Three Rivers
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 13. _Hendrick (Clock) (3)

B not found. M Anna Yung (Young) 1-7-1762 (Dut Ref Ch S A Palatine Dis't ???record.

In his father's (Honorich, Jr.'s) will, Hendrick was given "150 acres of land, part of 100 acres where Johannes has 50 acres" but, to quote further "my son Henry must havs his to take at what end lie will and my son Johannes must give him a transport, if desired, in my part of the patent in company with George Clock, Wilm Helles & others situate & lying in the south side of the Mohawk river".

Finding in the records of the Dut Ref Ch of St. Johnsville, the children of Johann George (George H.) and wife Margaretha, H L C W recognized the names of Samuel, her grandfather and his brothers and sisters, all of whom lived around Monroeville, Ohio, having come there by oxcart from Madison Co., N.Y. in 1817, with their parents. So the descent from the first Hendrick was finally established for H L C W through Honorich, Jr. (2), Hendrick (3), Johann George (George H.) (4), to Samuel (5), her grandfather who m Maria Vrooman, dau of Martin Vrooman, of the Mohawk Valley Vroomans, and his wife Nancy Van Vechten Vrooman, dau of Anthony Van Vechten, Major in Col. Jacob Klock's 2nd Reg't Tryon Co. N.Y. State Militia 1775-1784, and his wife, Margaret Fonda, dl--u of Giles Fonda, who served as Adjt., 2nd Battalion of Palatine in Tryon Co. Reg't under Col. Jacob Klock, 1775.


57.I. Anna b 5-16-1763

58.II. Johann George (George H.)**

59.III. Johannes b 8-20-1768 Sprs: Johannes Klock, Jr.and wife Catharine

 17. Jacob, JR (3).

B 4-22-1770 d previous to 1798. S 0 K records m Anna Hess, ( Mr. Nellis isn't convinced that Anna Hess was the wife of Jacob, Jr.) Letter to H L C W 11-28-1951). M 9-27-1770 Dut Ref Ch S A


60.1. Eva bp 8-9-1761 (Mr. Prindles's record) m 100 Christian Klock (b 3-29-1776).

61.11.Anna m Rev. John H. Dysslin (minister at Palatine, N.Y.) 9-2-1791 (Ref Dut Ch F P record).


61 A. Ann Catharine b 1793 m Robert Nellis

ch: SURNAME NELLIS 61 A a (I) James Dysslin b 7-14-1826

m Amanda Lepper (b 4-6-1847)

61 A a (II) Milo * b 12-18-1876 m l. Luella Snell (b 1-24-1876 d 4-22-1901)

ch: 61 A a (KK) I Alton b 1899 d 1899; 61 A a (II) II Marian b 3-13-1901 m Ross Dewitt Dixon ch: SURNAME DIXON 61 A a (II) II l. Nancy Jean b 10-19-1927; 61 A a (II) II 2. Enid Nellis b 6-10-1931. M 2. Sara jornigan of Norfolk, Va. ( b 2-9-1879); dau of Isaac P. and Sara (Nicholson) Jernigan. Ch: 61 A a (II) III Alice Byrd b 2-19-1918; 61 A a (II) IV John Davis b 8-13-1919. 61 A a (III) Orley; 61 A a (IV) Sanford both d in infancy.

* ( Record from Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America Vol. VII issued in 1942 by the Institute of American Genealogy, 4075 Dearborbn Street, Chicago, Ill.)

The home of Mr. Nellis, east of St. Johnsville, N.Y. overlooks the Mohawk River Valley.

61 B.Jacob

61 C .Elizabeth b 1797 m 146 Christopher (called also Christofel) Klock 6-7-1818, ch under his name.

61 D.John H. Jr.

61 F.Anna

 18. Adam (3)

b 1731 m Caty Seeber


62. 1. Adam J. **

63. 11. Catharine

64. 111. Samue1

65. IV. Jacob Adam**

 21. Johann Jost ( John J.) (3)

 b 10-31-1741 d 12-28-1810 (0 P C) m Catharine Fultz (b 9-11-1748 d 3-18-1813) 12-2-1766.

Mr. Prindle's record states the Johann Jost will was dated 12-27-1810 and probated January 1811 and that Catharine was probably Anna Catharine for on two receipts (F K P) she is referred to as Widow Nancy Klock.

