Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

Vol. 4, Pages 340-346

A return of the refugees or inhabitants of the German Flatts who were burned off and lost their effects by the enemy. All above 16 years old are allowed one pound of bread and one pound of beef and all under 16 years old half a pound of bread and a half a pound of beef per day.

Half Allowance

Such as have lost houses and barns but have some grain left and are put on half allowance:

Outlying Districts

Such as lived distant from Fort Dayton and were obliged to leave their habitations all the summer and have lost part of their effects and are on half allowance.

Absent Owners

Such as are absent at present but have lost houses, barns, and most of their effects:

Signed of the Petition

Signed by the principal officers and inhabitants of the German Flatts:

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