Friday, July 1, 1892

The weather was pleasant but cool. All of us did the chores in the morning. I did some writing, then Congdon came to get the calf. We took one quarter at 7 cents, weight 18 1/4# = $1.37. John took 2 1/2 # at 10 cents= 25 cents = $1.62, total -($6.27 - 1.62 $4.65 our due). Congdon wanted to see the bay colt. We hitched her in with his & drove down to the sheep pasture to look at the sheep. He did not want her. Then he wanted to try the mare, Dolly. We drove her up around the house & down to Windecker's & back. He took the veal & started out. He sold his off mare for $75 to Sayles & they came right up here to get Dolly. I got Sayles' note for $75 with Congdon's order to pay. Congdon agreed to pay the balance or $25 in money next week. He also agreed to get the pig next week at 6 cents per pound.

In the afternoon, I went to the Falls with Black Fan & had her shod, paid $1.20. 1 paid $2 for some rennet extract, 75 cents for Paris green, 29 cents for the Post office box rent & postage 29 cents. I received $3.33 from Currans for the butter. I paid 9 cents for some bolts. Mother and Aunt Marietta came home from Cortland & rode up with me. The boys worked at the riggings & the hold some.

Saturday, July 2, 1892

Today was very warm and cloudy but it did not rain. We all did chores. I did some writing & then took Nell & the buggy & went to the Falls. I had her shod & had it charged $1.20 at Tefft's. I took the train and went to Fort Plain to get a spring like the old one. I could not get it today so I ordered one & paid $1.25 for it. I ordered it expressed to Little Falls. I paid 67 cents car fare, 15 cents repairs on harness, 10 cents horse bill, and paid the Grange Store 55 cents for a hand scythe. I got home to milk. The boys hilled potatoes all day. Blowers got through at noon. He took Black Fan & the rig & went to Newport. He lost 1 day's work, and I charged him $1 for the rig.

Sunday, July 3, 1892

Today was very rainy and bad. We all did chores. I wrote a couple of letters & then got the two bay horses & the buggies ready. Cora & I went to church. Mother & Carrie also went to church. After church, I took Cora home. She is to stay until tomorrow night and I am to go after her. I got home for milking. J. W. T. was here in the evening to see Carrie. It was raining very hard. J. Wiseman came here with his Ferret but could not catch any rats. Blowers treated him to some cider & got him 5 quarts vinegar. We gave it to him. The horses got out again & John brought them up. I stopped at W. Keller's & got $10 from him. Blowers got 1# 7 oz. of cheese for his own use.

Monday, July 4, 1892

The weather was pleasant and cool. We all did chores in the morning. I helped get the rigs ready. Mike took Bay Fannie & the phaeton. I gave him $10 in money & he went to the Falls. John took Black Fannie & the end spring. I gave him $8 and he went to the Falls. Blowers was at home all day. I got our bull out of Brockett's pasture & fixed the horse pasture fence. Blowers & I clipped the dog. I did some writing & put up some window curtains. Mrs. Blowers, Carrie, Charles & I did the milking. Then I got ready & went to Little Falls with Jess & the buggy. Kaine got home so I could have that harness. I got Cora at her Father's house and we went into the village. I paid the horse bill 10 cents, & 10 cents to have some goods checked, and paid 25 cents for one dozen bananas. I let my wife have $2 towards the $15 I owe her. We had a nice time.

Tuesday, July 5, 1892

The weather was pleasant all day. We all did chores in the morning. Then I got ready to go to the Falls. I wrote Lambertson a letter, and got the cheese ready. John got the team ready & then went to cultivating. Kaine got the cultivator, churned & then helped me off. I took the bay team & the lumber wagon with 5 cheese and Gage's bags. I sent Lambertson some cheese in Auburn 54#, 56#, 58# at 8 1/4 cents. I let Youker have 53# at 8 cents & he paid $4.24. I let Creedon have one at 8 1/4 cents, $1 to be traded out. I got no pay. VanAlstyne paid for last week's cheese, $3.41 balance. I got 730 plaster & paid $1.83 for it. I paid Gage $2.32 for John for his feed. I paid Flemming 22 cents for nuts & cherries, 8 cents for Hellsbore, and 92 cents to the Grange Store for some canned goods. I settled with W. Keller & paid him $7 for the wood. I paid him $13.50 for 30 bushels of oats, and the borrowed money ($50 at one time & $10 at another time).