From Ulster Book (F 9 X; m 697 F) in W R H Sa Lib Cleveland, 0. "The will of John J. Klock of Town of Oppenheim, Montgomery Co., N.Y. wife Catharine sons Jacob &, Honjost Lot No. 67 in Klock's Patent: to son John, Jr. 6 acres N E side of Canady Creek: to son Henry west side of Canady Creek: to son Honjost Lot No.11."

The genealogy of the Klock family in the library of the State of New York in Albany, states that John J. resided at "Old Fort Klock" and was second in possession of the property and with his wife is buried in the "Ft. Klock" burial plot, on the farm which is located about a half mile north of the "Old Fort". (It must be remembered that the old stone house which still stands, though a ruin, was called the "Ft. Klock" of the Revolution but was not that fort which was the home of Col. Jacob Klock).

John J. like many other Mohawk Valley Dutchmen waa never given the prominence he deserved, as he played no unimportant part in the affairs of the Tryon Co., N. Y, Committee of Vigilance in the Palatine Dis't as is shown in Simms Frontiersmen of N.Y.: Quote: "on the 18th day of August 1775, Christian Nellis, WM. Fox, Jr. & John James Klock appeare before the Tryon Co. Committee of Vigilance and at the 21st meeting held on the 25th day of August, 1775 were accepted as members". In the general organization of the Tryon Co. Militia, 2nd Battalion, Palatine, Col. Jacob Klock commanding, John J. is listed as lst Lieut. In the 2nd Co. with Christopher Fox as Capt. This was 8-26-1775.


66. I. Jacob I.**

67. II. Margaret b 9-18-1769 d 11-22-1834 m John W. Nellis, son of Wm. Nellis, pioneer. No Ch.

68. III. Catharine b 11-13-1771 d 1853 m John Devendorf

Ch: SURNAME DEVENDORF 68 A. Daniel; 68B. Caty; 68C. Adam; 68 D. John D.

69. IV. John J. Jr. **

70. V. Henry I. **

71. VI. Dorothy b 1775 d 1777

72. VII. John Joseph b 10-13-1780 m Mary Rouse 12-15-1801 Dut Ref Ch St. Johnsville, N. Y. Records Mary's funeral 2-6-1850 d at 67 yrs.

73. VIII. Elizabeth b 10-11-1782

74. IX. Adam J. **

75. X. Daniel b 2-5-1788 d before 1835 m 103 Polly (4) Klock, widow of John M. Devoe.

 23. Jacob Joh (Jacob I.) (3)

 b 10-17-1745 d 2-22-1828 m 33 Anna G. (3), Old George's dau (b 2-15-1752 d 10-17-1804). Both bur in "Old Klock" cemetery.


76. I. Catharine b 1771 d 1853

77. I. Magdalena b 1772 d 1826

78. III John J. b 1774 d 1857

79. IV. Margaret b 1776 d 1859

80. V. Nancy b 1777 d 1836 m 113 George G. Klock, Jr. Ch under his name.

81. VI. Jacob J. ** b 1779 d 1851

82. VII. Augustus b 1782 d 1855

83 VIII. Maria (Polly b 5-3-1785 d 8-25-1834 m Jacob A. Walrath, Jr.

84. IX. George J. **

 24. Henrich Johannes (3), known as Henry

b 9-7-1749 d in Herkimer 6-21-1810 bur in Oak Hill cemetery, Herkimer (E & N 9-18-135). m Marie Margaretha Waggoner (b 1-26-1755 d 9-18,1836), dau of Lt. Col. Johan Petrie & Barbara Elizabeth (Dockstader) Waggoner.(E & N 11-6-'47)

Soldier of the Revolution in Col. Jacob Klock's Reg't, the 2nd TryonCo., N.Y. State Militia.

Henry owned 2 farms in Little Falls, N.Y. A Henry about this timewas director of building of octagonal Ch in Little Falls, N.Y. in 1796.

Herkimer Co. N.Y. book in WRHS Lib Cleveland, 0. pub 1856 gives other directors of building of octagonal Ch as Wm. Girvan and John Dygert.

Henry and Maria Margaretha lived on the Turnpike two miles west of Little Falls.


