Wednesday, February 1, 1893

<-"Little Mike Kaine". The Kilts house is in the background.

The weather was pleasant today. John & I did chores in the morning. Then I got ready & went to the Falls with the bay team & the new bobs. I delivered the beef to Begley from Zoller. She weighed 494#. Zoller paid $2.92 in full for the hide - 65#, tallow - 31# & tongue. I paid him 75 cents for killing. Begley did not pay anything on her & owes for 3 more-435# & 249# & 435# at 51 cents & 494# at 41 cents. I got 8 cakes of ice and paid 24 cents for them . I hurried home & John & I went over to A. VanSlykes & got a Holstein bull, full blood for $20.00 and paid by check. J. Elmer packed the ice & finished chores. There was a very large fire in the village last night & it was smoldering yet. John Granar got settled in the lower house today. Z. C. Brockett drove the colt double today up to Leonard's & she went all right.

Thursday, February 2, 1893

The weather was pleasant today. John Granar began work today through February at $10.00 per month. All did chores. I helped unload ice, then Mother & I went to Norway with the bay team & the box sleigh via Middleville. We took 93# of beef, 8 3/4# of butter & c. (Beef at 4 3/4 cents no pay). The boys drew snow away from the wood pile, sawed & split wood & c. Granar went after a load of ice to the reservoir & could not get any. I waited in Norway to see the Carpenter boy for work & he did not want to hire yet. He thought he ought to have $23.00 per month. Crofoot was in his woods after posts. Herman Crofoot came home with us. I paid 10 cents for candy at Norway.

Friday, February 3, 1893

Today was stormy & bad. J. Granar, J. Elmer, & I did chores in the morning. Then we shoveled snow & c. The boys finished chores. I did some writing & c. James Garlock & Uncle Joel Pickert came here & spent the afternoon.

Saturday, February 4, 1893

Today was cold and windy. We all did chores. I did some writing & waited for Mother to pack McGuire's butter. The boys sorted beans when the chores were over with. After dinner J. Elmer & I went to the Falls with the bay team & new bobs & took 17 1/2# of butter to McGuire. I let J. Elmer have $4.25. 1 got $10.00 of Youker on a check. I paid him $1.25 for a sack of flour for J. Granar & paid Deimel $2.63 for 1/2 ton of coal for Granar. I paid 25 cents for the horse bill & 15 cents for a box of rivets. I sent 60 cents in postage to A. Putnam, Tax on my Florida land. I paid Brown 10 cents for watch chains & 5 cents for a can opener. I had 20 cents expense with J. Elmer. I received $3.19 of C. Buskirk in full for butter & pork. I could not find anything of John Elmer & had to come home without him. J. Elmer lost day. I saw C. Sickles & wife.

Sunday, February 5, 1893

Today was very clear and cold. John Granar & I did chores, shoveled snow, & c. Then he drew his coal & flour down home. Cora & I took Black Fan & the cutter & went down to her folks. We stayed till evening, then we drove to the village to see the ruins of the fire. Cora ran in to Gage's to see the Sickles, then we came home.

Monday, February 6, 1893

Today was very rainy & bad. J. Granar & I did chores. Then Cora & I went to the Falls & came home early. The Sickles came up with us. J. Elmer came too. I let him have 75 cents. It rained very hard all day. I took 6 dozen eggs to Mrs. Bucklin at 28 cents, charged. I put the horses in Garlock's barn & paid 20 cents. I took 10 head of cabbage & let the Co Op store have them for 70 cents & paid 35 cents for 1 dozen oranges. Granar finished chores & took his wife home & that is all. J. Elmer 1 day lost.

Tuesday, February 7, 1893

The weather was very stormy. We did the chores & cleaned the colt's stable. C. Sickles & family are here. I was in visiting with them all day. Henry Brockett came here & stayed all night. We cleaned up the driveway.

Wednesday, February 8, 1893

Today was fair and cool. I helped do chores. Then Cora, Carrie, & I & Hermie Crofoot went down to Alic Goodell's with the bay team & the long sleigh with the Sickles. We stayed till after supper. Then I took the Sickles down to J. Goodell's. Carrie & Hermie drove old Lill & came home early. Kittie rode down & back with me. Carrie & J.W.T. went to the Middleville party. J. Granar went down to the reservoir & got 8 cakes of ice with the black team.

