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The Nellis Coat of Arms

Regarding the Coat of Arms.

From Reitstap (Authority on Heraldry).

Arms of Nelis--Nellis.

Nels of Malines Belgium (Chevaliers, 27 Aug., 1786.) Recognition of said title 7 Sep., 1822 or two cocks back to back gules, one foot uplifted, heads affronted. Helmet crowned crest, a cock foot uplifted gules, head conturne, turned to sinister. Motto Ne-lis (no strife).

Note -- Gules means red.

In Milo Nellis' handwriting: Simm's "Frontiersmen of New York" vol I pg 281 identifies the Nellis contributors to old Palatine Church.

William, father of William, Andrew, Johannes, Henry. Paid for ??? the spire. Other records seem to confirm the above. Andres Sr. Had sons, Andrew, William and Henry E.

Christian the brother of William who gave the spire, was the father of 1) Christian Jr. 2) Henry 3) Adam 4) Theobold or David who was survivor of Oriskany battle and is buried at Whitesboro where he moved after the war.

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