Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

References from List, 4th Regiment.

A--Hannes Bellinger, May be the Major Hohn of Utica, born 1760, died 1815, no living descendants; or he may be more probably John P. Bellinger of Jacksonburg, born 1743, died 1820, married second a daughter of Col. Peter, and with numerous descendants around Mohawk, Ogdensburg and elsewhere.

B--Johannes F. Bellinger, son of Lt. Col. Frederick, born about 1755, killed 1780, married Ernestine Herter, the "It" girl of the Rev. War., has descendants in Greenwood, Neb.

C--Breitenbucher, Baltus, is the way Dominie Rosenkrantz spell it.

D--Baumn, Bouman are now Bowman. The names of Adam, Frederick and Nicholas are possibly repeated on the lists, though they may be in separate families.

E--Bell, Nicolaus, was son of George H. Bell, Member of Assembly 1778, and nephew of General Herkimer, father of col. Jost Bell of the War of 1812; killed 1781. His widow Christina-----was the first wife of Col. Peter Bellinger's oldest son, Peter, Jr., who had in a joke promised to marry Christina, if Nicolas was hurt. Descendants of Christina now live in Little Falls, Oneida, Jefferson County and California, but none are named Bell so far as I know.

F--Bellinger, John Frederick, killed at Oriskany in all the records. Not identified among the families printed in the Enterprise. He may belong with the Philip Bellinger family from Andrustown, which family moved to Minden after Oriksany. Wilhelm P. further down the list is of this family and is also given in Campbell's "Minute Men." Peter B. Bellinger may be of this family. Peter P. Bellinger, is thought to be son of Col. Peter, afterward was promoted from Pvt. to Q. M., married Christina------as given above and has numerous descendants. Stoffel Bellinger is Christopher F., son of Lt. Col. Frederick P. Descendants are numerous in Mohawk, Ilion, New York City and Schenectady. John Bellinger may belong to the Philip and Adam Bellinger tribes.

G--Bellinger, Peter killed 29 June, 1778. He left a son, Daniel of Warren, who had a daughter Elizabeth, married Henry S. Devendorf and maybe had other descendants. So far, no descendants of this hero have been proven.

H--Bercki, Byrky, Bargy (modern spelling) Jacob and Peter are no doubt the same men. Peter, Senr., is a third man and Jacob Burti may be the effect of writing seven names for three men, of the Bargy family of Frankfort.

I--Bersch, Ludwig and Rudolph. Modern spelling is Barse. Descendants live in Ilion.

J--Bell, Frederick, killed in Andrustown, details given in Mrs. Hatch's stories of that place. Descendants live near there.

K--Beshar, Jacob is probably the same man as the Lieut. Pesausie, John--has a spelling nearer that of Bassache (pronounced about the same). All descendants have made of their names either Basehore or Passage. They married into Cristman and Shoemaker families and descendants now live south of Mohawk.

L--Bonny and Bany are pronounced the same and Ichabod is the one man who belongs to both names, of course.

M--Casler, Nicolas, son of Jacob, married Gertrude, daughter of Col. Peter Bellinger. Descendants are still in Little Falls. The other name Kesler, Nicholas, may or may not be the same man. Families prided them selves on their retention of family names in those days.

N--Casler, Malger and Kessler, Melger are of course the same individual Casler, Melchoir, Matthew.

O--Christman, Frederick, may be the same man as Fritrich. Descendants are in Columbia, Mohawk and Herkimer. Senator F. W. Cristman of Herkimer can furnish details.

P--Cristman, Jacob is the same as Jacob Christman and is doubtless the first settler of Utica who married Ernestina Bellinger, probably the sister of Major John who died 1815.

Q--Cunningham, Clenicum, John are probably the same man, likewise are Connghem, Willem and Cunicum, William. Descendants live in Mohawk.

R--Colsh, John, Sr., spelled Kolsch in the church records and Kelsch, John, Jr. (same two men). It may be an alteration, of Kilts and Hilts.

S--Crantz, Krantz, Henry is the same man. His second wife was also the second wife of Frederick Hess, Sr. Descendants are in South Columbia and Cattaraugus county.

T--Dabush, Jacob, the name may be Davis.

U--Dachsteter, John, son-in-law of Lt. Col. Frederick P. Bellinger, a U. S. Rev. War pensioner, with descendants in Phelps, N. Y.

