Wednesday, June 1, 1892

We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John got the bay horses ready and dragged the head lands for potatoes. He then dragged the corn ground. Kaine & I planted potatoes while he was dragging. Then we sowed barley on the corner that was wet. Then we went to marking the corn ground. John put on some pig manure in the afternoon. Kaine and Blowers helped til supper time. I went over to Fred's and got him to come with his drill. He put in our peas and the sowed corn. I helped him. We finished up at supper time. He would not take any pay. I gave Fred one Cooney collar, a good one. After supper, John and I planted corn. John's wife & Charles' wife milked in our places.

In the morning, I got Mother's horse ready, old Lill & the old buggy. She took Carrie to the Falls to go to the Synod. Then she went to Utica to do some trading. I let her have $5 & Carrie $10. 1 paid John for 2 settings of eggs, which he got at Loucks's for 35 cents. Mother got home before dark. Fred's drill did not sow the corn very well. It thundered & lightninged very sharp in the night and rained very hard.

Thursday, June 2, 1892

Today was very pleasant & warm. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, the boys took care of the horses and set out some new berry bushes. Then they marked out the balance of the corn field and went to manuring it in hills. I did some writing, then helped the boys. It started raining about noon which stopped us for awhile but we kept at the manure all day till milking. Charles planted corn all afternoon. After milking, Kaine & I made and planted 8 hills of cucumbers. It rained most all night. We used all the hog manure in the corn. While we were loading the manure, we found a nest of rats. We killed 9 young ones & saw the old one. I turned black Fanny out last night.

Friday, June 3, 1892

The weather was rainy & bad today. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John took Nellie and the colt down in the sheep pasture. Kaine made a double chicken coop for the baby chicks. I went in search of a place to wash the sheep and found Windecker's bull in our pasture. He went back but had one of our cows with him. Our bull went over also but came back soon. John sorted some potatoes. Fred & Floyd Goodell came here to get their pig but I had taken him home. Kaine bought 4# of butter for 68 cents.

Saturday, June 4, 1892

Today was rainy & bad, and the roads are very bad. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John & Mike sorted and took the sprouts off the potatoes that we want to keep to eat. Then we planted 12 rows of corn. Then it began to rain. The boys tinkered around in the afternoon. Blowers worked at the wagon box. I took old Lill & the buggy and went to the Falls. Cora went down with me and took a painting lesson from Cora Middlebrook. I took down 6 dozen eggs, and let Buskirk have 2 doz. at 16 cents, no pay. The Cooperative store took 4 doz. at 15 cents paid. I got the 2 gallon jar from W. Tefft to fill with butter. Edic & Buskirk gave me 2 gallon jars for butter. I got a statement of our account at Silliman's & find our charge to be $80.15 and our credit to be $81.01. I got 1 quart of berries 17 cents, 1 quart onions 10 cents, 2# crackers 20 cents, & 2 cucumbers 10 cents. I had it put on our bill. I got 1 bottle gargling oil for $1, and got 50 clams for 36 cents. I learned that I was given a judgment against Pickert for $105.69. Mrs. Blowers milked in my place.

Sunday, June 5,1892

The weather today was rainy and bad. We all did chores. We were all at home till evening when Cora took old Lill & the buggy. She drove down to Alex Goodell's. Charlie Blowers & his wife took Jess & the phaeton and went away some where. John Cashmer had company today, a man by the name of Dineen & his wife. We tried the cheese & find them to be very nice. The cheese weighed today 112 1/2# green from 1081# milk.

