Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

With an account of the lost child of the Delaware: Wheaton and the Panther, &c.
Thanks to Willis Barshied Jr. for the donation.

Go little trait of that eventful war.
When freemen won the day with many a scar,
Add a brief page to your country's fame,
Earn'd on fields of blood, when Britain came
To crush the foliage of that beautious tree,
The holy emblem of a nation free.
Truth is better than Fiction.
Printed by Hoffman and White,
No. 71 State Street 1836.


Engraving of massacre near Beaver Dam, family of Jonanas Deitz. Use your back button to return to this page.
The Captive boys of Rensselaerville.
The feats and intrepidity of Colonel Harper.
The escape of Cowley and Sawyer from the Indians.
The escape of the British Indians when Burgoyne was taken.
The escape of McKean's scouting party in Otsego County.
The story of the Hessian woman in the camp of Burgoyne.
The escape of McKean's Scouting Party in Otsego County
The five prisioners of Brandt at the Massacre of Cherry Valley.
The wonderful preservation of Mrs. Moore, when a prisoner among the Indians.
The lost Child of the Delaware.
Wheaton and the Panther.
La Fayette and the Indian girl of Illinois.
The conlict for life between three Indians and one White man.

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