Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

German Flatts Reformed Church, 1723
By W. N. P. Dailey, D. D.
Published by the
St. Johnsville Enterprise and News
Lou D. MacWethy, editor
St. Johnsville, NY (Price 35 cents)

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Organized in 1723. Land given 1730 and 1773. Present edifice begun about 1730. A story of the Palatine people and their early struggles. Many names of first settlers. By Rev. W. N. P. Dailey, DD. Author of History of the Montgomery Classis, R.C.A.

The First Settlers

Patentees on North Side

Patentees on South Side

The Staley Patent, Remsen Deed

Official Title of the Church, Church and Fort During War (1754-60)

Historic Events at Fort Herkimer, Oldest Record

Description of Church Land

Quaint Wording of 1773 Conveyance

Fort Herkimer Church Edifice

Petition to"Complete" Church, Oldest Religious Edifice in Valley

The Herkimers of Fort Herkimer, General Nicholas Herkimer, and Death of General Herkimer

The Palatines at Fort Herkimer, Massacre of 1757

Some Fort Herkimer Church Records, Early Bookkeeping

Records of 1813, Radical Changes in 1812

Names of Families on the South Side

Spinner Volumes of Vital Records, Why Baptisms Were Not Recorded

Fort Herkimer Glebe Rents

The Fort Herkimer Reformed Church Ministry

Rev. Rosencrantz Married Sister of General Herkimer

Closing Years of the Rosencrantz Pastorate

Religious Worship in the Wilderness

Ministerial Duties Cover Wide Field

Dominie Spinner's Family Record

Successive Pastors

Fort Herkimer Notes and Historical Notes

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