Monday, June 6, 1892

Today was very hot and looked like rain but it did not rain. We all did chores. After breakfast, I got ready & went to the Falls with the bay team & the platform wagon. I took 12 cheese: one 45# cheese to Youker, paid; one to VanAlstyne $3.87 paid; and one cheese to P. House, $3.87 paid. I took 392# in 9 boxes to Stacy, not paid, no price made. I took a piece of cheese along that was out & sold it to Will Bellinger for $1. I let the Cooperative Store have a large jar of butter 20 1/2# at 17 cents = $3.48 pd. I got a set of seat springs from S. & Skinner & paid 95 cents. I took them to Tefft's to use. I paid the horse bill & my dinner, 40 cents. I paid W. Loucks the interest on his note of $200 to May 8th, 1892, $20.88 cash. I also paid $3.12 for oats. Before this, I got 3 bags of paragon for $2.55. 1 paid Fuller in full my old bill for grinding, 63 cents. I paid for beef, wine and iron medicine, 50 cents. I paid C. Benedict 75 cents for fixing the spring on the buggy. I got 2 new cheese hoops for $5, B. & Co., Indian head for press cloth, 19 cents I paid J.E. Gage $2.20 for feed charged to John, 2 hundred pounds.

Tuesday, June 7, 1892

The weather is very warm and pleasant but the roads are still very bad. Mrs. Blowers milked in my place. We all did chores in morning. After breakfast, I got ready, took the colt and the cart and went to the Falls. I showed the colt to D. T. Lamb & son. They thought that she was too small for their use. I put her in the barn, had her harness fixed, and paid Cooney 35 cents. I settled with him and find his due $1.05. I settled with C. Benedict and his due was $5.49 from our old account. I tried to settle with Ladue but could not. I got screws for the wagon box from Burney Brother's for 38 cents. John Cashmer and his family and Mike Kaine and his family took the bay team and went to Miss Conner's funeral. I paid my horse bill of 10 cents. I saw the Judge and he settled on the appointments of Windecker and Rice for the appraisers on Herman's property. He agreed to get out the notices soon. Blowers made cheese and worked at the wagon box a little.

Wednesday, June 8, 1892

The weather was very hot with indications of rain. Mrs. Blowers milked for me. We fixed fence around the sheep pasture & cleaned ditches. We all did chores in morning. After breakfast, we cleaned the shed overhead and sowed the seed on the meadows on the thin places. We also dug some liveforever. Then we cleaned the cow barn all through. We drew away some old stuff from the kettle & from bridges. We generally cleaned up around the yard. Kaine took black Fannie and the phaeton. He went after J. Madigan to do some plastering and some mason work but he would not come.

In the afternoon, we built a dam down in Burrell's creek and took the sheep down and washed them. Blowers helped and then we brought them back. We fixed up under the barn so they could not get under it. We came up for milking, then. After supper, I took the bay team & the platform wagon and went to the Falls to get our mail. I also got 10# of lime for Kaine to whitewash. I went up to Silvernail's and got 5 pigs. I paid $10.00 for them. Mother took old Lill & the buggy and went down to Uncle Will's to spend the day. I got back in fair season.

Friday, June 10, 1892

Today was very hot but pleasant. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, I got ready & took black Fanny & the buggy and went to the Falls. I got a pair of sheep shears for $1 and paid S. & Skinner for them. I took butter to W. Tefft 19 1/2# at 18 cents = $3.51. He said he would pay me for it next Monday.

I got followers for 2 new hoops at Burrell's. I paid the horse bill of 10 cents. I saw the Judge as he was on his way to Herkimer & he agreed to get out the notices of appraisement and make the appointment of the appraisers. I got home in time for dinner.

The boys were shearing the sheep in the afternoon. I helped shear. We got 4 out and fooled around awhile then. Blowers, after the cheese was done, took the bay team and the roller. He rolled awhile on the sowed corn. Then he & his wife got ready and went away. John's wife milked in Charlie's place. We had to look after the milk.

J. Fahey came here after our team to scrape the road with. I agreed to send him one team. Mother Bellinger was very sick. Will came after Cora to help take care of her.

