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The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY. , 1933

Names of Militiamen in French and Indian War Before Revolution. First Publication in this Form. (By H. W. Hess)

Chapter One

Believing that since the list of the names of the persons who served in the militia in the upper Mohawk valley, previous to the Revolution, will command general interest, I have collected from the reports of the state historian, the names of persons who served from 1757 to 1767 in the militia companies of Captians Petry, Dygert, Klock, Conrad Frank, Lieut. Van Alstein and Col. Jost Herkimer's Granadier company of men to be officers in the militia, and hereby submit them for your consideration.

The first record of appointment of officers for the upper valley that I find was when Gov. William Crosby gives the "List of officers of the Militia for Albany Co., Nov. 17, 1733." "or above ye falls of ye Maquas (Mohawk) River." Capt. Johan Jurgh Kast (who drew lot 22 on north side), Lieut. John Jost Herkemer (who drew lot 36 on south side, although he seems to have lived on lot 24 in the second farm above the present stone church, Lieut. Thomas Shoemaker (who drew lot 12 on north side) and for Ensign Fredrik Starin. (Now since there was no other name on the Burnettsfield patent at this time to fit this one I assume that since the first name is shortened, that the last name is shortened also, and that this is Frederick Staring who drew lot 24 on the north side).

These four men were all located at German Flatts. If I am wrong in any of my comments I shall faldly be corrected. Now we will give the names of the men in the companies. The names are spelled as in the records, viz.

1757, Vol. IV page 130 Feb. 26. Capt. Mark Petry's return received February 26th, 1757.

The above spelling is taken as the clerk of the company wrote it down in the records and are not the signaturs of the soldiers.

You will note that the date of this return is the year of the French invasion at German Flatts. This company appears to have been located on the north side fo the river at German Flatts. There appears to have been an Adam Helmer, Jr. and a Frederick Helmer, Jr. at this date.

Chapter II

Company of Soffrines Deychert

1757 March 20th. By an order of Sir William Johnson. To march with my Company to Fort William Henry (on Lake George H. W. H.) as Followeth, Returned home ye 29 Instant. Soffrines Deychert. Lieut.

Note--"Sererinis Tygert" was not commissioned captain until January 5, 1758.

This was a Stone Arabia company in the 2nd battalion of militia in the Mohawk Valley under Sir William Johnson. --H. W. Hess.

Chapter III

Soverinus Deyger's Company

A True List of ye state of my company of Militia who has been on command at ye German Flatts, By Order of Sir William Johnson ye 24th Day of July, 1763 as Followeth, vixt.

Commissioned officers:

N. C. officers sergents:


Note--Please take note of the change or spelling.

This company was out for four days with Capt. Jacob Klock's Co. on an Indian Alarm at the German Falls, from July 24 to July 28, both days included.

This company was short at this time due to there being fourteen men who did (not?) respond to the call. This list is given which shows the delinquents:

Captain Deyger's List of Delinquents

Officers and Persons Names, not appeared at the German Flatts (ye 24th Day of July 1763. H. W. H.) when was ordered by me, Soverinus Deyger, Capt. of a Company of Militia at Stonraby (Stone Arabia) Vizt.

Signed, Soverinus Deyger, Capt.

I think we ought not to condemn these delinquents too much. Note the date, July 24th. This would be during the haying time and the harvesting of winter wheat. These men were farmers and it is a tough assignment to be called out and leave your crops to rot and spoil in the field, not knowing how long you will be away. Those were strenuous days.

Chapter IV

A list of the Company of Captain Klock as they have been in the last Alarm to German Flats, from the 24th of July to the 28th, 1763, both days included. (The troops were called out on an Indian alarm at Burnetsfield, German Flats).




A list of those men who were not up in the alarm:

"All the above mentioned persons have lawfully excused themselves except George Klock, who says that he is free by an act of the Assembly because he is a Miller and his son George he kept back in the Alarm till the second Day on which Day he came with the Parcel of Indians. He being asked what kept him so long answer'd that he waited for the Indians of which he was to be Commander for which Reason I think that I may fine him as ere long I intend to do." * Signed--Capt. Jacob Klock.