V--Demote, Demuth, Marx. One man possibly, but if they are two men they are nephews of Capt. Marx. The only known descendants of this family come from the Adjutant George. They live in Perth Amboy, N. J.

W--Eiseman, Stephen and Eysamen, Steffe are the same man whose name as a prisoner is spelled Easeman. His wife and baby were, killed by Indians. His sons married into Col. Peter Bellinger's family. Descendants live in Herkimer, Little Falls, Rome, Syracuse, Black Lake.

X--Flack, Pitter and Flock, Peter are the same man. Flagg who married Sophia Wohleben, daughter of Nicolas the Patentee. He was a pensioner, brother-in-law of "Hoffrich" Bellinger. Lived in Columbia.

Y--Fols, Melger-Melchoir Folts same man as Sergt. Folts of Frankfort. Descendants of this family are distributed from Ilion to Arizona.

Z--Fox, John and Fux, Hannes are the same man, brother of Frederick Fox, who was a Lt., Mem. of Com. of Safety, Assemblyman and Supervisor Both are sons of Christopher the Patentee and neither with boys old enough to be soldiers. Getmans and Harters are numerous all over Herkimer county.

a--Harlam, Adam and Hartman, Adam, thought to be the same man. His descendants married into the family of John Shoemaker. Only a feware left, south of Mohawk.

b-Harteb, Adam, thought to be a misspelling of Herter, Herder, Hurder (in the 1790 census) Herrther in the Bible records, now spelled Harter. Descendants are all over Herkimer county, St. Lawrence county and in Oklahoma and Savannah, Ga. All come from Lorentz Herrther Patentee, first owner of the Herrther Bible (see the Enterprise),

c--Hes, Conrat and Hess, Conrad are the same man. He appears in various pension records. All the Hess's mentioned here are from Augustinus and his father Johannes, the Patentees. Descendants are in Glens Falls, Mohawk, Columbia, Rochester, Otsego county, Texas.

d--Hils, George; Hiltz, George; Kiltz, George are all the same man. Hiltz, Laurence and Kiltz, Laurants are one man. From this family come two books of military tactics 1743 and 1750. They married Starings and Harters and lived south of Mohawk.

e--Heyer, Hever and Hoyer are merely three men, not six.

f--Ittig, George and also, Etig, George seems to be the only duplication in this family. Descendants numerous from South Ilion to Paterson, N. J. Now spelled Edick.

g--Kuran, Michael, as a Mohawk Dutch name it looks more like Michael Curran.

h--Kyler, Nichlas, sounds more like Nicholas Schuyler if one pronounce it at normal speed.

i--Leithal, Abraham and Lithall, Abraham are one. He, George and Nicholas, brothers, come from a Schenectady family. Abraham's wife Catharine Bellinger, signed her pension application at age of 106. She died at 110. Descendants are in Mohawk and in Michigan.

j--Moyer, Myer, Mayel, Mayer, Mauyer are spellings of the same name at different times. Matthias Mates and Margeris are thought to be all one man, named Matthew Myers. Michel Mayer and Michel Myer are believed to be the same as the Sergeant Michael Myers, later Major General of Militia. There were several families of Meyers; one family were Jews, another came from Perth Amboy, N. J. Descendants run from Georgia, New Jersey, Toledo to Ilion, Mohawk, Ontario county, Schenectady and New York city.

k--Nash, James. Same man as Nesch, Schinis, ie. Jarnes--Schims.

I--Pedery, Petrey, Petrie, Petry and Betrer are all from the couple of original Palatine families. Descendants are from Port Ewen, N. Y. to Hibbing, Minn., all over Herkimer, Jefferson and St. Lawrence county.

m--Pelfer, Phyfer, Jacob, same man, descendants in Mohawk, Herkimer, Ilion, Frankfort, Buffalo. Phyfer and Piper, Andrew and Antoore, same man, descendants came through Col. Peter's descendants, Shoemaker and others, are scattered from Columbia to Syracuse.

n--Remah, George and Riema, George, same man. Riema and Rima, John Jr. and Sr., same men. Rimer, Hannes, one man and all possibly come from the Riemenschneider family, from the Bush settlement of that name, north of Little Falls,

o--Rosekrantz, Nicolaus. Descendants named Rosegrants now live near Ogdensburg. Others must live around Little Falls but cannot yet be located.