Saturday, June 11, 1892

The weather was very nice today. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, Kaine & I drove all of the sheep & lambs in the pasture down by the liveforever. Then I got old Lill & the buggy ready. I went to the Falls by way of Mother Bellinger's. She was better. I took a jar of butter to Jack Barry 8# net at 18 cents = $1.62 & got no money. I took 1 jar to Edic 18 1/2# at 18 cents = $3.33, no pay. I took 12 1/2 dozen eggs to Sellman at 15 cents, got the money $1.88. 1 had Lill shod forward charged it at Tefft's, had the buggy fixed and paid Benedict 25 cents. I paid Casler 25 cents for butter cloths. I had dinner 25 cents. My horse bill was 10 cents. I went up to Garlines & had old Lill served again. I exchanged Kettles lambs, no difference. I ordered 1 load of cheese boxes at Ladue's for W. Keller. I got 53 yards of bandage from Burrell for him & had it charged. I got a letter from Carrie, letting me know when she'd be coming home. I answered it. I got a straw hat for 75 cents, paid. Kaine sowed some carrot seed after I went away. He also buried the old sheep that died last night. Then he caught Nell & her little colt. In the afternoon, Mike picked stone with Nell & Jess. John took both Fannies & went on the road with J. E. Windecker's team, scraping which made 1 day's work. I saw the Judge with the notices & the inventory sheet.

Sunday, June 12, 1892

Today was very pleasant but quite hot. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John caught the colt we'd been training and harnessed her for me. I did some writing & then took the colt & the buggy and went to Father Bellinger's. I found Mother Bellinger some worse. Mrs. W. A. Goodell, F. E. Bellinger & some others were there. I came home after supper in time to help milk. Charlie Blowers & his wife took Jess & the phaeton and went away about noon. They got back about 10 o'clock at night. They went a mile or so below Salisbury Corners.

Monday, June 13, 1892

The weather was very warm and pleasant. Hannah Kaine milked in my place in the morning. I took black Fanny as soon as I got up or 4 o'clock. I drove to Norway and served the notice of appraisement on my sister Ettie. I stopped in Fairfield on my return and posted 3 notices in Fairfield. I saw Harry Reed and he rode down with me. He helped me get ready for the village. I drove the bay team & the iron ex wagon. I returned the oil can to Gardinier. I had hitched the new warrior machine behind and took it down to sell at auction. I tried it but could not get a bid. Charlie Blowers came down about noon with the colt and the buggy. At night, I got him to hitch on the machine and draw it in the Grand Central yard. I then helped him get on 2 barrels of salt from Gage (paid $1.90) and 1 barrel of lime from Smith (paid $1.25). 1 saw the man from whom I bought the machine & he said the machine would not arrive till tomorrow.

I got the spring seat from Tefft and had Blowers take it home.

I sent a $10 draft to L. W. Beebe for a phaeton wagon & c. all account to date. I received from Edic $3.33 for butter in full to date. I paid for 25 cents for my dinner. My horse bill for 3 horses was 25 cents. I bought a sample box of cheese for 15 cents, 2 straw hats for Kaine's boys for $1.20. 1 paid Cooney in full to date $1.05. 1 paid Benedict in full to date $5.49. 1 gave $1 cash to Blowers. I paid Hannah Kaine in full to date for 2 days work $1. 1 received of Stacy $84.30 for 392# of cheese at 8 3/4 cents per pound. Carrie came on the 5:04 train and rode home with me. She has had nearly 2 weeks vacation. John & Kaine used the black team and picked stone all day. Tefft & Barry said that they would settle this week some time $3.51 & $1.62.

Tuesday, June 14, 1892

The weather was very nice today with some indications of rain. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, I got the bay mares ready & rolled all forenoon. John & Mike Kaine took Lill & black Fan and picked stone. Mike churned before picking stone. After dinner, Mike mowed the grass along the road where we were to scrape. John & I took the bay team and picked a load of stone. Then Blowers came out & rolled with the black team till Windecker's cheese maker came. They went to the house and stayed till milking time. John rolled & Mike & I picked stone. Service came & got Uncle Will's scraper. After supper, I milked 4 cows, then Mother & I got ready and went down to Father Bellinger's. We found Mother Bellinger improving. My mother is going to stay to help Cora care for her mother and the children. I drove the colt. She was lame part way. We took a pail of sauerkraut to Uncle Will. I measured the lever on the road machine & stopped at Fahey's to get a part for it. I came home about 11 o'clock and found H. B. Cole here.