He paid me $7.04 for the butter and for $50 borrowed money. We did not charge interest nor for the quarter of beef. We called everything settled. I left 1 1/2# butter at Wilcox's. I paid 20 cents for the horse bill and for a sandwich. I asked Gage for the loan of $25 for a week but he said that he did not have it to spare.

The boys cultivated & hoed all day. Blowers made the cheese & worked at the wagon box. Cora & Carrie went a berrying. Fred Goodell brought Cousin Ada Weatherwax here to spend the evening.

Wednesday, July 6, 1892

Today was a nice day and very pleasant. All of us did chores in the morning. I wrote a couple of letters. I got ready & took Black Fan & the buggy & went to Little Falls. I took Wilcox some butter, 37 1/2# in all at 19 cents = $7.12 not paid. I got our 3 gallon jar. I let VanAlstyne have 7 1/2 dozen eggs at 16 cents, & traded 50 cents, out of the balance, our due 70 cents. I got $1 worth of tea & coffee from Creedon towards the cheese $4.70 balance due $3.70. I returned the collar to Cooney & he is to make a new one, paid for. I came right home & got home at 10:30. 1 found the men on their backs in the potato field. Then we all hoed until it was done. John & I pulled some white daisies but found them too thick to pull well & concluded to let them go. Blowers' wife & John's wife milked in their places. They hoed their gardens.

Thursday, July 7, 1892

The weather was very pleasant, and a beautiful night. We all did chores in the morning. I answered Lambertson's letter quoting cheese at 8 1/4 cents per pound unless the market changes & not more than 8 cents. I put up a picture & some curtains in the house. Then I helped Kaine put up a stringer in the cow barn. John got both teams ready & went to mowing with the black horses. When the barn was fixed, I took the bays & the new machine & we mowed about ten loads. Kaine trimmed around the buildings, and fences. He got the cows out of Windecker's pasture & fixed the fence. The boys then raked & put up some hay.

The missionary sewing society met here. We had a good attendance. I came in at 3 o'clock & visited with them. A man came here by the name of Jennings to get a job in haying. He agreed to come on Sunday night at $1.50 per day unless higher prices are paid. Then he is to have it. Blowers worked at the wagon box. John & Kaine went to the Falls at night with old Lill & the buggy. I let John have 25 cents & he used it himself. Milton Barnes came here to buy the grass in the orchard & offered $15 for it. I asked $20. J. W. T. & B. Cole came here to spend the evening. Fran Pickert stayed & Frank came after her. Ada Weatherwax is here also.

Friday, July 8, 1892

Today was pleasant in the morning, but then it rained at 3 o'clock. We all did chores in the morning. John caught the horses & got them ready. I went in the lower field & mowed about 3 acres with the new machine. I believe it works very nice. Kaine drove our cows out of Windecker's pasture & fixed the fence. Then the boys trimmed the fences. We got the tedder out & went to Brockett's after the bull but he had gone to McFeeley's so they did not bother with him. The hay was opened out & tedded. We drew in 4 loads of hay. Blowers raked and then we put some hay up till it rained & it rained all night. Mr. Dewyer came here with his horse & his welch wagon. He bought 1 plow $5, 1 drag $1, & a revolving rake 50 cents & paid. He stayed to dinner. Carrie took Ada to Little Falls with Lill & the sidebar. She is going home.

Saturday, July 9, 1892

The weather was gloomy and cool today. All of us did chores in the morning. Then the boys went after the bull, while I did some writing. Blowers churned the butter. The boys went down and drove the cows out of the grain, and then got our bull over to McFeeley's. They had to drive the cows out again. John finished his hay rigging. Then they split wood and raised the floor in the hen house. I got some pork ready 73# & went to Salisbury Corners with Black Fan & the buggy. I sold the pork at 8 cents for a total amount of $5.84. 1 got $2.63 of barbed wire & 20 cents worth of staples & axle grease 10 cents for a total amount of $2.93 leaving a balance to our credit of $2.91. 1 got 8# of meat from Congdon at 12 cents = 96 cents charged. Then I came home, fed my horse & started to see our colts in Smith's pasture & found them all right. When I came back, I stopped & bought all the grass on J. O'Hara's two places for $45 & paid him $10 on it. Nancy got 3# 2 oz. of butter & 2 quarts of milk today.

