Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

Tryon County Militia, 3rd Regiment
Col. Frederick Fisher

The Third Regiment, usually known as Col.. Fisher's of Vischer's, was composed of militia from the present east end of the county, or the Mohawk District. This included both sides of the river eastward of the Noses and ran to the county line east of Amsterdam. The men were drawn largely from the Fonda settlement, then Caughnawaga, this being the principal settlement. Owing to the proximity of the Johnson, this regiment was handicapped by their influence during the early stages of the war. Col. Frederick Fisher stood alone in defiance of the Johnson at one time. He war born February 22, 1741 and died June 9, 1809. He was Colonel of the Militia during the war. After Johnson deserted Johnstown he was in charge of the fort there. When Sir John Johnson invaded the valley early in 1780 by way of Johnstown his Indians fell on the Fishers and killed and scalped the Colonel and his two brothers, Captain John and Harman. His sisters escaped but the aged mother was struck down by a tomahawk. Both the mother and Col. Fisher recovered. He was afterwards first Judge of Montgomery county common please. He was a member of the Committee of Safety for the Mohawk District prior to the outbreak of the war. Lt. Col. Volkert Veeder was a prominent officer. He was Lt. Col. of the 5th Albany Militia and then of the Third Tryon County Militia. His name appears to be spelled both Veeder and Vedder. There were seventy-five men in the service by the name Veeder and Vedder.

Explanatory References

1. Killed At Oriskany
2. Died in action
3. Prisoner of war.
4. Missing
5. Engaged at Oriskany
6. Wounded

Colonel Frederick Fishers 6

(Scalped by the Indians and left for dead at Caughnawaga, Ocober 25, 1781.



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