Thursday, February 9, 1893

Today's weather was pleasant. All did chores. Then we put the load of ice in. Then we put up 15 bags of oats & I went to the Falls with it with the black team & the long sleigh. J. Granar went to J. Petrie's bee & drew 3 loads, came home, took care of the team, and then went back to spend the evening. I got the balance in full of Fitzgerald $24.40 & Goetchius paid in full for the O'Hara hay $8.90. Whit Goetchius paid $2.00 on the quarter of beef & Wm. J. Feeter paid the balance for the cheese, $12.25. 1 had the black team shod & paid $1.35 & paid 87 cents for the grist bill, 20 cents for the horse bill, & paid Gage $7.65 for 7 hundred pounds of feed. Cora stayed to J. Goodell's all night & went home with them & Sickles today to spend the day there & then to Gage's in the evening. I drove the load in the cow barn. Mother & Hermie went down to Uncle Will's with old Lill & the cutter. He paid her interest & for 2 days milk $5.86 & Laura came home with her. Elmer cut the old barn doors open.

Friday, February 10, 1893

The weather was windy and rainy. All did chores. Then we emptied & mixed feed. Then I went to Carpenter's with Jess & the cutter to see his pigs & then to Reed's auction. I bought 4 sticks for wagon tongues & paid 80 cents. Things generally sold high. Ralph rode back with me. On the way back, I stopped & looked at the pigs again & paid him $25.00 for them & $25.00 he allowed for what we paid on the note. The boys did up chores & got 3 loads of hay in the sheep barn from the old horse barn. Some of it was O'Hara hay. Then they split wood & cleaned away from the machine.

Saturday, February 11, 1893

The weather was pleasant. John Elmer and John Granar did chores. I took the black team & bob sleighs & went up to Harry Reed's place & got the 4 sticks for wagon tongues. Then I went down to C. G. Carpenter's & got 8 pigs. A man by the name of Morey rode home with me. I got ready for the village & he rode with me. I went by way of Father Bellinger's after Cora to go to St. Johnsville. We got the 152 (AM) train. Orville rode down & drove our rig home. I took 1 gallon of milk & a small roll of butter to Hadcock & left a headstall to Cooney's to be fixed. We got down all right, and spent a pleasant night. I received a letter from Peter Wagner about some cows & sent him a postal at once. I paid 40 cents car fare & spent 15 cents. The boys did chores. Granar split wood. J. Elmer went to G. Burrell's after a boar hog, but could not get him. Then he went to J. Rice's & got one. Then the two John's got 2 loads of straw in the barn. J. W. Windecker borrowed our steelyards to weigh hay.

Sunday, February 12, 1893

Today was very pleasant. Cora & I stayed at Uncle Nelson's House. We had a late breakfast & got the 10:33 train to the Falls where Will Bellinger was waiting for us. We went up on the hill, got ready & came home. Then we went to Bessie Thompson's funeral. Mother & Carrie went with Jess & the new cutter. Bay Fannie fell down & broke her harness & the thill on our old cutter. The funeral was large.

I paid 40 cents car fare from St. Johnsville. Will Bellinger paid me $1.25 for a pair of mittens & $1 for paper, balance in full. Elmer & Granar did chores. Elmer was rather cross & wanted to quit so I paid him in full $1.85 & loaned him $1. He went away. Granar went home to stay overnight as soon as we came from the funeral.

Monday, February 13, 1893

Today was warm and it snowed in the afternoon. In the morning, I did most all of the chores alone. Granar came from Davis's at breakfast time. Then we changed the hog to another pen & put up 3 bags of oats for Brockett to feed the colt & took them down. I stopped & saw Hannah Kaine & she thought Mike would come & help us. Uncle Will rode to the Falls with me. I took Buskirk 13# of butter at 26 cents. He did not pay. I had the bay team shod & paid Tefft $1.50. 1 got 600# of shorts, shipps, & midds of Gage & paid him $6.20. Mrs. Bucklin paid in full $3.18. The sausage was old & I took off 2 cents per pound & she was satisfied. I paid 23 cents for a rope halter at the Grange, 15 cents for my horse bill, & Newell $1.00 for a bbl. of salt. I paid Donovan 50 cents for an overshirt for Granar. I paid 20 cents to Cooney to repair the headstall. I paid 20 cents for 1# of horse shoe nails from S.S. J. G. Begley paid $75.00 on his account. I went to see B. J. Cooper on the log account. We differed some. He tried to put me out of his office but could not. He struck at me several times with his fist & at last with his high stool & at last said that Ladur would settle with me. Uncle Will Keller, Frank Bellinger & I concluded to start after the cows from Wagner on next Sat. morning.