Sunday, July 10, 1892

Today was a very pleasant day. We all did chores. John & I strung a single wire on the fence to keep the cows out of the grain. I watched the cows for awhile, then came up & got a fork & turned the winrow over. I came up & washed & shaved. J. E. Gage & his wife came up & spent the day. John's wife, Nancy milked in Blowers's place. Henry Crofoot also came & his little boy. Gage stayed so late that I could not milk. Hannah Kaine helped in my place. Mother got ready & went up with Henry to help Ettie. She is not feeling well. Carrie went to church & stayed at Frank's for supper. She drove Bay Fan & the sidebar.

Monday, July 11, 1892

It was very pleasant today. We all did chores in the morning. I did some writing and then went to the Falls with Lill & the buggy. I took 6 1/2 cheese & 20# butter to Currans. She paid me $4.35 for it. I received $12.00 of McReese for the barley in full. I paid 65 cents for the freight charge, paid 50 cents for a liquid blister, 15 cents for the horse bill, deposited $15.00 in the bank & paid $48 for the mowing machine by check. I saw Zoller's man & he said to bring in 2 pigs at 5 cents per pound, live weight. I saw Mr. Strauss & he offered 8 cents for my cheese but I let Brockett have them at 8 cents. I started for home about 1 o'clock & went up to Bellinger's. I borrowed their bay mare to work in the haying. I came home and found so much hay dry that I stayed & helped get it in. I got stuck with the last load. Jim James came here to work in haying. I hired him for $2 per day in haying & he agreed to work free of charge on rainy days to pay for keeping his horse. Hannah helped with 2 milkings, Nancy with one milking.

Tuesday, July 12, 1892

John & I went out mowing & mowed till breakfast time. John went back & finished the piece. Then he went to tedding. I mowed the road after breakfast to shun the mud holes. Mr. Evans came here. Then I got ready for the Falls. Blowers boxed the cheese in the morning while they were milking. Kaine put up 3 bushel of potatoes. I helped get them & the cheese in the wagon. I also tied the cart on behind to take down to Zlo Brockett for him to use. James cultivated the corn till noon, then helped get hay.

I took 13 cheese to Brockett 638# at 8 cents & got a check for $51.04. 1 took VanAlstyne one cheese that weighed 56# at 8 cents no pay. I called on Creedon & he could not pay me the $3.70. I got a barrel of flour $5.40, a hand fork 30 cents, one hundred meal for Kaine $1.25, one hundred cracked corn for Blowers $1.25, one hundred shorts 85 cents, and for myself: three hundred middlings $3, one hundred cracked corn $1.25, & one hundred shorts 85 cents. I paid for all of the feed at the Grange store $14.15. 1 paid $2.50 for a pair of rubber boots, 15 cents for the horse bill, Carrie's horse bill 20 cents, repairs on the harness 5 cents, and the express on the spring 25 cents. I received a check from Lambertson in full for the cheese $13.86 & sent the same to Seymour Kilts to apply on his interest account. I paid Tefft in full for shoeing the horses. We got in 8 loads of hay today. James worked one day for $2. Hannah Kaine did two milkings.

Wednesday, July 13, 1892

The weather was cloudy & threatening rain. In the morning, John & I mowed with both teams in the lower field. We mowed all that we intend too & brought machines up for breakfast time. After breakfast, Kaine & James went in the field & opened the hay. John & I fixed the tedder. I sent Cora to Little Falls to get the parts fixed which we could not. She took Lill & the buggy. We turned the hay by hand & got 2 loads in by noon.