Wednesday, June 15, 1892

Today's weather was very nice and dry with a nice breeze. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John took the bay mares & went after the scraper or the road machine. Kaine got Lill & black Fan harnessed and then raked up the hay along the road. I took the forward shoes off the colt. I then made a new lever for the road machine. All three of us used the machine with 2 teams. John got Lill & the buggy ready for his wife. She went to Little Falls & is coming back by way of Bellinger's. Mother is coming back with her. I took the scraper back & left it in Uncle Joel's pasture for him to use. In the afternoon, we got the rubbish away from the bridges. Then we fixed the gulf so that we could dump stones in it. After picking one load, I came up to write. John & Kaine picked stone all afternoon. Blowers took black Fan & cultivated his potatoes and then our corn. Mr. Morgan Reese came and got 16 bushels of barley at 75 cents per bushel. He agreed to pay for it on some Monday in the coarse of a couple weeks. S. Keyser came here to see the old road scraper. He thinks that he will send after it tomorrow to use on his road. T. H. Dapson sent his check to balance the rennet account of $6.50.

Thursday, June 16, 1892

The weather was pleasant till toward night when it rained. We all did chores. After breakfast, I did some writing. John took black Fanny & cultivated all day. In the forenoon, Kaine took the bay team & the truck wagon and picked stones off the road. I helped to take up the old chips and to finish the stone. We looked the red house over & then got the grass which was cut along the road.

In the afternoon, Mike Kaine cut the tanzy & the quack grass out of the potatoes. I took the bay team & the Petrie wagon & went to Eaton's after some lumber for the milk house. I could not get it as it was not ready. So I borrowed Eaton's wagon & brought a load of slatwood home. He gave it to me. J. H. Mang drove up there to see me about the cows or to pay for them. Keyser sent his team and Rice's team over after the old scraper. Charlie Blowers & his wife took old Lill & the buggy and went away in the afternoon. They got back in the night. They went 1 mile below Salisbury Corners. They said John's wife milked in Charlie's place. I didn't get home until after the night milking was done. J. W. T. was here in the evening to see Carrie.

Friday, June 17, 1892

Today was pleasant and warm with indications of rain. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John & Kaine got the horses cleaned, both teams, and harnessed them. John took the black team and got the plow. He got ready to draw dirt on the bridges. J. Fahey came after one team to work on the road. He went with the black team. I did some writing & churned the butter. Kaine took the bay team & drew 3 loads of dirt on the bridges. We unloaded the slab wood. I started for Eaton's after the lumber about 11 o'clock in the forenoon. When I got there, I left his wagon under his shed. He asked me to have dinner with him. After dinner, I helped plane 115 boards which measure 61 ft at $15.00 a thousand and one 18x8xl6 & four 3x8xl0. I got home at milking time. Carrie milked in my place. Brockett said that I might get some sand there for the cheese house wall. Mrs. Blowers brought over from Wiseman's 5 1/4# of bluefish. Kaine mowed the door yard today & cleaned up the barns. Blowers worked in the garden after the cheese was made. I did not pay for the lumber. I wrote a letter to J. H. Mang about the cows.

Saturday, June 18, 1892

The weather today was very nice all day. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John got the bay team ready & went to Eaton's after one 34 foot stick of 8x10 & one cedar post, a double length, 25 cents. After he came back, he helped Kaine pull caraway. Blowers made the cheese, then went home and hoed for himself. Kaine washed 2 wagons and then pulled caraway all day. J. W. Windecker & Joseph Rice came here to appraise the personal estate of my brother, Herman Kilts. I took black Fannie & the buggy and drove them to Salisbury to make an affidavit that they would do so impartially. We came back and looked over the instructions & began at once. They completed it with a few exceptions today as upon things now on hand. Sammy Wilson was here and took dinner with us. He took an account for the assessment from me & Windecker.

Ettie and the children came here today. She paid me $2.24 back on the old note and $1.16 on the new note. She gave me a new note for $70 and $5 in money. She also gave me $2 to hand to J. W. Thompson.

