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A Family History donated by: Harry Windecker

Hartman's family.

Hartman probably raised two families, One born of Anna Catharina Birx, and the second, born of Barbara Elisabetha Bellinger. Not much is known of the former family, with minor exceptions. Jurgen Windecker, and spouse appears in Schoharie County church records in the 1740s, long after Hartman departed the area. The relationship of Jurgen to Hartman has not been established. The name Anna Catherina Windecker also remained in Schoharie for at least one generation after Hartman departed.

The Simmendinger Register reports that Hartman, Barbara, and five children resided in Schmidt's dorf or New Annesbury in 1718. Based on the earlier census information and recorded births of Johann Georg and Johann Henrick, one additional child is indicated. The family's reported location at Schmidt's dorf indicates that Hartman either lost his land at Hartman's dorf to the seven partners, or his name was incorrectly placed in the Register, because Hartman's dorf was still listed at that time. The five children likely included Henrich (1711) and Georg (1715), Anna Catherina (1704) and Johann Henrich (1708) and/or Jurgen. Other children were not known as of this date, although it is possible that Maria Windecker was born around 1717-18, as neither record of birth nor her relative age has been established. Other members of his family were apparently born later, in Schoharie, or in the Mohawk Valley. Barbara was 19 at the time of her marriage to Hartman. Therefore, it is unlikely that she had offspring from a previous marriage, as this also conforms to the 1712 census at East Camp and West Camp.

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