Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

Congregational Register of Stone Arabia and Cani-schohare

(Names set in from the margin are the names of the children)

John Wolfgang Beriet

Anna Barbara Beriet

Andreas Besinger


Ludwig Casselmann


Johan Wilhelm Casselmann

Anna Margretha Casselmann

Elisabet Crems

John Dewl

Wilhelm Emche

Andreas Frenck

Christina Frenck

Robert Dewig

Cathar. Dewig

Anna Margretha Fuchs

Margaretha Frey

Margaretha Frey

Nic. Hertzinger

Maria Sibylla Hertzinger

Johannes Hess

( )hannes

( )Kayser

( )areretha Kayser


( )istian Nellis

( )m Nellis

Anna Dewl

( )

Elisabet Dillenbach

Henrich Dillenbach

Anna Margareta Dillenbach

Christian Dillenbach

Anna Maria (------)

Johannes Dillenbach

Magdalena Dillenbach

Johannes Emche

Elisabet Emche

Philip Emche

Nicholas Stenzel

( ) Sutz

Peter Wagner

Anna Barbara Walrath

Christina von der Wercken

( )old Pickert

( ) harina Pickert

( )diah Portman

( ) rgen Resener

( )aria Catherina Resener


Johannes Schultz

Johan Jacob Schultz

Johan Christopher Schultz

Henrich Six

Christina Six

Johan Jurgen Saltzmann

Jurgen Saltzmann

Catharina Elisabet Saltzmann

The following appear as member "At the Fall" the first members of the present Manheim Church (Lutheran):

( )Baumannen (This a female, note the feminine "en" ending.)

Leonhard Baier and his wife

Catharina Barsen and her mohter

Johan Juurgen Cast, Senior

Johan Jurgen Cast, Junior

Gertrude Cast

MariaCatharina Contz

Jurgen Dachstater


Dieterich Demuth

Johannes Eiseman and his children

Eva Ittichs

Andreas Klebsettel

Anna Cunigund Meier

Gustavus Osterod

Andreas Pfeiffer

Anna Margreta Rils

Werner Schafer

Johan Adam Schafer

Barbara Weber

Nicolas Wohleben

Rev. Sommer's Register of Baptisms Performed at Cani-schare and Stein Raby, 1743-1750. (Note: Stein Raby is Stone Arabia.)

MARIA ELIZABETH born 2 July 1743, baptized 17 July 1743. Parents ANDREAS BESINGER, MARIA ELIZABETH BESINGER. Sponsors, Johannes Emche and his wife Elisabet.

ELISAZET, born 22 Aug. 1743, baptized 11 Sept. 1743. Parents GERHARD MISSELIS, CATHARINE MISSELIS. Sponsors, Elisabet Teicber and Thomas Killy.

ANNA MARIA, born at Stein Raby 8 January 1744, baptized 22 January 1744. Parents, JOHANNES EMCHE and ELISABET EMCHE. Sponsors, Severinua Teicher and his wife.

JACOB, born at Stein Raby, 31 December 1743, baptized 22 January 1744. Parents FRIEDERICH SCHNELL and ANNA MARIA SCHNELL. Sponsors, Jacob Schultz and his wife.

CATHARINA, born at Cani-scohare, baptized at Stein Raby. Born 26 December 1743, baptized 22 January 1744. Parents, HENRICH DILLENBACH and ANNA MARGRETHA. Sponsors, Peter Wagner, Junior, and Elisabet Dillenbach.

ANNA MAGDALENA, born at Stein Raby 20 January 1744, baptized 22 January 1744. Parents, JOHAN WILHELM CASSELMANN and MARGRETHA CASSELMANN. Sponsors, Miss Anna Magdalena ( ------------ ) and Miss Anna Elisabeth Walrath and Johannes Casselmann.

JOHAN JACOB, baptized at Cani-scohare, baptized 13 August 1744. Parents, JACOB CHRISTMANN and CATHARINA CHRISTMANN. Sponsors, Johan Jacob Fehling and Magdalena. (No reoord of birth).

JOHAN CHRISTOPH, born at Cani-scohare, 12 August 1744, baptized 21 August 1744. Parents HENRICH ECKLER and MARGARETA ECKLER. Sponsors, ( )Jung and his wife Margaretta Jung.

B ( ), a little girl born at the River 23 July 1744, baptized 22 August 1744. Parents JAMES DILLEN and MARGRETH. Sponsors Joh( ) von Evern and Jannetje von E( )

ELISABET, born at Stein Raby ( ) December 1744, baptized 18

February 1745. Parents, ADAM LAUTZ and CATHARINE ELISABET LAUTZ. Sponsors, Wilhelm and his wife

( ) a little girl born at Stein Raby ( ), baptized 18 February 1745. Parents, ANDREAS BESINGER and MARTA ELISABET. Sponsors, ( ) and his wife.

JURGEN, born April ( ) baptized June ( ) 1745. Parents, JURGEN SALTZMANN and CATHARINA ELISABET SALTZMANN. Sponsors, ( ) and his wife.

( ) a little girl born at Caniscohare June ----------- ., baptized 18 June 1745. Parents, GUSTAVUS OSTEROD and ANNA MARIA. Sponsors, Utilia Schumacher -and Johan Friederich Hess.

LUDWIG, a bastard, born at the Fall. Born ( ), baptized 17 June 1745 of CATHARINA ( )UNTERMAN, Sponsors, Jon( ) ( )ewi.

JOHAN HENRICH, baptized 3 July 1746 at Stone Arabia. Parents, DEWALD TEICHER and CUNNIGUNDA. Sponsors, Henrich Dillenbach and ( ) Cramer (birth date not given).

ADAM, born at Stone Arabia, 27 May 1747, baptized 7 June 1747. Parents ADAM LAUTZ and CATHARINA ELISABET. Sponsors, Nicholas Fehling and Elisabet Schnell.

N. B.-A child baptized of ANDR. FINCK.

BAREND FREY baptized 26 February 1749.

N, B.--A child baptized ( ) KILLY.

N. B --A child baptized of ( ) RESENER.

HENRICH, born at Stone Arabia 1 September 1749, baptized 3 September 1749. Parents, JOH. CHRISTIAN DILLENBACH. Sponsors, Henrich Saltzman and his wife.

MATTHEUS, born at Stone Arabia 23 August 1749, baptized 3 September 1749. Parents, JOHANES WARMUTH. Sponsors, William Warmuth and his wife.

PETER, born at Stone Arabia, 28 September 1749, baptized 30 September 1749. Parents, DANIEL von ANTWERPEN.

A son, baptized at Stone Arabia I October 1749 of CHRISTOPHER SCHULTZ.

A little girl of HERMAN HAUS, baptized 1 October 1749.

A little boy of JURGEN HAUS, baptized 9 October 1749.

A little boy of Mr. WOHLGEMUTH, baptized 9 October 1749.

JOHAN PHILIP of PHILIP EMCHE, baptized 10 October 1749.

MAGDALENA of HENR. DILLENBACH, baptized 10 October 1749.

ANNA, baptized 17 June 1750, of WILHELM GERLACH.

JOHAN NICOLAS, baptized 17 June 1750, of ADAM JUNG.

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