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Old Newspaper article, date unknown.

To the Honorable James De Laney, Esq., his Majesty's Lieutenant Governor and Commander in chief of the Territories Depending thereon in Americas.

The petition of Jacob Folz, Johan Jost Petri, Hannes Petri, George Klock, Kasper Leyb, Hannes Schuman, Hannes Klock, Marks Petr, Hendrick Klock, George W. Windecker, Kenneth Klock, Kasber Leyb, Handrick Merckel, Develd Merckel, Adam Conderman, Derrick Horning, Hannes Leyb, Jost Leyb, Adam Leyb, Adam Gray, Elias Gerlack, Christian Gerlack, Libs Gerlack, Daniel Petri, Ackes Von Schlecks, Derick Petri, Michael Stig, Henry Merckill, jun., Hannes Merket, christian Petri, Hendrrick Hauck, Peter Hauch, Adam Walrath, Jacob VonDerwercke, Felix Meier, Aberham Von Dewercke,Ludwick Kran, William Nelles, Geroge Klock Jr., Hendrick Windecker, John Jacob Del, Hendrick Nelles, Adam Walrath, Jr., Frederick Bellinger, Fillib Sternberger, Conrath Kib, Libs Bellinger, Aberham Lansin, Jacob Klock, Jr., Henry Wolrad, Jost Petri, Jr., Hunbly sheweth that there is still unpurchased of the native Indian Proprietors thereof a certain tract of land situate, lying and being in the County of Albany on the north side of the said Mohawk River between two certain creeks one called Cajoharen or Canada Creek and another creek called Canada Creek at Burnets Field and contiguous from the Mohawks river into the woods 25 miles of which your petitioners are desirous to purchase a quantity of 50,000 acres and 500 acres for a church in order to enable them to obtain his Majesty's Letters Patent for the said lands that they may cultivate and improve the same.

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray Your Honor will be favorably pleased to grant them your Honor's Lycense for the purpose of aforesaid and your petitioners as in duty bound, shall ever pray (illegible word.)

Dated April 25, 1755

  • Jacob Folts
  • Johan Jost Petri
  • Johannes Petri
  • George Klock, Junior and Senior
  • Jonannes Scheimann
  • Hannes (K his mark) Klock
  • Marcus Petri
  • Henrig (H his mark) Klock
  • Gerg Windecker
  • Konrad (KK his mark) Klock
  • Hendrick Merckel
  • Develd (DM his mark) Merckel
  • Mickel Stig
  • Adam Conderman
  • Hannes (H his mark) Leyb
  • Jost (L his mark) Leyb
  • christ John Petri
  • Adam (AL his mark) Leyb
  • Adam Grey
  • Elias (EG his mark) Gerlack
  • christ Gerlack
  • Libs (FG his mark) Gerlack
  • Daniel Petri
  • Ackes Von Schlecks
  • Dierick Petri
  • Derrick (DH his mark) Horning
  • Kasper (KL his mark) Leyb
  • Henry Merket, Jr
  • Johannes Merkey, Jr.
  • Henrick Hauck
  • Pitter Hauck
  • Adam (AW his mark) Walrath
  • Jacob (X his mark) Von Dewercke
  • Illegible
  • Adam (X his mark) VonDewercke
  • Ludwich (LT his mark) Kran
  • William Nelles
  • Jerry Klock, Senior
  • Henrick Windecker
  • John Jacob Del
  • Henrick Nelles
  • Adolph Walorath
  • Frederick (FD his mark) Bellinger
  • Philips Sterberger
  • Conrad Kib
  • Libs Bellinger
  • Aberhan Lansing
  • John Klock Jr.
  • Henry Wolrad
  • Jost Petri, Jr.

We are indebted to Lt. L. F. Bellinger of Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Va. for a blueprint made from the original application. This shows the autograph signatres of the early pioneers of this section who made application for the land between the two Canada Creeks and 25 miles back from the river, afterwards (1769) awarded to Sir William Johnson and his colleagues and known as "The Royal Grant". This splended territory was the bone of contention between Sir William Johnson and the "Dutch" (Palatine) settlers of this part of the valley for over twenty years and the various stages of the controversy, and covered carefully by Milo Nellis in articles. The original document is of value because of the signatures of so many pioneers whose names are familiar in history and the family annals.

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