S. E. Ransom came here & ordered 5 lambs brought down and paid $25 for them. He gave me $10 besides making $35 in all. Cora paid Leahy $1.75 to fix the tedder & 19 cents to the Cooperative store for some tobacco for Blowers. She got home early and gave the change back. I paid Cora what money I borrowed from her $13.99. We got in 5 loads of hay today. Blowers raked. I did some writing. The boys fixed the tedder. It rained about 2:30 PM. Ransom told me to put 2 lambs in the pasture with the others. James worked 3/4 day, $1.50. Hannah worked 2 milkings.

Thursday, July 14, 1892

The weather was lowery. It came off about 9 o'clock. We all did chores. James helped milk. I then got ready and went to Dolgeville after unloading the flour, & the meal. I took 5 lambs to Ransom with the bay team & the platform wagon. I left them at the slaughter house. I drove to Mang's store & got my note. I got home at noon. I got Carrie's horse ready, old Lill & the old buggy. She went after Mother up to Ettie's and didn't get home until 9 o'clock. In the afternoon, we all worked at the hay and got in 8 loads. We finished the lower lot, down near Burrell's. After supper, while they were getting the last load, I went in the lot south of the road and mowed. James began to work at the hay about 9 o'clock, after I went away. John Elmer came here and said he would not work any longer for VanSlyke, no way. In the evening he said that if I would let him take a horse to get his things, he would work for $1.50 per day. Kaine put some plaster & paris green mixture on all of the potatoes. We had 9 pigs born today. Hannah & Nancy milked tonight. James worked 3/4 day $1.50.

Friday, July 15, 1892

Today was very warm with a good breeze, & at night it looked like rain. In the morning, John & I went out mowing & mowed the north side of the road. Then John took the tedder & tedded the hay till the tedder broke. Then 4 of us went down and turned the hay by hand until noon. Kaine made some wagon stakes and drove the cows out of the field. Jim finished cultivating the corn and cultivating the potatoes. John Elmer and Jim James did some hand mowing. Mike and Charles worked on the cheese and ironed it all over.

After dinner, Carrie & John went to raking with 2 horses and finished. John, Jim and I went down and turned some more hay and bunched up what they had raked. About 2:30 we went to drawing hay. John and Jim pitched the hay on the wagon while I drove the team and piled the hay on. Charlie and Mike went in the hay mow to mow the hay away. We drew 14 loads in all today, including 5 loads after supper. I gave Mike Kaine Jr. 25 cents for raking yesterday. Cora went out and picked berries. J. Elmer worked 1 day $1.50. J. James worked 1 day $2. Hannah did 2 milkings, Mrs. Blowers 1 milking, and Nancy 1 milking.

Saturday, July 16, 1892

The weather is cloudy, windy, and cold. John Elmer, Jim James, John Cashmer, Mike Kaine, & Charlie Blowers milked. I stayed in and did some writing.

Sunday, July 17, 1892

Today was a pleasant day. It was Cora's birthday today. We drove down to her folks and spent the day there.

Monday, July 18, 1892

The weather was very pleasant and the roads are good. All did chores in the morning except John & I. We mowed till breakfast and also after breakfast. Then John Elmer & Mike Kaine came & took the tedder apart. We finished mowing all the new seeding piece which should make about 25 loads. I helped get the carpenter started. Then I got ready & went to Little Falls. W. Congdon came here in the morning. He paid $6 down & bought 3 cows to be taken in about a week at $85 for the 3. I took 11 1/4# of butter to Buskirk at 19 cents & got the $2.14 for it. I took 482# of cheese. I let Youker have 43# at 8 1/4: & got $3.54. I sent 27# to C. A. Sickles for a gift. I sent 412# to J. S. Lambertson at 8 1/4 cents to be paid for in 10 days. I got some feed at the mill & paid 92 cents for grinding. I paid $1 for postage stamps, 7 cents for some gingham cloth, 24 cents for tobacco for Elmer, 20 cents for a chip hat, 15 cents for the horse bill, and 50 cents for repairs on the tedder at Leahy's.

The carpenter got the sill in & Blowers took him home. I paid him $1.75 for his day's work, & sent $1.50 with him to pay J. Todd with in full. The boys got 4 loads of scatterings in, cleaned Young's left lot, and put up about 15 loads of hay. We have got 50 loads in now. J. James worked one day, $2. J. Elmer worked one day, $1.50. Hannah Kaine did 2 milkings, Nancy I milking, and Mrs. Blowers 1 milking.