85. I. Peter**

86. II. Johann Jost (Joseph)

87. III. Margaretha b 1782 (?) d before 1873 (will of sister Nancy)

m Frederick Casler, a grandson of John Jacob Casler, the original patentee of Lot 45 near Rankin's Look about two miles above Little Falls on the Mohawk River. Frederick and Margaretha lived on the Casler homestead (1896 letters of John R. Webster, of Omaha, Neb. to Wm. . Webster and in possession of Marie Lyle, Paso Robles, Calif.) ( W B C).


87 A. Abram b 1801 lived in West Central, N.. Y.

87 B. Elizabeth b 9-8-1803 m her first cousin 90 B. Isaac H. Keller (b in Manheim. 10-10-1807)

87 C. Isaac b. 1805

87 D. Catharine b 1807

87 E. Henry b 1809

87 F. Mary b 1811 m ---- Mingall of Little Falls.

87 G. Delia b 1-29-bp 3-18-1818 Sprs: Petro Glock and wife Anna (G F) m --- King of Oneida, Y.Y.

87 H. Jacob b 8-6-1820 Spr: Margaret Klock of Herkimer, m Gertrude-----.

88. IV. Johannes**

89. V. Elizabeth b 8-8-1786 d 5-10-1843 m 4-6-1806 Jacob Helmer, son of Geo. Helmer (b 2-25-1778 d 1839 bur Columbia Cemetery, Herkimer Co., N.Y.)


89A. Margaret b 4-5-1807

89B. Chauncey b 4-18-1810 d 4-7-1831

89C. Maria Catharine (or Mary Jane) b 7-18-bp 8-30-1812 Sprs: Eva Helmer and Rob't Klock (un m)

89D. Caroline b 4-3-1814 d 4-13-1814 Sprs: John and Margaret Helmer Klock

89E. George Henry b 6-23-1817

89 E. Elizabeth b 6-25-1819 m Chauncey Granger of Little Falls

89 G. Jacob Adam b 6-25-1824 d 1-4-1839

89 H. Bianca b 2-25-1829 d May 1893

90. VI. Barbara Elizabeth b 2-10-1788 d 7-8-1850 m 1. Henry Keller 3-13-1804, son of Henry Keller of Reimenschneider's Bush, Herkimer. Witnesses Petro F. Bellinger and Jacoba Weber.


90 A. Betsy b 1-9-1805 m Joseph Ritter

90 B. Isaac H. b in Manheim 10-10-1807 d Evans Mills 10-13-1885 m his cousin 87 B. Elizabeth Casler


90 B a. Fredericka

90 C. Matthew b 5-15-1809 m Katy Zimmerman

Barbara Elizabeth m 2. Benjamin Stahring 8-3-1812. Removed to Evans Mills and Lowville, N.Y.


90D. Philo b 1813

90 E. Pamelia b 1814 m Joseph Petrie

90 F. Maria b 1817 m 1. Benjamin Van Brocklin m 2. ---Charles

90 G. Peter b 1820 m Margaret Hepp

90 H. Barbara b 5-19-1823 m Chauncey Miller

90 I. Margaret b 4-3-1825 m Harvey Diller of Minden, Y.Y.

91 VII. Magdalena b in German Flats 10-26-1789 bp 11-27-1789 Sprs: Johannes Joh Petrie and Lena J. (Diet) Petrie (G F pg 141)

m 8-4-1811 Jacobus Huber (Jacob Hoover, Jr.)


91 A. Moses of Little Falls

92. VIII. Robert **

93. IX. Catherine m Peter Eisemann (E & N 9-30-'36)


93 A. Henry b 7-16-bp Aug 1806 Sprs: Parents

93 B. Catharine m----Rasbaech of Herkimer: Ref. D. Ch Herkimer

93 C. John of Little Falls, N.Y.

93 D. Sanford of Little Falls, N.Y.

94. X. Nancy b 10-23-1794 d 8-12-1874 Will dated Aug 31st 1873 filed in records of the Historical Society, Rochester (W B C).m 1. --- Evans m 2. John Snyder of Rochester (E & N 9-30-156).

28. Jacob G. (3)

b 3-9-1738 d 9-10-1814 m 1. Hannah (Anna) Nellis, dau of Christian Nellis, Pioneer, and wife Barvalis Klock rellis 4-7-1763. m 2. Maritje Beekman (b 1-16-1748 d 5-3-1836) 9-30-1784, dau of Cornelius Beekmnan, son of Wm., who came to America with Peter Styvesant and helped settle New Amsterdam which later became Yew York City. (From Joseph G. Klock letters, copies of which are in W R Hist Soc Lib in Cleveland). Judge Jacob G. Klock represented the St. Johnsville section of New York state during the Revolution and was a member of the first State Senate.


