Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Annals of Tryon County;
or, the
Border Warfare of New York,
During the Revolution.
By William W. Campbell
New York; Printed and Published by J. & J. Harper 1831

Chapter I, Settlement at Cherry Valley in 1738
Chapter II, Influence of the Johnsons in Tryon County
Chapter III, Powers and Duties of the Committee
Chapter IV, Campaign of 1777
Chapter V, Massacre at Cherry-Valley
Chapter VI, Expedition of General Sullivan against the Six Nations
Chapter VII, Early settlement of Schoharie
Chapter VIII, Destruction of Harpersfield
Chapter IX, Valley of the Mohawk during 1778-79-80
Chapter X, Battle between the New York Levies under Col. Willet and the Indians under John Doxtader
Chapter XI, Account of the residence of Mrs. Campbell, a prisoner, among the Senecas
Appendix, Sir William Johnson, Joseph Brant, Skenando, poem of Dr. Younglove, Governor George Clinton, General Philip Schuyler, Massacre at Wyoming, invoice of scalps taken by the Senecas, brave deeds of Christian Shell, Sacrifice of the Senecas, number of Indians of the different tribes employed by the British

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