, about 1834. They resided on a farm west of Brewerton, NY on N. River Road.


543. I. Edward b 1835 d 8-18-1911 m and had a family

544. II. Mary **

545. III. Matilda * b 1838

546. IV William * b 1838

547. V. John b 1841

548. VI. Homer B 1843

549. VII. Helen b 1846 d about 1933 m ---- Newkirk



549 A. Alice b 1881

550. VIII. Oscar **

551. IX. Alice Ann b 7-21-1850 d 3-31-1857

552. X. George b 7-2-1852 d 3-18-1930 m Kate Fulton, dau of Chas. W. and Rosetta (Curtis) Fulton. Kate d 4-27-1939 ae 83 yrs. no ch.

553. XI. Rose C. b 3-2-1855 d 2-11-1863

554. XII. Charles d about 1860


328. John J., Jr. (5)

b 11-9-1820 d 2-20-1880 m Betsy Ann (b 1829) dau of Orrin and Rhoda (Phillips) Belknap.


555. I. J. Frank **

330. Jonas (5)

b 3-2-1815 d 4-15-1898 m Lydia (b 11-22-1817 d 7-29-1899), dau of Levi and Lucy (Pierce) Hamilton 10-6-1842. Lydia was b in Enfield, Mass. They resided for many years on the former Hamilton Place two miles west of Brewerton, NY on the Oneida River know as the Peter and Lewis Pechin place. Afterwards in Brewerton, NY


556. I. Venelia Diana, called Lilly**

557. II. Roxanna C. b 12-9-1846 d 10-15-1900 un m

558. III. Eugene Banvard b 7-21-1848 or 9 (drowned in Oneida River, 7-8-1861)

559 IV. Georgiette b 7-21-1850 d 8-26-1861

560. V. Ida Isadora b 2-22-1853 d 1-17-1917 m James, son of Peter and Susan Pechin 11-26-1871, (b 12-29-1846 d 8-15-1902)



560. A. Lester b 7-3-1873 m Gertrude, dau of John and ----(Gardner) Revoir (1883) Living in 1948 no ch

561. VI. Ella Elizabeth b 1- -1855 d 1927 m Harley Beebe (b 1846), Civil War Veteran.



561. A. Maude Winifred b 11-5-1875 m Carl G. Fulmer 1911




561 A a Nellie May b 7-9-1912 Lives Baldwinsville, NY 1951

561 B. a son not named b 11-19-1878 d 12-7-1878

561 C. Claude W. b 5-23-1882 m Bessie Peckham (both deceased).


561 C a Bernard; 561 C b Stanley

561 D. Harold Hamilton b 11-12-1885 d 1927

562. VII. Emma Jane b 1856 d 9-8-1861

331. Julia (5)

b 1837 d 1913 m Ira Cummings (b 1806 or 9) 1852 in Vermond (Ira d 11-10-1883). Ira was a carpenter and boat builder. Went to brewerton NY about 1842.


563. I. Myra **

564. II. Delilah b 1859 d 1872

565. III. Henry b 1865 d 1869

333. Abram (5)

b 1816 m ---


566. I. Homer (Civil War Veteran)

567. II. a dau m Joseph Rogers



567 A. Josephine

568. III. Marilla b 8-2-1844 d 12-30-1936 m Thomas Fay (b 2-3-1831 d 11-14-1914), son of Martin and Sara (Jackson) Fay.



568. A. Flora Alice b 8-11-1867 d 8-29-1936

570. IV. George **

569. V. James **

571. VI. Leroy **

334. John C. (5)

m ----

ch: *

572. I. Phoebe b 1840

573. II. Betsy b 1843

574. III. Harrison b 1845

575. IV. Conrad

576. V. Robert

577. VI. Adam

578. VII. Malvina

579. VIII. Nancy Jane

*Six of these children were pupils in River Rd. District School No. 2 Brewerton, NY.

337. Andrew Jackson (5)

b Ft. Brewerton, NY about 1828 d in Syracuse NY about 1899 m Roxanna Madison who d aobut 1875


580. I. Henry LaGrand **

581. II. Clarence LeClair

582. III. James Monroe

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