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Nellis Origins

From the March 2003 Newsletter of the Nellis News

Nellis Origins Revealed: Hank Jones in his EVEN MORE PALATINE FAMILIES gives the German Origins of the NELLIS family. He states that records were found at Sitters in the parish of Obermoschel near Miesenheim in the Pfatz. The postal code for this area is 67823. In a 1704 census of the Obermoschel district (supplied by Dr. Bernd Bolzer) entry #78 on the Sitters list is "Ruppert Nillus, supports himself with day labor, with wife, 2 cows."

Karla Nurnberg found information in German Chbk sources. Rupert Nelles and his wife Maria Elisabetha Bundt had these children.

1) Wilhelm, b 5 Jan 1694 (Family Bible Record)

2) Christian

3) Johannes Laurentius, b. 12 Sept 1699, bp 13 Sep 1699. sp: Laurentius Enders and wife Anna Catharina. Died 13 Dec 1699. (Schiersfeld Ref/Luth Chbk.).

4) Johannes Henricus, bp. 26 Mar 1704 (parents called "Huberti Nelles of Sitters and Maria Elisabetha Nelles" - sp: Joes Geyger, Henrich Andreas, and Anna Apollonia Pachtess (Obermoschel Catholic Chbk.) Died 23 May 1706, 2 y 2 m, 10d. Burued in Sitters Cem. 24 May (Obermoschel Catholic Chbk.).

Catharina Elisabetha, b. Sitters and bp 26 Nov 1706--sp: Aegidius Barfus, Ann Catharina md. Name Ritzin, and Elisabetha Hiten (?) md. Name Gieben.


The anglicized version of Rupert is Robert, thus the name of Christian's son, Robert who was born in 1725 as well as many others. He is listed in the 5th party at Rotterdam as "Roypert Illes", with wife, 4 children. The family was on Capt. Johan Encrist's ship in the 5th party of Palatines 3 Jul 1709. It would appear that Robert was with the family at the start of the crossing, but died before they arrived in New York. There may have been another child who died on the crossing.

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