95. I. Margaretha b 3-29 bp Apr 1764 Sprs: Margaretha Klockin and Adam Nellis (both unm (S A 46).

96. II. Anna b 6-6-bp 6-8-1766 Sprs: 33 Anna G. Klock and Johannes Walrad, Jr. (S A 65).

97. III. Johann George b 7-25-bp 7-31-1769-8 Sprs: George Klock and wife Margaretha (S A 88) m 10-23-1791 Catharine Nellis (b 1772 d 1841) Ch: 4 sons and a dau

98. IV. Magdalena (Lana)**

99. V. Catharine (called Katie) b 3-30-bp 4-4-1770 Sprs: Henrich Walrath and wife Catharine (S A) m Ashbel Loomis 9-8-1815 d May 1831 leaving 5 ch. Ashbel m 2. 7-5-1832 Juliana Washburn from Mass.

100. VI Christian b 3-29-1776 m Eva, 2 daus by second wife.

101. VII. John Beekman**

102. VIII. Benjamin **

103. IX. Polly m 1. John M. Devoe 2-16-1820 (d 1-5-1822) Ch: SURNAME DEVOE

103 A Matilda b 2-8-1821 m 2. 75 Daniel 2-27-1825 (b 1788) m 3. Daniel March 11-12-1835 (b 3-12-1796 d 1868).

104. X. Cornelius**

105. XI. Elizabeth (Betsy) m fall of 1832

106 XII. Wm b 1790 d 1806 (Mr. Nellis)

29. George G. (3)

b 11-1-2-1742 d 7-26-1834 m Catharine Bellinger (b 9-16-1748 d 7-11-1827) 7 or 8-10-1766, dau of Johan Jost and Sophie Lawyer Bellinger. Both bur in the family plot on the Silbert Klock farm in St. Johnsville and "can be noted by their tombstones therein".

George G. was born and lived all his life in the house built in 1760 by his father, 6 Old Geroge (2) and all his ch were born there. George G. had five sons and seven daus who reached maturity and had families ( E & N 7-1-'36). When he died he had ten living ch, five sons and five daus, eight grand ch and eighty-one great grand ch. (E & N. 7-1-'36). He was a pvt in the reg't of his uncle 3 Col. Jacob Klock (2) and as such undoubtedly saw much service in the Revolution. He inherited much of his father's estate and became known as one of the wealthiest land owners in Central New York.


107. I. Joseph G. **

108. II. Sophia Bellinger ( 2nd wife of Conrad Helligas of st. Johnsville, N.Y.)

109. III. Catharine b 1-13-bp 1-21-1772 d in infancy

110. IV. Eva m Peter Walrath of Palatine

111. V. John Bellinger **

112. VI. Elizabeth m J. I.D. Nellis

113. VII. George G. Jr. **

114. VIII. Margaret d before 1845

115. IX. Peter b 7-3-1784 d 9-10-1841. Bur on the Silbert Klock farm plot.

116. X. Mary b 1-1-1788 d before 1845

117. XI. Catharine b 1790 m Henry P. Cline (Kline) of Oppenheim, Fulton Co., N. Y. 8 ch.

118. XII. Jacob G., called Jr. to distinguish him from his uncle, the Judge.

36 John (3)

b 1764 d 4-11-1816 m Appolonia Keeler (or Keller) (d 1-6-1836) who had a crippled hand as a result of having been struck with an Indian tomahawk at her former home in the Mohawk Valley during the Revolution. John was one of the sons of Conrad who with Conrad founded Clockville, N.Y. He settled on Lot No. 10 just west of the village. ch:

119. I. Polly b 8-29-1784 d 5-19-1851 m. Rev. Silas Spaulding

120. II. George **

121. III. Maria m John J. Young who with his brother-in-law John Clock bought Lot No. 43 in the Town of Hastings, N.Y. Family bur in Central Square, N. Y. ch: SURNAME YOUNG

121 A. John

121B. Frank

122. IV. Christian

123. V. Peter**

124. VI. John v 1799 d 5-11-1822 at Central Square, N.Y. m Lydia

125. VII. Lana b 1801 d 10-25-1859 m. John P. Yerton, early store keeper, b 1790, son of Nicholas & Catharine (Hufnail) Yerton. Ch: SURNAME YERTON