It must be borne in mind that there might be many good reasons why these early settlers were lawfully unable to answer these Indian and other alarms. But continued neglect of duty and failure to answer to the call of the commanding officer of the militia generally meant a fine.

It is surprising to see how strict these wilderness soldiers were in regard to their military affairs.

Chapter V

Lieut. Goshin Von Alstein's Company

A true list of the Militia Company Commanded by Lieut. Goshin Van Alstein vixt: August 8th, 1763.

Robert Flint, Lieut.
Christian Gerlach, Ens.


Dewald Dychert
Adam Counterman
William Fink
Henry Shrimling


John Thorn
Denus Diustman
Frid'k Strobeck
George Nestle


I suggest that Christian Nier may be Christian Niering (Nearing). I wonder if this "Jery" is meant for Jurie i.e. George. You note the list has no name of George. Later, but no date given, Lieut. Gose Van Alstein is recommended for Captain in this Canajoharie company. His commission seems to have been dated "Nov'br. 6th, 1763." "For a company at Canajoharie whereof Ferall Wade was formerly Capt'n."

You will note that there was a senior and a junior Henry Schramling. It was this Schramling family that married into the John Frederick Hess and Catherine Nellis family and moved into Otsego county, N. Y.

Chapter VI

We now come to a very interesting report by Col. John Jost Herekheimer (Herkimer). This includes what he calls "The Grannadier Co." I find that this seems to be an English term. "Originally a foot soldier armed with grenades. The grenadiers were men of long service and approved courage, and only a few were attached to each regiment. Afterwards every regiment had one company of grenadiers and they retained their name even after the disuse of grenades, and were distinguished by a particular dress." Today I am told by one of our teachers, an Englishman of wide experience in teaching both here and in England, that the term now is only applied to the king's body guard called "The Grenadier Guard."

May 6th, 1767. A "redorn" of persons names "Choesen" to be officers in the Battalion under the command of Coll'l. John Jost Herekheimer viz.

1st "The Grannadier Company".

Burnets Field May ye 6th, 1767,. Jost Herckheimer Coll.

It will be noted that many of these men became officers in the militia in the Revolution at the beginning at least, while others if not too old served as privates in the ranks, and others if alive and able to serve at all were in a company called the exempts.

Chapter VII

Captain Conrad's Company, May 8, 1767.

Officers names, commissioned all on Januray 17th, 1764:




This company was located on the south side of the Mohawk at German Flatts. "Conradt Frank to be Captain of the Company w'h Peter Pellinger Commands. He being too old and unfit for service." Peter Pellinger Jr. was to be 2nd Lieut. in Conrad Frank's Co. While this statement appears to have been made in 1762, Capt. Frank was not commissioned until Jan. 17, 1764. Altho I have no record that Capt. Frank's Co. or Capt. Petry's Co. were called out with Capt. Klock's Co. and Capt. Deyger's Co. July 24 to 28, 1763, due to an Indian alarm at German Flatts, it would only be reasonable to suppose that they were called out, and perhaps the reason they were not mentioned in the records is because they were supposed to be on duty there at German Flatts anyway. There would be no reason for calling out the Stone Arabia and Palatine Companies to go to German Flatts and not call out the two companies there already. It will be noted that the patentees of Conrad Frank's patent and the First and Second Staley's tracts, now mostly comprised in the Town of Columbia Herkimer county, were made up of the names in this company. It will be noted also that these families intermarried to a very great degree.

Chapter VIII

Captain Marx Petry's Company.

Bernets Field May the 9th, 1769. List of Capt. Marx Petry Company




It will be noted that these names appear as from the north side fo the river at German Flatts. It will be noted also that no name of Hess or Staring appears at this date, hence I conclude that the Staring family did not move into the town of Schuyler until some time after this date.

The German Flatts Hess families stayed on the south side of the Mohawk until after the Revolution except Johnnes Hess, Sr. who had moved to the Harrison Patent 1732, but his oldest son Augustinus Hess, Sr. Stayed on the original Lot 31.

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