Sunday, June 19, 1892

Today was very nice all day long. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John put some medicine down Jess & got black Fan ready. John and his family went to church. Mrs. Blowers milked in his place. I raked grass in the yard & cocked it up. I got bay Fanny ready & the sidebar & took Mother to Fairfield to church. We came home at 2 o'clock. Jim Thompson & Carrie started for Houpt's in Newville. I helped milk and then took Jess & the sidebar & went down to Father Bellinger's. Mother Bellinger is much better but is not strong enough yet to take care of the house and the children. Cora said that she'd stay there and come home tomorrow, after she finished the washing. I got back home at about 10 o'clock. Herm Brockett came here & borrowed our cart & harness. I stopped on the way home & paid Wiseman 63 cents in full for the fish, which Mrs. Blowers had brought home.

Monday, June 20, 1892

The weather was quite gloomy with indications of rain. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, I got 3 jars of butter ready & boxed 21 cheese weighing 999#. McGuire bought 18 1/2# of butter at 18 cents = $3.33 paid. Flemming bought 11# of butter at 18 cents = $1.98 paid. Buskirk bought 17 3/4# at 18 cents, vinegar, and 5 1/2 dozen eggs in all $4.30, paid in full. Blowers & Kaine sent money with me for feed. I got it & gave the change back. I let Youker have 2 cheese 45# & 47# at 8 cents & let VanAlstyne have two, 39# &45# at 8 cents = $6.72 paid. Youker paid $7.36. I got 79 cents worth of stuff at Silliman's & paid him the difference in our credit or $2.30. 1 paid C. L. Ives 25 cents for acknowledgements of Windecker & Rice. I paid Gage $1 for some Middlings for myself, 5 cents to mend Carrie's slipper, and $1.40 for 40# of wire nails at the Grange Store. I bought some lemons from Youker for 25 cents. Silliman paid me $1.35 for my eggs. I got the new mowing machine and brought it home.

My wife drove up at night. Cora, Carrie, & I went to Fairfield for dinner - 75 cents & the horse feed, 40 cents. There was a good many there and we had a very good dinner.

Kaine got 3 3/4# of butter at 18 cents = 67 cents. Kaine took the old mare & the cultivator & cultivated his garden. Then he pulled caraway. John cultivated with black Fannie all day. Blowers hoed in his garden & let his wife milk in his place. C. Davis sold his cheese for 8 1/2 cents per pound.

Tuesday, June 21, 1892

Today was a very pleasant day. We all did chores. After breakfast, the boys got my wife's horse & rig ready. Cora went back to help her mother. I did some writing. Kaine washed the side bar wagon. John tended bay Fanny's lame leg. Then he got black Fan & the buggy ready for me. I went to Dolgeville to sell the colt. I paid J. H. Mang a $25 check as part payment for 2 cows purchased from P. D. Mang. I saw Charles Mang & he is coming after the veal calf for 4 3/4 cents alive. He is going to try to buy some lambs & 2 cows. The boys drew some dirt on the bridge & then cultivated with Bay Fannie & Old Lill. Blowers hoed in the garden after the cheese was made. I saw Jerry Loucks & he thought he could not come to do our mason work. Adam Bellinger was taken to the asylum today. George Dettner & Aunt Marietta came up a little while. H. B. C. & Carrie went to the Philo's public.

Wednesday, June 22, 1892

The weather was very warm and looks very likely to rain. We all did chores. John caught the colt & we hitched her with Fanny and drove them double. Blowers did a small churning of butter. Kaine planted some beans & worked for awhile in the garden. I did some writing, then helped work at the hay rigging till Mr. Seymour came to set up the new cutting machine. Kaine worked in the little garden all day except while helping at the machine. John worked all day at the hay rigging. We tried the machine by cutting a small piece in front of the house & it seemed to work very nice. I drew it in the barn & the roller also. J. W. Thompson called here and also Mrs. J. Weatherwax to see Carrie. I milked two cows then got ready and took Black Fanny & the buggy. I went to the Grange meeting with Cora. She took the 3rd & 4th degrees. The Grangers had a feast. There was a large crowd there. We got home about 2 o'clock. I took 18 1/2# butter to Sullivan. He paid me $3.33 in full for it. I got 2 jars from Wilcox to fill. Our expense was 25 cents and for the horse's stabling, 10 cents.