p--Renckel, Lawrence, the name was spelled Rincken by Dominie Spinner and is now Rankin. Married into Col. Peter Bellinger's family. Descendants in Danube and Little Falls.

pp--Regel, Godfray; Rickel, Christian. These two men are of the same family. Riegl was the spelling by some of the Dominies. The Patentee was Godfrey Reele. The modern spelling is Reall or Reals. They moved to Deerfield, thence to Manlius. No descendants known, unless some are in Little Falls and in Manlius.

q--Sharriar, Christian, married a Bellinger girl, daughter of old Capt. Peter. Two daughters captured by Indians when Lucinda Bellinger, daughter of John P. was shot out of the butternut tree in ravine on lot 35 near Fort Herkimer. One girl married George Edick, the other Peter Fox. Descendants in Mohawk and Columbia.

r--Shoemaker, Schuhmacher, all from Thomas the Patentee, Lt. in 1733. Hanjost, son of Rudolph the neutral, had descendants in Cincinnati and Toledo. Thomas put up a pitiful wail to Gov. Clinton for his captive wife to come home and care for his five small children. Read it in Gov. Clinton's papers.Descendants all over southern part of Herkimer county. Thomas was father-in-law of Frederick Bellinger, Jr., of War of 1812.

s--Schute, William and Schut, Willem, same man. Of this family probably Appolonia Schuttin, born 1702 married Lorentz Herrther; the Bible record still exists. No descendants of Schut are known. One was a son-in-law of Nicholas Wohleben.

t--Simer, Gesom--Gershoni Skinner, miller at Little Falls when mill was burned. He was a partner (in the mill) of Frederick Fox. The Fox and Skinner families intermarried. Descendants are in Mohawk and Columbia, Seirner, Isack, Skinner, Isaac same man.

u--Smith, John; Schmid, John. Probably no duplications in this Smith family of North Herkimer and of Utica.

v--Stale, State, George are same Individual. Steal, Steale and Stehl, now are all spelled Steele. Descendants are in Ilion, Herkimer and Columbia.

w--Staring, Margred may be Malger, Melger, Melclroir, Matthew. Stahring, Stearing, Stering all are really Staring, though even modern spelling makes Stauring and Sterling of it. Descendants are in Ilion, Frankfort, Albany. I doubt any duplications in this family even with two Adams and two Nicholas. Intermarriages with Hess, Fox and Bellinger families were numerous.

x--Strobel, Christoph and Straubel, Stoffel, same man. Descendants in Herkimer.

y--Weaver, Web, Weber are all from the three Patentees. Frederick G. married into Lt. Col. Frederick P. Bellinger's family so did the daughters of Jacob G. "King" Weaver, the fur king partner of J. J. Astor. George M. of Utica married into Col. Peter Bellinger's family. Descendants- live in New York city, Herkimer, Ilion, Utica and Jefferson county. There appear to be no duplications in this family except for the Fifer at the gallows of Hon Jost Schuyler.

Z--Wohleben, Wohleber, Wollerver, Abraham. All three are believed to be the same man. With feet frozen, the flesh coming off and with his head scalped, his pension describes his being laid up for about two years, and that he and Nicolas his nephew both served in the Battle of German Flatts, August, 1783. Abraham was scalped Oct. 15, 1781. Sergt. and Judge John Frank in his pension papers gives the sarne battle, same year, three affidavits. Wohleben's papers give two affidavits to that effect U. S. pension R17772. Peter Wolleben's death notice by Dominie Spinner, recites that Peter escaped from the battlefield of Oriskany "with his father." Although Benton has Nicholas, the father dying two years before the war. This death notice means an additional bar for all descendants of this family. Won, Niclas is thought to be Wolleben, later moved to Fort Plain. Descendants in Shoemaker, Flagg, Bellinger, Schute and Woolaver (modern spelling) are in North Ilion, Manheim, Mohawk, Columbia, Jefferson county and Georgia.