Tuesday, July 19, 1892

The weather was pleasant today. John and I got right out and started mowing the hay. Hannah and Nancy helped with the morning milking. James and Elmer worked today. We all worked at the haying. Hannah and Mrs. Blowers helped with the night milking while Mike and I were still putting up some hay.

Wednesday, July 20, 1892

Today was a very pleasant day. In the morning, John & I mowed until breakfast. The rest milked & did the chores. After breakfast, I went back & mowed with John a little while. He finished the piece. J. Elmer mowed down in the corner with the hand scythe and finished it. Kaine & Jim tried to fix the tedder. When I came up with the mowing machine, we three took the bay horses & old Lill & the rake and hand scythe. We went up to the O'Hara lot and began turning the hay. Seymour, the machine agent came along & I came back with him. We looked the machine over & changed it some, then took it in the field & tried it & it worked some better. He offered to trade for a 5 foot cut if I wanted to. John tried to fix the tedder but could not. The reel is bored wrong for hay, so he fixed the fork and it worked nicely. Carrie was raking after dinner. J. Elmer, & C. Blowers bunched hay. After we got 1 load of hay in, John & I took his team & went to O'Hara's lot & we got 2 loads of hay. Jim came back with us. Kaine stayed & raked & cocked the other piece up. I got stuck in Fred's meadow. I had to throw half of my load off to get out. I had John go back & get it. After supper J. Elmer went in the mow. Jim pitched on while John & I loaded more hay. We got 9 loads in after supper making 88 of our own & 2 of O'Hara's hay. Blowers came out & helped pitch on the last 3 loads. Carrie drove the horse on the fork. The draft rope broke on the west bay & bothered some. John Elmer worked one day, J. James 1 day, Hannah did 2 milkings, Nancy 1 milking, and Mrs. Blowers 1 milking.

Friday, July 22, 1892

The weather was a little dubious, then it rained at night. The cows were in the corn, peas, & potatoes last night. J. Cashmer & I ground the mowing machine knives while the rest of the men were milking. We also got our teams ready. After breakfast, we went to mowing. We mowed all of the piece by the beech tree. Then we drew in 5 loads of hay. John Elmer trimmed the fences and mowed away in the hay mow. Jim pitched on.

After dinner J. Cashmer, Jim & I took both teams & old Lill up to the O'Hara lot. Kaine went right up there to shake it out & mow the swail grass right after breakfast. We cleaned up the lot, got 5 loads in all & put 3 in O'Hara's barn. We unloaded 1 in our old barn & got 1 out of our field. J. Elmer was here all afternoon, cocking hay. Carrie raked the scatterings & the heavy hay. We got 11 loads in all today. There are 99 loads in the barn now. Jim worked 1 day, John Elmer 1 day, Hannah 2 milkings, Nancy 1 milking, Mrs. Blowers 1 milking.

Saturday, July 23, 1892

The weather was very warm. In the morning, John & I got the horses cleaned. Then we harnessed all of them. After breakfast, he took his team & took a load of hay which came from the O'Haro lot to T. Welch in Little Falls. Kaine & Jim went after our bull but as he was over to McFeeley's, they let him go. We put the sheep in the pasture and then Jim churned the butter. John Elmer & I got the last load of hay off, then we three opened all of the hay. I got 1 load of scatterings before dinner. John Cashmer got back. His load weighed 2800#, and was a little damp from last night's rain. I gave him 30 cents and he paid Leahy to set one shoe on Fannie 15 cents & he paid Snell 15 cents to weigh the hay.

In the afternoon, Mike Kaine Jr. raked. Jim & J. Elmer pitched on. Kaine was in the mow. John Cashmer & I loaded & we put in 11 loads until supper time & 8 after supper for a total of 19 loads in all. There are 118 loads in the mow now. J. James went home. J. James worked 1 day, J. Elmer 1 day, Hannah 2 milkings, Nancy & Mrs. Blowers 1 milking each.

Sunday, July 24, 1892

There were indications of rain today. Then it rained at night. In the morning, I got the bay team & old Lill in from the pasture. I cleaned them all & fed them, and then helped milk. Blowers got ready for the sage cheese. We put the sheep back. Little Mike came up & finished raking. We tried the cheese and it tasted very good.