Thursday, June 23, 1892

Today was gloomy and it rained in the morning. We all did chores. Carrie got ready & went away with J. Thompson to Fort Plain. Mother got ready & went to Cortland with Aunt Marietta. John got Bay Fannie & the buggy ready and went down to his house & got his wife. She drove Mother and Aunt Marietta to the train. Mrs. Blowers came to help do the work this morning. John worked at the rigging a while. Then he & Mike Kaine went to hoeing corn. I let Mother have $15.25 & Carrie $1. Mother took 7# of butter to old Wilcox & left it at C. Wilcox's, $1.26.

Friday, June 24, 1892

It rained in the morning. We all did chores. I gave Jess her medicine. John, Kaine & I worked at the new rigging for some time. Then the boys took the bay horses & the truck wagon & got some straw in the hog pen. They drew some sheep manure behind the hog pen & the balance at the end of the barn on the pile to rot. Blowers made cheese & worked a little at the milk wagon box. I did some writing, then got ready and went to the Falls. I got some iron to make irons with, 85 cents & paid Tefft for the labor on them, 85 cents. 1 paid 60 cents: to Youker for some codfish. My hair cut cost 20 cents, and the horse bill 10 cents. I bought some whetstones for 13 cents. I received $3.51 from Tefft on the butter account. Carrie took Lill & buggy and went around after the eggs & practiced at Weatherwax's. The boys drew dirt on the bridge & put up some hay. I saw the carpenter & he does not know when he can come to do the work. Milligan said the carpenter was in, but said that he could not do anything because of the all the rain that we have had.

Saturday, June 25, 1892

It rained all night and was gloomy today. H. E. Brockett came here & stayed all night. We all did chores. I salted the horses all around, in each of the pastures. The little colt is doing very nicely. Kaine started the leech and took care of the chickens. John took care of the horses, put up some feed boxes & then churned the butter. He then put up 12 bushels of potatoes for the Cooperative Store & 5 bushels for Kaine at 30 cents per bushel. In the afternoon, John & I were going to work at the hay rigging but I was taken with a tooth ache. I took the colt & the buggy and went to the Falls. I had the tooth fixed, had the colt shod & got the 2 gal jar from the Co op Store for butter. Hannah Keller rode to the Falls with me and then to Father Bellinger's. Cora got ready & came home with me. I paid 45 cents for vanilla at the Grange Store & 5 cents for postage stamps. I bought some feed from Gage and paid him in full $1.63. I received 36 cents from Blowers for 2# of butter & J. Cashmer paid me 13 cents. Hannah spent 35 cents for Carrie. I did not pay Tefft for the new spring. I owe him 90 cents. Mrs. Kaine milked in my place.

Sunday, June 26, 1892

The weather was pleasant but it was foggy in the morning. We all did chores. I got ice for the women to make ice cream. I got Black Fan ready for Cora & I to go to Newport to spend the day. Carrie took Bay Fanny & the buggy & went to church. Cora & I had a very nice visit and walked up in the Park and around some. I saw Fitzgerald. I also saw Avert Pickert's lawyer & he wanted to know how much it would take to settle it now & I said $75.00. F. K. Pickert & his wife & J. W. Thompson came here to spend the evening. I received the pay from Stacy for last week's cheese, 823# at 7 3/4 cents = $63.78. 1 paid 15 cents for the horse bill and 25 cents for our dinner. The boys worked some at the corn, at the drain, and painted the hay rigging. Hannah Kaine got a broom for 25 cents.

