Fort Klock Historic Restoration
& Indian Castle Church

Opening Day, Fort Klock, May 28, 2001
Warren Ainslie, broommaker Bobbi Vosburgh and Margaret Johnson, site interpreter Young Pioneers taking a sewing lesson
Jeremy Brundage, blacksmith Schoolmarm, Anita Smith, explaining the board of education which is applied to the "seat of learning" Tryon county Militia
Walter Fleming, Tinsmith
Mother and daughter, dining room hostesses
The weaving lesson, Stephanie Price, Gene Valk and Amanda Sammons

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It was the largest opening day ever and the first time a meal was served in the farmhouse. Gene Valk, master weaver, was in the spinning and weaving loft of the fortified farm home, warping the bar frame loom in preparation for Fort Klock's 2001 season. Colonel James Morrison, accompanied by members of the Third Battalion of the Tryon County Militia demonstrated the vital part played by colonial militia during the American Revolutionary War. Warren Ainslie, traditional broom maker, demonstrated the use of hand tools, early equipment, and broom corn to produce very serviceable brooms. Walter Fleming, a noted tinsmith, showed the use of early tools to shape tin into tinware which is both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. Tom Krieg, owner/operator of Tom Krieg's Boat Shop, calked a wooden boat, readying it for service. Steve Paul, talented leather and wooden flute maker as well as musician made traditional flutes and treated those in attendance with period music. Jeremy Brundage, farrier, showed the importance of correctly shoeing your horse for the work intended. Nelson and Phebe Downs, demonstrated respectively colonial carpentry and chair caning. Florine Burkdorf created an eighteenth century basket.

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