NOTE-S. L. Frey in the back of his book says that the Tory, Hanyoost Herkimer was born 1751 and became Colonel of the Fourth Regiment. This duty is inconsistent with the age of twenty-four years. In the Militia records in 1733 there was a Lt. Johan Jost Herkemer. In 1768 among "Lieutenants wanted" is Han Jost Herkemer, Jr. and August 26, 1775, 6th Co. of 4th Regt. is Capt. Hanyoost Herkimer, and in the 8th Co. is Capt. George Herkimer, leaving Johan Jost Herkerner, Sr. for the. Colonel who died the same month "about 80 years old," which is too old for service, and too soon for Hon Jost Herkimer, Jr. to have become a Tory. I suggest omitting the debatable question. Benton's History of Herkimer County page 71 and page 85 gives all the officers of the 4th Regt. but no Lt. Col. Henry Walrath. (Green's Gateway to the West," Vol. 1, page 849.---Ed.)

Likewise Tinus Clapsaddle as a major". This name is short for Augustinus Clapsaddle. He was a pension applicant though, so was George H. Bell, Capt. so called. 5th Co., Capt. Peter Bellinger. In 1762 he was reported "too old and unfit for service" and Conrad Frank was made captain in his place. Conrad died 1773 and it looks as if Capt. Peter, about the same age as Col. Hon Jost Herkimer, was reinstated. Capt. Peter was naturalized 1715, 60 years before the 5th Co. was formed.

NOTE-On John Bellinger, many of him-take your choice!

The original pay rolls show 1779 (June-November inclusive) in the Co. of Capt. Henrig Herder, Ensign Hannes Bellinger, the son of the late ht. Col. Frederick P. and among the privates, 411 living around Fort Dayton, Hannes Bellinger who served a day -or two in each month less than Hannes Bellinger, Jr., who because of those few days difference in service is regarded as son of Hannes. For a hint to searchers it is suggested the elder Hannes may be a brother of Philip, married 1849 and to Adam, born 1840, all, of the Andrustown family which moved to Minden after Oriskany. Note in the Stone Arabia church records, births to Johannis Bellinger and Elizabeth Barbara (possibly Folts or Devendorf) Aug., 1760, May 27, 1763, March 20, 1765.

In the same Co., 1780 appears John Belinger Corp. All the above, lived north of the river. Just to make it harder in Capt. Frank's company around Fort Herkimer, south of the river, was a private who, was on the pay rolls 18 days in 1779 and 22 days in 1780 and 19 days in 1778 all in June and July.

Going back to the 5th Co. the Capt. was Peter Bellinger, the Ensign was John P. Bellinger which in this case no doubt shows that "P" means son of Peter, not son of Philip. Father and son both went "out" as officers when the 5th Co. and the 9th Co. were consolidated under Michael Ittig and later under Frederick Frank. The list of officers of the 5th Cio. appears to show that Ensign John P. was son of Capt. Peter Bellinger. And yet many researchers think Col. Peter is the son of Capt. Peter because of a deed for lot 23 of 1765, between them. In that case John P. was a brother of Col. Peter and in 1794 married as second wife his brother's daughter as her second husband. Capt. Peter in 1782 deeded lot 34 to his son Hoffrich and in 1784 a lot in one of the newer Patents to his daughter Dorothea, wife of Abraham Wobleben (Wolleaber-Woolaver). Also in 1790 is living on lot 34 John Bellinger and his brother (?) Hoffrich (2 John Frederick).

Here's hoping some descendants straighten out all these Johns and find out which John was prisoner of war. If John is found to have had a wife named Catharine, help may be extended through the Enterprise as follows: From 1785-1800 appear three Johns, each of whom had a wife named Catharine. Their three families have been carefully segregated by the writer after working twenty years on the segregation.

* "Green's Gateway, pp. 845.

Chokin, Thomas, Cochen, Thomas, Coken, Dome, same man.

Carroll, George, Karle, George same man Carroll.

Nacnod, Jeams, same man as McNutt, James or possibly now McNought.

Molter, Jacob, Molter, Peter are same men as Multer, Jacob and Multer, Piter

Rapold, George. Name was spelled Rappoll and Rappool in St. Johnsville Church records. It is probably same as Rappelye or Rapelje.

Usner, Peter George was very likely named Ochsner or Onner in the church records

Dawie, John, same man as Deavy, John, now perhaps Davy.

Cram, Jacob, Cremm, Jacob, Krelm, Jacob are al1 three the same man, Crim.

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