125 A. John C.

125 B. Joseph H.

125C. Peter

125 D. Paul

126. VIII. Adam**

127. IX. Betsy b 1804 d 4-28-1866 m Jacot Ratnour (b 1803 d 11-7-1879). Most of this family bur at Wampsville, N. Y. Ch: SURNAME RATNOUR

127 A. Austin b 1825 d 12-8-1895

127 B. George b 1829 d 1-17-1867

127 C. Eliza b 1831

127 E. Wm. J. B 1836

128. X. Henry **

129. XI. Conrad **

130. XII. Peggy m John Riemensnyder (later changed to Snyder) d prior to 1827 when their sons sold their interest in the John (3) farm to their uncles Adam and Henry. Ch. SURNAME RIEMENSNYDER

130 A. John, Jr. b 1832 m Nancy b 1821

Ch: 130 A a. Matilda b 1844; 130 A b Jane b 1847; 130 A c Daniel b 1852; 130 A d Martin b 1855; 130 A e Malvina b 1858.

37. Joseph (3)

Veteran of 2nd Reg't Tryon Co. N. Y- Militia- With his sons John and Joseph, Jr. settled on Lot No. 18 on which the east part of the village of Clockville is situated. He sold out in 1824 and removed to Town of Hastings, Oswego Co. N. Y. In explanation of the use of Town of: Mr. J. Elet Milton of Brewerton, N. Y. offers, "In this state (N.Y.) the counties are divided into what are known as Towns, tracts of territory perhaps some ten miles square, each with its supervisor and justices of peace making the town board for administrative purposes. Hastings is Town of Oswego Co., just across the river from Brewerton, in the town of Cicero, Onondaga Co. Hastings is tho name of a hamlet some ten miles north of Brewerton. Whenever the name Klock is associated with Hastings, it is usually with the Town of Hastings".


131. I. John I. (or J.)**

132. II. Joseph, Jr. **

133. III. Peggy m Elijah Rouse

58. Conrad, Jr . (3).

m Karia Carish. In 1823 Conrad, Jr. deeded the farm left to him by his father to his brother 39 Adam (3)


134. I. Joseph went to Oswego, N.Y. (Tuttle) Albany records show as ch of Conrad, Jr. only:

135. II. John C. **

136. III. Benjamin m Mary b 1840 d 7-8-1862 bur Hastings, N. Y.

137. IV. Conrad

138. V. Nancy m a Snyder

139. VI. Barbara

44. Frederick (3)

b 9-24-1771 bp 10-1-1771 Spr: Johann Frederick Bellinger (S A Dut Ref Ch record). M Magdalena Klock.


140. I. Anna b or bp 7-3-1791

141. II. Robert b 9-2-1792 Sprs: George and Catharine Klock.

45. Catharine (3)

b in Tryon Co., N. Y. 1773. A real daughter of the Revolution, actually under fire. d 1853 at the home of her son Levi in Cleveland, 0. Bur in Erie St. Cemetery in Cleveland, later removed to Highland cemetery. m Loadwick Bauder, * soldier in Col. Jacob Klock's Reg't, 2nd Tryon Co., N.Y. State Militia and fought at Oriskany under Herkimer 1777. Also in War of 1812.

* Record of the Bauder family and of Catharine's experiences at the home of her father 9 Honjost (John Joseph) (3) during the Revolution are found in "Early Pioneer Families of Cleveland 1796 to 1840", in the Cleveland Public Library. This record and the family record of Catharine

and Loadwick are given by 45 A g (IV) Ray J. Bauder, great grandson of Catharine and Loadwick.


45 A. Michael

ch: 45 A a. Henry b 10-11-1833. Went on a whaling voyage and neve returned.

