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William Feeter History and Genealogy

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This History of William Feeter, A Soldier in the War of American Independence
and of His Father, Lucas Vetter, the ancestor of the Feeter-Feder-Feader-Fader families
IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, with genealogy of the family compiled at the request of
Little Falls, N.Y. Press of Stebbins & Burney, 1901
Copyright by James D. Feeter, 1901


From the Journal and Courier, May, 1878.

The fell destroyer is indeed reaping an abundant harvest just now in our community. Home after home is enshrouded in the deepest sorrow over the loss of those most loved.

Among the sad afflictions of the hour none brings to the hearts of friends sincerer or more poignant grief than the death of Mr. Frank A. Feeter, which occurred in this village on Saturday last. Frank has long been ill, and to those who noted the insidious progress of his disease it had long been apparent that recovery was very improbable if not altogether hopeless; yet his buoyant nature until recently sustained in his heart, or at least in his outward expression, the confidence that he would after a little be well again. Last fall, accompanied by his ever- faithful wife, he went to Minnesota to spend several months in the hope that the climate would prove beneficial. At first his highest hopes seemed about to be realized, but subsequently it became evident that no improvement was being obtained, and early in the spring he returned to Little Falls, resignedly bearing up under so bitter a disappointment and calmly awaiting the end--always cheerful, patient and loving to the dear ones about him even in the midst of intense suffering.

Frank's youth was spent in Little Falls where he was ever a favorite of his companions. He was active, honest, generous, openhearted, of noble impulses, of most pleasing manners, and of more than ordinary ability. After a preparatory course at Phillips Academy at Andover, Mass. he entered Yale College in the year 1866, remaining there until the year 1869; having won the high esteem of his teachers and the warm friendship of his fellows. At this time he decided to devote himself to mercantile pursuits. He entered at once into active business in Little Falls with his father, George A. Feeter, continuing at his duties until the business was closed by the reverses of 1876. During this time he became considerably interested in local politics and in 1874 he was chosen chairman of the Democratic committee for this county, which position he held until the time of his death. He was zealous, industrious and ever faithful to the trust thus reposed in him, doing his utmost to advance the interests of his political organization. Had he lived, his labors, thus freely and self-sacrificingly given, would doubtless have been rewarded by his appointment to some honorable position within the gift of his party.

His age was nearly twenty-nine years. His funeral will be attended from his late residence on Ann Street this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

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