I shaved & did some writing. I got old Lill & the sidebar ready. Cora & Carrie went to church. I went out & put up some scatterings. I came back & took a bath. Then I took care of the girls' horse. Wiseman came with the ferret & we tried to get some rats but instead he came near to killing a hen. The ferret started a few rats. I paid Mike 50 cents for raking and paid J. Wiseman 55 cents for the fish in full to date.

At night, I helped milk, then John & I drew a load in the barn, unloaded it & got some scatterings out of the field. J. W. T. came here in the evening to visit Carrie.

Monday, July 25, 1892

The weather looks like rain. We had a thunderstorm last night. John took his team & the mowing machine & went down in his orchard to mow. I cleaned the bays, got some vinegar & the butter ready. John Elmer came this morning after breakfast. John & Jim went after our bull over to McFeeleys'. Then he mowed in the orchard. Kaine mowed with Nell & Lill & the new machine. They cut about 20 loads & put it up. They did not draw any nor unload any loads.

I took 666# of cheese- 16 boxes to Little Falls. I let Brockett have 13 boxes weighing 547# & he paid by check at 8 1/4 cents. He said that he will give more if many get more. I let VanAlstyne have 42#. He paid me for it & for the 56# at 8 cents from two weeks ago. I took 1# of coffee at 32 cents & we settled for the eggs at $1.20. I let Youker have 77# of cheese at 8 1/4 cents = $6.35. He & Van agree that if I get more at the market, they will pay it. I bought 1 dozen lemons & 1 package of turnip seed from Youker & paid him 50 cents for them. I got a 13 x 5 canvas for the wagon & paid $4.50 for it from B. Bros. I paid 10 cents for Tanyrin, 40 cents for my dinner & the horse bill, 15 cents for a hammer, 8 cents for a lamp wick, 3 cents for some ink = 26 cents at Brown's. I paid Casler for 26.2 yards of barred muslin. I got one hundred pounds of meal for Blowers and paid $1.20. 1 took 10 3/4# of butter to McGuire and he paid $2.43 for it. I took 10# of butter to B. Wilcox at 20 cents not paid, & 9 1/2# to Edic no pay & 3 gallons of vinegar to Buskirk not paid. I got a check from Brockett for $45.13.

S. Mang was here to see about his note. J. Elmer worked 1 day, J. James 1 day. Hannah, Nancy, & Mrs. Blowers did 1 milking each.

Tuesday, July 26, 1892

The weather was cloudy but fair. In the morning, Jim & John Cashmer ground 2 scythes. John Elmer & I went down to Brockett's after the bull. We brought him up and put him in the barn. We saw Brockett and he said the bull had not done him any harm.

I did some writing & after breakfast John & I went to mowing. We finished the south meadow and the east meadow. We drew the loads off, opened the hay & got 3 loads before dinner. In the afternoon, we used Jim's horse to draw off with. Nellie, and my team sweat very much mowing this forenoon. I felt that they should not work all day. We got 16 loads in today. There are 130 loads in all. Jim James worked 1 day and John Elmer 1 day, Hannah did one milking and Nancy & Mrs. Blowers did 2 milkings.

Wednesday, July 27, 1892

Today was pleasant and very warm. In the morning, John & I went to mowing in the little meadow by the lower barn. We mowed until breakfast. We went back after breakfast & finished it. We unloaded the loads left from yesterday. Then we shook out some hay & went to drawing. John & Jim trimmed around the fence & finished the hand mowing in the orchard. Then they pitched on the hay. Carrie raked most all day with old Lill. We got in 14 loads making 149 in all. We had to stop drawing in the horse barn as the rope broke. We left a small chunk for grass seed. Nell was breathing very hard so we did not work her. We drew off with our own teams. We cocked up about 2 loads more. J. James & J. Elmer worked 1 day each. Hannah did 2 milkings, Mrs Blowers & Nancy 1 milking each.