45 A b. Hiram Greenman b 12-25-1834

45 A c. Eliza Jane b 5-3-1836

45 A d. Seymour Monroe b 4-2-1838 d 10-12-1904 in Indian Territory (then called), now Oklahoma.

45 A e. Julia Ann b 3-3-1840 d 3-4-1864 m Chas. E. Kidney 12-26-1857

45 A f. Marie Antoynette b 9-22-1842 d 1910 in Montgomery Gould 8-2-1863

45 A g. Joseph Sidney b 10-3-1852 d 12-2-1909. Was Locomotive Engineer on 20th Century Limited, New York Central train out of Cleveland, 0. m Jennie Thomas 11-17-1875

ch: 45 A g(I) Bertha b 9-23-1876 m 2-3-1901 ---- Mowen. Live in McAllen, Tex. (1952)

45 A g (II) Robert lived 1 da.

45 A g (III) Maude Irene b 5-11-1881 d 7-4-1945

m 1. Richard Kinney Cuthbert 10-12-1905


45 A g (III) IRichard Bauder b 10-7-1907

m 2. John Perry 3-6-1923. Live in McAllen, Tax. 45 A g (IV) Ray J. b 6-1-1834 m 1. Nell Freese

11-71-1905. Divorced

ch: 45 A g (IV) I Helen Blanche b 4-19-1907 m Jack John 5-24-1932

M2. Helen Engert 9-1-1927. Live 17915 Landseer Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 45 A g (V) Harriet Gertrude b 2-7-1887 m Harry W. Allen 10-10-1906.


45 A g (V) I Harry Raymond b 10-6 -1910 m Virginia Briggs 11-28-1935,

ch: 45 A g (V) I A Dorothy Edythe Belle m 6-3-1935Herman Jandt ch: SURNAME JANDT

45 A g (V) I A l Barbara H. b 9-1-1956.

45 A g (VI) Edith Cornelia b 9-22-1895 m George W. Norrick 9-15-1924. Lived in New Canaan., Conn., later with Mowen family in McAllen, Tex.


45 A g (VI) I Edythe Jane b 6-17-1924

45 A g (VI) II George H. R. b 2-3-1926

45 A g ( VI) III Joe Luther b 5-7-1928 45 A h. Hattie Chaplin b 8-21-1857 d 5-20-1903 m John W. Gill 6-16-1875

45 B.Charles

45 C. Levi m Eliza Phillips dau of Rev. Wm, and Elizabeth (Prior) Phillips.


45 C a. Levi 1840 Civil War Veteran, Sgt- Co. B 7th Reg't O V I: Was Cuyahoga Co. Ohio Auditor 1877 to 1883 and Justice of the Peace for fifteen years.

45 C b.Andrew b 1842 Civil War Veteran, 103rd 0 V I un m d1880

45 0 C. Silas b 1850 Patent Attorney and inventor. Clerk of Erie-Co, Ohio six years.

45 C d. Martha B. . m W. H. Kennedy


45 C d (I)_Frank . Lived on old Euclid Ave. plank road east of what is now Ivanhoe Rd, Cleveland, Ohio.

Note: A manuscript written about 1887 by Ezra Bauder (b 1825), son of Edson Bauder, lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, states that he, Ezra, knew Loadwick and Catharine Bauder and Loadwick's brother George and that George and Loadwick m sisters, children of 8 Honjost (John Joseph) (2). George m 46 Mary.

56. George I. (4)

b 1-30-bp 2-9-1766 Sprs: George Getman and Otilia, (S A) d ~-31-1850 Bur on father' s farm but body later removed to Ingham's Mills cemetery. m Barbara Bauder (b 7-13-1765 G F record , d 7-15-1842 Dt Ref Ch record). Barbara was dau of :Melchior and Barbara Beyers Bauder. m date 1-6-1784 (Dut Ref Ch G F).

George I. was crippled from boyhood. He drove a team of horses which drew supplies to the Regular Army at the Battle of Saratoga. He was born in Stone Arabia and witnessed the horrors of war as practiced by Indians and Tories like (S 0 K)- He served in the War of 1812.


142. I. Magdalena b 7-10-1786 . Rob't Kennedy (S 0 K)

143. II. John G. ** (recorded Johann George)

14 4. III Johann b 3-14-1791 Sprs: Melchoir Bauder and wife Barbara (Dut Ref Ch S A Palatine Dist't)

145. XV. George G. I. **

146. V. Christopher**

147. VI. Henrich b 1-31-1796 Sprs: John and Catharine Eisenloard (Dut Ref Ch S A).

148. VII Henry G. **

149. VIII. Margaret b 1800 (Mr. Prindle's record gives Margaret as having m. Robert Kennedy).

150. IX. Thomas b 4-30-1803 Sprs: Leonard Bater and wife Marie Nellis. (S. A.)

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