Monday, June 27, 1892

The weather was rainy and bad all day. We all did chores in the morning. Then the boys got the bay team & the platform wagon ready. Kaine took his 5 bushel of potatoes down to his house. They put the other 12 bushels of potatoes on for me to take to the Falls, also the cheese, 110# for Youker at 8 cents. He paid me $8.80. 1 paid him $1.03 for groceries. The Cooperative Store took only 4 1/2 bushels of potatoes at 30 cents = 1.35 paid. I paid them 15 cents for a sack of graham flour. I got $1.26 from Wilcox in full for the butter, & 40 cents from McGuire for 1 1/2 bushel of potatoes, & 75 cents from Fitzgerald for 3 bushels of potatoes, & I sold Mrs. Failing 3 bushels, & trusted her for 2 weeks the balance of 30 cents. I paid Tefft for the box irons & the seat, $4.75, & received $1 from him for 1 gallon of syrup. I let Edic have 6 1/4# of cheese for 50 cents not paid. I paid Carrie's dues to the Grange, $1.20 & mine, 50 cents. I got a new horse collar from Cooney & paid him $4 for it. I paid W. S. Congdon's note endorsed by Herman for $41.33. This note, I think is one that was to take up the old note of H. Mang's which Congdon endorsed before Mang had signed it & Mang paid it himself. I sold 29 lambs to S. Ransom for $5 each.

Tuesday, June 28, 1892

The weather is still gloomy but it does not rain. We all did chores. Then Charles churned the butter awhile. I finished it. John & I unloaded the lumber. Kaine worked at the drain leading to the barn. I opened the hay & then went to the house to do some writing. John took the bay team & went up to Eaton's after some sawdust and more lumber for the bottom of the wagon. He could not get any sawdust so he got some slab stove length wood. After getting home, he mortised 1 post & took it & 3 bar boards down in the bar way between us & Brockett's. Carrie took Black Fan & the buggy & went to the Falls with Liz Weatherwax & the eggs. I gave her 50 cents. Blowers took old Lill & the cart and went over to the Factory to get some whey butter & some rennet. I let him have 75 cents to do it with & he paid it all.

Wednesday, June 29, 1892

The weather was pleasant part of the day. We all did chores. I did some writing, then got ready and went to Salisbury Center with the colt hide by way of J. W. Windecker's. I learned that he could help finish the inventory tomorrow so we concluded to do so. I put the colt under the shed and waited for Congdon to return. I paid Stahl 60 cents, for a pair of overalls for myself, 10 cents for onions, 2 cans of peas 24 cents, 1 dozen lemons 10 cents, and 44 cents for some codfish. I saw W. Congdon & got 9 1/2# beef and charged it, 85 cents. I sold him a veal calf at 4 3/4 cents live & agreed to take one quarter at 7 cents. I also sold him a pig at 6 cents dressed and we talked of selling some cows & sheep & the colt.

Kaine began boiling soap, got my rig ready, & boiled soap all day. He made 3 kettles. John took the bay team & the iron ex wagon & went after more slab wood. He got one good big load, then plowed potatoes with Nell. Blowers made cheese, separated the hogs, and cleaned their pen. G. Burrell wanted to buy some pigs. I sent a check to J. H. Mang for $20 on the cows. The balance now due is $15.

Thursday, June 30, 1892

The weather is still rainy and gloomy. We all did chores in the morning. I took Black Fan & the buggy & went after Mr. Rice & J. W. Windecker to complete the inventory, & make it as property that existed at the time of Herman's death. We did so by comparing with the other one & by estimating the hay & grain. They put in the list, subject to Mother's life lease. Those items were not taken at their value at the end of her lease but at that time. In the evening, Carrie went to the church festival with J. W. T. I sent 25 cents but stayed at home with Cora. I needed to watch the pig.

The boys worked at the hay riggings. Congdon came here & ordered the veal calf killed. Kaine killed & dressed it. He is to give 4 3/4 cents, per pound live weight 132# = $6.44 not paid. Gordon Burrell came to look at our pigs but did not buy yet. I'm asking $2.50 each. I paid Rice & Windecker each $3.00 for making the inventory. Blowers & his wife went to the Falls with Black Fan & the buggy. I let him have $10. They stopped at the festival. Nancy helped milk in his place.

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