Thursday, July 28, 1892

The weather was very hot but pleasant with indications of rain In the morning, Mike Kaine, Jim and I got my load off. I had two thirds of my load off when the rope broke. After breakfast, John Elmer & I went after a load of scatterings. Carrie went out raking. We cleaned the piece near the woods. J. Cashmer put his load in the hay mow to Mike & Jim. Then he & Jim got a load in the south meadow. Carrie raked all day. We drew hay right along and got 10 loads in by dinner. I settled with Jim & John in full. I paid Jim $26.00 & I paid John $15.00.

Mike Kaine, John & I cleaned up the orchard & the little meadow. We got 3 loads, making 162 loads in all which includes the O'Hara hay.

J. Elmer & I went to the Falls with the bay team & the milk wagon. Wilcox bought 7 1/4# of butter from me and will pay another day. I took 2 pigs to Zoller at 5.25 cents. They weighed 250#. He paid me $13.13. 1 paid him 64 cents, for some meat & paid Youker 45 cents for some starch, and 25 cents for bananas. I paid the horse bill of 15 cents, medicine for our Nell horse, 50 cents to Rowe. I bought celery for 5 cents, a razor for $1. I paid Casler the balance on Herman's account in full $2.80. John Elmer came home with me straight. J. James worked 1 day, and J. Elmer 1 day. Hannah did 2 milkings. John Cashmer got 2 3/4# of butter.

Friday, July 29, 1892

Today was rainy and very hot. We all did chores in the morning except Hannah Kaine. After breakfast, we put the doors in the horse barn. Then John & his wife, and Kaine & Mother took Fan & Nell and the platform wagon. They went to Little Falls. I let John Cashmer have $20 & Mike Kaine $10 & gave them the day off. I got old Lill & the buggy ready for Mrs. Blowers, Carrie & Cora to go berrying down to Eades's. They got back at 4 o'clock with about 6 quarts of berries.

I gave Nell her medicine and put her in before it rained. I was writing up the School Notices and the School Bills. I had the notices posted today of the Annual meeting on August 2nd. Blowers made cheese and that was all. I answered Lambertson's letter.

Saturday, July 30, 1892

The weather was pleasant but cool. We all did chores. After breakfast, we got a load of hay ready. I took it down to Mr. Watt, the Drug Store man with Jess and Lill. Kaine took the old Holstein bull to Snell at $1.80 per hundred. He weighed 1210#. Snell paid me $21.78 in full for him. I paid Snell for weighing the hay and the bull, 25 cents in full of account. I got the pay from House for 43# of cheese. I saw Wilcox and he paid me for 37 1/2# of butter at 19 cents = $7.12 and 7 1/4# at 20 cents: = $1.45. I paid 50 cents for Kaine's and my dinner. I let Kaine have $1 at the table at Baker's. Kaine pitched off the load of hay. I mowed it away in Mr. Watt's barn. We had 2725# on. Mike took the team and the rigging back home. I paid 40 cents for musk melon, celery, and beans.

Cora and Carrie came down with bay Fannie and the sidebar wagon. I gave Carrie $7 cash. Cora's sister Minnie and her baby went home to stay. We went around that way and Cora decided to stay all night to help Minnie.

I paid Fitzgerald $5 to settle all accounts against me in the Pickert case. I paid the horse bill 10 cents, and repairs on the halter, 5 cents. I took 8 3/4# of butter to Sullivan and got $1.75. 1 settled Herman's account in full with Gardinier and his balance was $7.50, which I paid. I rode back home with Carrie. Kaine got 25 cents worth of butter, 11#.

Sunday, July 31, 1892

It was rainy most of the day today. In the morning, we all did chores. Then after breakfast, Kaine went home. John & I cleaned up the barn & washed the horses' sore necks. I had a nap and did some writing. Henry Brockett came here & had supper. Mrs. Blowers came & milked in Charley's place & Nancy in John's place. John had a headache & did not come up at all. I helped milk, fixed fence & then got ready.

I took black Fan & the end spring & took Father Bellinger's harness home. I got my wife & came up to Broat's to spend the evening. I was very sick after supper. I ate lobster & muskmelon & it did not agree with me. F. Meyers & C. Middlebrooks & Ed Goodell were there. Cora & I came home about 12 o'clock. J. W. T. was here.

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