Tuesday, February 14, 1893

The weather was very pleasant. John Granar and I did chores. We were eating breakfast when Kaine came. Then he & I got ready at once & killed the cow, the brown slinker. We got her done & he went home before dinner. I did some writing. Then after dinner, I went to Fairfield to vote. J. Granar got the snow away from the machine. I came back as soon as possible & we sawed one log & part of another. Then the saw gave out. Hermie Crofoot rode to Fairfield with me. J. Elmer came back tonight. Tonight it is raining some.

Wednesday, February 15, 1893

Today was rainy and bad. In the morning, we all did chores. Then I did some writing. Then Granar got the bay team ready. I drove them to the Falls. I took Curran & Sullivan each one quarter of the meat at 6 cents - 99# each, cash $12.80. 1 received cash of Zoller for the hide & tallow & tongue, $2.32. Granar will take one quarter, 104# at 5 cents. I settled with Cooper & our credit was $24.70 & his was $10.89 for sawing & c. I had Carrie's slipper repaired for 5 cents, & paid 15 cents to send a money order. I received $4.55 of McGuire in full & J. Bellinger paid $4.25 in full for sage cheese. I paid Cooney 70 cents to strap some blankets & repair the single harness. I paid Taylor 63 cents for bolts, paid Diemel $4.05 for coal, paid Benedict $2.00 in full for repairs to the shafts, paid 15 cents for the horse bill, and $1 to the drug store for 1 bottle of medicine for self. The boys sorted or hand picked beans. I paid 10 cents for some candy for Hermie.

Thursday, February 16, 1893

It was stormy most all day. We all did chores. I churned & repaired the sawing machine. Then we sawed wood till the machine gave out. Then Granar took Rice's hog home. J. Elmer & I fixed the machine again, and cut up the beef & c. Granar's wife came home. Carrie went to the Falls with Bay Fan & the cutter. She paid 56 cents for groceries for house use & I paid her the same.

Friday, February 17, 1893

Today was pleasant but there was a cold east wind. All did chores in the morning. Then Granar & I mixed grain in the cow barn. Then they finished chores. I fixed the sawing machine. Then we went to sawing & sawed till about 5 o'clock when the machine gave out again & we could not fix it.

In the afternoon, Cora, Carrie, & Hermie Crofoot went to the church sociable with Bay Fan & Jumper.

John Granar got 1# 15 oz. of cheese & had it charged 25 cents. The saw & machine worked real well today until it gave out.

Saturday, February 18, 1893

(Cora wrote this entry.) It snowed all day and blew all night. Willard Kilts & Willard Keller & Frank Bellinger started off to buy cows. The boys did chores.

Sunday, February 19, 1893

(Cora wrote-) It is cloudy and not very cold. The boys found the roads all drifted shut so they had to shovel. It drifted around the barns & water vat. We had another slinker, & two more lambs were born. There were two more lambs at night. We have eight in all now.

Monday, February 20, 1893

(Cora wrote-) The weather is very, very stormy & cold. The men did chores & shoveled snow & looked over beans.

Tuesday, February 21, 1893

(Cora wrote-) It was stormy and windy. The boys did chores & shoveled snow & opened the road. Carrie went to Little Falls in the afternoon & got the mail.

Wednesday, February 22, 1893

(Cora wrote-) It is still stormy and windy. The boys did the same today as yesterday. In the afternoon, little John looked over the beans. Long John said his head ached. He did not do anything in the afternoon, only helped at the chores at night.

Thursday, February 23, 1893

(Cora wrote-) The weather is still stormy & windy. Nothing but the chores were done. In the afternoon John drove down to Little Falls to see if there was any mail. My cousin, Chloe (Bellinger) and I rode with him & stopped at Mrs. Goodell's until he came back. Chloe came to visit last Monday.

Friday, February 24, 1893

(Cora wrote) It was some stormy and windy. The boys did chores. John, Chloe, and I started for the Falls about noon. Chloe went home today. We had two more lambs this morning. We got word today that a new baby arrived at Crofoot's on February 21, Harry Alexander.

Monday, February 27, 1893

The weather was clear and cold today. Will, Frank, and I got in late today. The storm bothered us so it took longer than we thought. The cattle are in good shape.

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